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Nike's Corporate Culture. Our Mobile, Networked World Is Ushering in a New Victorian Age. Where others see roads, I see networks.

Our Mobile, Networked World Is Ushering in a New Victorian Age

Whenever I drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles down I-5, I wonder to myself whether McDonald’s and every other fast-food chain would have thrived had there been no interstate highway system. Would FedEx exist but for the invisible but very real infrastructure of airports, air routes, and roads? Railroads, freighters, factories, mass production—everything happened because the power of steam was made mobile. That created the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian age, and it altered the face of the entire planet. Tim Cook On Apple's Future: Everything Can Change Except Values. Fast Company: How does Steve Jobs’s legacy live on at Apple?

Tim Cook On Apple's Future: Everything Can Change Except Values

Tim Cook: Steve felt that most people live in a small box. Uk.businessinsider. The Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired. When you're interviewing for a job, you know you need to sell the hiring manager on why your background, skills and industry experience are a match for the position.

The Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired

But there's one crucial piece of the puzzle that you shouldn't overlook: Is your personality right for the job? "When companies are assessing job candidates, they're looking for ... someone who is not only proficient in a particular function, but also has the right personality," said Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at career resource and job-listing site CareerBuilder. "It's important to highlight soft skills that can give employers an idea of how quickly you can adapt and solve problems, whether you can be relied on to follow through, and how effectively you can lead and motivate others. " According to a 2014 CareerBuilder study, these are the top 10 traits employers seek out in candidates: Hiring experts and business leaders weighed in on other specific personality types they look for in a new hire.

Businessinsider. Why Taking Time To Play Can Change The Results Of Your Work. The Psychology Of Color, Summed Up In A Box Of Pencils. That color subtly affects behavior, mood, and thought is something most people know intuitively and that psychologists have backed up with research.

The Psychology Of Color, Summed Up In A Box Of Pencils

In the 1980s, for example, scientists found that painting jail cells with a Pepto-Bismol-like hue calmed aggressive inmates, and the shade henceforth became known as "Drunk Tank Pink. " In the design world, marketing and branding experts use color psychology to influence consumers' emotions and perceptions of products. The Psychology of Color Pencil Set, created by The School of Life, an international organization dedicated to helping people develop emotional intelligence, offers a reminder of colors' extraordinary power. 6 Steps To Be Viewed As More Powerful At Work. Myths Of Companies With No Management. By now you've likely heard about the trend of Holacracy, a nontraditional structure that essentially removes managers.

Myths Of Companies With No Management

Traditional management has a lot of negative connotations, from micromanagement and mismanagement to a lack of empowerment and a lot of bureaucracy. Those things detract from what modern companies, especially startups, need to function efficiently, which is speed and skill—everyone contributing at a higher rate and high level of responsibility. Read The Fine Print Before You Use Microsoft's Viral Age-Guessing Tool. Microsoft’s tool, which guesses a person's age and gender based on a photo of their face, became a viral hit despite (or, more likely, because of) its comically spotty accuracy.

Read The Fine Print Before You Use Microsoft's Viral Age-Guessing Tool

But before you submit your own photo, check the fine print: Your face could end up in a future Microsoft advertisement, Twitter user @Waldo points out. The text in question reads: 5 Ways How Leaders Achieve Genuine Employee Engagement. Employee engagement can look like a random effort to keep workers happy.

5 Ways How Leaders Achieve Genuine Employee Engagement

Should we invest in tuition reimbursement? Re-examine our core values? How Bill Gates, Andy Grove, And Steve Jobs Found Success Without Business Tra... Strategy without execution is as worthless as execution without strategy.

How Bill Gates, Andy Grove, And Steve Jobs Found Success Without Business Tra...

Getting both right is a challenging task, but one that Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs all accomplished to an impressive degree. All three had weaknesses as leaders, and they all benefited greatly from the help and support of their executive teams and other employees. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the strength of their track records at Microsoft, Intel, and Apple. Their success leads us to ask: What did these three CEOs do to drive performance and organizational effectiveness?

The answer may sound surprising: none of the three was the type of well-rounded general manager that top business schools try to produce. Although willing to be proved wrong, each CEO typically saw himself as the smartest person in the room. How Introverts Can Network Without Changing Their Personalities. Introverts are making a lot of progress at work.

How Introverts Can Network Without Changing Their Personalities

Companies have begun recognizing the advantages introverts bring to the table and introverts are starting to recognize they no longer needed to pretend to be extroverts in order to excel. While there are certainly many reasons to celebrate introversion, a new book by writer Emily White called Count Me In: How I Stepped Off The Sidelines, Created Connection And Built A Fuller, Richer, More Lived-in Life warns introverts about shying away from social life altogether.

Although extroverts are known to have large social communities, White says even introverts need a community. Google's Head Of HR Shares His Hiring Secrets. Laszlo Bock knew he wasn’t walking into a traditional corporate setting in 2006 when he arrived for his job interview for head of people operations at Google.

Google's Head Of HR Shares His Hiring Secrets

How The Wrong People Get Promoted And How To Change It. Have you ever quit a job just to get away from a bad boss? If you have, it turns out you’re in sizable company. According to a April 2015 Gallup study, one in two U.S. workers have at some point in their career felt compelled to make that same difficult choice. That the business world may be filled with managers who unwittingly drive their people away is at the heart of Gallup’s 50-plus page report "State Of The American Manager: Analytics And Advice For Leaders". What the research reveals is that organizations consistently choose the wrong people for management roles, and pay dearly for it through poor engagement and costly turnover—and the inevitable decline in overall performance. Why Your Boss Should Care About How Many Friends You Have At Work.

Unless you have been living under a corporate rock, you are aware 70% of us report not feeling the love for our jobs. The technical term for this state of apathy is "not engaged. " The translation, according to Gallup, is a zombie-like state of on-the-job sleepwalking. As you can imagine, a half-awake workforce presents a host of financial implications for companies.

While the research backing this abounds, the most cited statistic comes from Gallup’s "State Of The American Workplace", which found that a comparatively more engaged workforce claims 147% higher earnings per share. With that kind of financial fodder, it’s no surprise that Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends reported that engagement exploded on to the scene this year, rising to the number-one challenge facing companies around the world. Companies are noticeably ready and eager to implement change. Leadership Strategies From America’s First Female Four-Star General. When I returned to Fort Bragg in 2000 as the first female general officer ever assigned, it was a big deal in the local media. How Important Is Your First Impression Really? Southwest Airlines Motivates Its Employees With A Purpose Bigger Than A Paycheck.