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Melissa C. Ruiz

Melissa has a wide array of casting experience from various networks and production companies including MTV, OWN, Mundo Fox, Telemundo, and ITV Studios. From singing competitions to daytime talk shows, when it comes to casting, Melissa has done it all.

Melissa Ruiz - The Road to Being a Media Leader. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – A Star in Hispanic Media. Media is a fast paced world of competition, market trends, and staying relevant in an industry that is constantly changing from day to day.

Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – A Star in Hispanic Media

There is no way to generalize media trends in an effective way, but if we break media down into smaller components, it becomes much easier to understand what is shaping current media and where it will be in the future. One area of media that is becoming more developed are the stratification’s of race. For example, the Latino population accounts for 17% of the total U.S. population, that means fifty-four million people across the country. Melissa Ruiz – Life in Media. We all consume media every day, but rarely do we stop to think about the specific individuals who are involved in bringing our TV, radio, and print materials to fruition.

Melissa Ruiz – Life in Media

Behind every campaign, series, or strategy are dozens of individuals studying the current trends in media and trying their best to bring quality content to the public. There is currently a rising star in media due to her vast experience, skill-set, and relevant information. MelissaRuiz - Fight Against Hunger is not a goal that most people would associate with your typical TV producer. But that’s exactly what Melissa Ruiz did in partnership with Wal-Mart through their Fight Against Hunger campaign in 2003. This campaign was aimed at supporting customers and important associates, and was largely a fundraising and donation collection effort.

Melissa Ruiz - Understanding Consumer Media. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken’s Career in Production in New York. In the last two years, Tribune Broadcasting, CW, and The Bill Cunningham Show, have hired Melissa Ruiz Hoboken as the segment producer at New York City.

Melissa Ruiz Hoboken’s Career in Production in New York

She is extremely qualified and is appropriate for this position. The reason is that she has a Bachelor’s Degree in TV Communication and Radio from William Paterson University. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – The Producer of Telemundo. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken is the director and producer of Vimby, Walmart: Fight against Hunger Campaign, and Telemundo back in the year 2013.

Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – The Producer of Telemundo

She has casted about twenty two kids in Woodrow Wilson Elementary School while she was working as a producer and the director for many years. She also directed interviews and coordinated with the superintendent. Melissa Ruiz – Passion and Hard Work to the Industry and had secured a Bachelor’s Degree in TV Communication and Radio in the year 2007 from William Paterson University.

It is since then that she started on her career in the directing and production industry. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken Climbing to the Top of the Ladder. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken Looks Out for Stunning Characters. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken has an extensive experience in casting from different production companies and network that includes, Mundo Fox, MTV, Telemundo, ITV Studios, and OWN. at present she is the segment of producer of Tribune Broadcasting, The Bill Cunningham Show and the CW.

Melissa Ruiz Hoboken Looks Out for Stunning Characters

Being the segment producer, Melissa Ruiz Hoboken is the one who provides casts for the nationwide weekly shows that include phone interviews, assisting producers and doing the write-ups. As a matter of fact, she has also worked as the development and casting producer in Crybaby Media. Crybaby Media based in New York City is a creative packaging and content development firm. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – The Life of a Segment Producer. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken has gained enough experience and knowledge that is needed to fulfill all the responsibilities at the production field.

Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – The Life of a Segment Producer

She achieved these while working as Segment Producer for Tribune Broadcasting for over two years. As because she is an integral part of Tribune Broadcasting, she offers casts for the weekly shows with the help of interviews taken through the phone, assisting the write-ups and the producers. Tribune Broadcasting is a place where you will come across diverse portfolios of digital properties and television that is compelled entertainment, quality news, and sports programming. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – The Producer and The Director. The media industry is one of the most competitive industries.

