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- StumbleUpon. Categorizing Criminals - StumbleUpon. 15 Oxymorons& - StumbleUpon. An oxymoron is a combination of words that contradict each other.

15 Oxymorons& - StumbleUpon

Here are some of our favorites. 1. virtual reality 2. original copy 3. old news 4. act naturally 5. pretty ugly 6. living dead 7. jumbo shrimp 8. rolling stop 9. constant variable 10. exact estimate 11. paid volunteers 12. civil war 13. sound of silence 14. clever fool 15. only choice Helen Davies, Marjorie Dorfman, Mary Fons, Deborah Hawkins, Martin Hintz, Linnea Lundgren, David Priess, Julia Clark Robinson, Paul Seaburn, Heidi Stevens, and Steve Theunissen. Courses for Men and Women - StumbleUpon. Courses for Men and Women Courses for Women Taught by men, for women.

Courses for Men and Women - StumbleUpon

Courses for Men Taught by women, for men. Feel free to link to this page. I didn't originate all the stuff on this page. True Facts #1 - StumbleUpon. Facts - interesting, provocative, well-seasoned One out of ten children in Europe are conceived on an IKEA bed.

True Facts #1 - StumbleUpon

Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles or snakes. An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it. In the Caribbean there are oysters that can climb trees. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910. When George Lucas was mixing the American Graffiti soundtrack, he numbered the reels of film starting with an R and numbered the dialog starting with a D. The youngest pope was 11 years old. Mark Twain didn't graduate from elementary school.

Proportional to their weight, men are stronger than horses. Pilgrims ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving dinner. They have square watermelons in Japan - they stack better. Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola per capita than any other nation. Heinz Catsup leaving the bottle travels at 25 miles per year. It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs. Turtle and apple by Vedran Vidak - StumbleUpon. 7 Modern Dictators Way Crazier Than You Thought Possible. Mobutu -- Dictator of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Born Joseph-Desire Mobutu, the Congolese general seized power in 1965.

7 Modern Dictators Way Crazier Than You Thought Possible

Mobutu thought of himself as some sort of demigod and forced the evening news to begin with a scene of him descending from the clouds -- and forbade the newscaster to mention anybody but him by name. Partly cloudy with a chance of narcissism. Mobutu prohibited anybody else from wearing leopard-print hats and carried around a wooden cane that he claimed took the strength of eight men to carry. "Just wait until I flex. Furthermore, Mobutu imprisoned people who did not have African names and changed his own name to Mobutu Sese Seko Nkuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga ("The all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, goes from conquest to conquest, leaving fire in his wake"). This is a nice way of saying that Mobutu spent $10 million on something that costs about 50 bucks to watch on pay per view. We don't want to know what the hats cost him.

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The Same Photograph At The Leaning Tower Of Pisa - All That Is Interesting - StumbleUpon.