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Melissa Hartigan

Good photographs help us to rejoice and relive those moments again, isn’t it? At Melissa Hartigan Photography, we believe that moment like a newborn smiling or pregnant mother, and even enjoying families can’t be recreated again. Melissa Hartigan Photography is there for capturing all such beautiful moments, as Connecticut Newborn Photographer, Connecticut Maternity Photographer, and Connecticut Baby Photographer.

Connecticut Baby Photographer : Know all the ins and outs. Memories play a major role in one’s life and we want to capture each and every moment of our life. But that is practically impossible and that is the only reason why we rely on photographs for the purpose of capturing all our life events. The most beautiful part and phase of one’s life is their childhood that starts right from the day a child is born. Connecticut Baby Photographer makes sure that all they capture all those beautiful moments of the newborn so that these valuable moments can rejoice again over the period of time. The use of advanced technology and the latest techniques have enabled CT Newborn Photographer to make sure that whatever they are capturing symbolise the exact replica of the moment that actually occurred. On the other hand, these professionals know how to capture the notion of maternity.

Though it seems that it is only the women who get pregnant but it is actually the couple who gets pregnant. Like this: Like Loading... Photograph: Says a lot without speaking a word. When it comes to photography can capturing moments all can be summed down into a simple concept of finding motivation and playing along with the scenes, light settings and other details that a great shot deserves. As far as the Baby photography or the photographic shots of a newborn are concerned, there are some other minor details that must be taken into consideration such as, the camera angles, lighting (of course) subject’s skin tone and the white balance with some minor adjustments. Connecticut Baby Photographer, Melissa Hartigan explains the need of capturing the moments and not just limiting to just a ‘photographer’.

As a Connecticut Family photographer, Melissa always felt that ‘a photograph is not watched or seen, it can only be felt’. And which is pretty much true, we attach ourselves with the notion behind the photograph and not just the image that is there in it, right? Like this: Like Loading... Connecticut Newborn Photographer | Baby & Family Photographer - Melissa Hartigan Photography.