Melissa Ruiz Hoboken – The Producer and The Director

It is such an industry that demands not only your time and hard work, but also the full pressure to grab the attention of the viewers continuously. After all, they are the judge everything that happens in the media industry. Moreover, if you want to be in the media industry then you have to let go off all the other things and concentrate on a particular thing, until and unless you are too good in managing time. Despite all these, media is a tool of information dissemination and communication. Whether it is news, issues or entertainment, it is taken to be a source whereby people can gain information. When you are trying for a career in media, you need to know that Competitiveness for Thriving in Excellence and that it takes equal time to work in front and behind the camera. Melissa Ruiz Hoboken has Bachelor’s Degree in TV Communication and Radio from William Paterson University. Like this: Melissa Ruiz Hoboken - The Competitive Women. Making a career in the media industry can be stressful and fascinating at the same time.

Melissa Ruiz Hoboken - The Competitive Women

It takes considerable amount of time and the progression of the mind, to make a mark within the industry. If you planning to take up a career in media then the first thing that you should be prepared for is sacrificing significant amount of time. Melissa Ruiz - So young and already so successful. Melissa Ruiz presently works as a segment producer for Tribune broadcasting, CW and the Bill Cunningham show.

Melissa Ruiz - So young and already so successful

She has been involved in a number of shows for television producers in the United States and has acquired the ability to produce authentic shows, which provide storytelling of the proper kind to relevant audiences. Melissa Ruiz worked as a producer and director of the campaign by Wal-Mart, which was titled Fight against Hunger in 2013. This was a campaign for charitable causes, Wal-Mart wanted to support customers and important associates in their neighborhoods. Melissa Ruiz helped them, with her skills as a director and as a producer, to initiate people to share and donate in causes where the foundation was looking forward to helping.

Melissa Ruiz - Rise to the Top. The broadcast industry is a competitive streak, and only wants the best of the best.

Melissa Ruiz - Rise to the Top

Being accepted into such industry takes guts and bravery, as well as a wide variety of imagination. The broadcast considers the capability of producing new ideas and incorporate the classic to the modern, whenever they are hiring people. There are many individuals who takes up the media industry, may it be newspaper, broadcasting or advertising. Any of these can be a focus, but none can be comparable to the other. Passion and Hard Work to the Industry. The media is an industry that demands, time and hard work, and is full of pressure to continuously catch the attention of the viewers, also known as the public.

Furthermore, being in the industry means you are willing to let go of other things and focus on something, unless you are good with time management. Regardless, media is a tool of communication and information dissemination. May it be issues, news, or entertainment; it is consider a way for people to gain information. Melissa Ruiz has a Great Career in Production at New York. Over the last couple of years The Bill Cunningham Show, Tribune Broadcasting, and CW have employed Melissa Ruiz as the segment producer in New York City. Melissa is a qualified professional to be considered highly suitable for this position because she has a Bachelor’s degree in TV communications and Radio from the William Paterson University from the year 2007.

She has plenty of casting experience, which she obtained from different networks, and production companies such as MTV, OWN, Mundo Fox, Telemundo and ITV studios. Melissa has also participated in a number of singing competitions and talk shows. The experience she gained helped her to shape her career. If we take a look at Melissa Ruiz: Life of a Segment Producer, it will soon become clear that she had to work hard before she made it to the position she is now in.

Hard Work that Pays Off. Media is a medium of communication by the public. The industry is demanding and high maintenance. Time and patience is the main investment of people who dared enter the industry. Success there is hard to attain, unless hard work, determination and talent can be given to the industry. Melissa Ruiz, a graduate of William Peterson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in TV Communication and Radio, within seven years of her graduation has attained the knowledge, experience and credibility to help her survive a demanding industry. Right after graduation, Melissa Ruiz became a production coordinator and a correspondent of American Latino and LatiNation for over a year. By August 2012 she became a casting producer for MTV Internation, OWN, Mentorn Media and Picture Shack Entertainment. Competitiveness for Thriving in Excellence. All industries can be competitive on its own.

Business is about making profit through good marketing strategy and income generation planning, which also goes with finances. Arts are giving the best quality of work, and Media is about the general public’s approval. The latter part, Media, is a different world, where only the best of the best can survive and cement a career, which the public must directly or indirectly approve of. Melissa Ruiz, currently a segment producer of Tribune Broadcasting, finished her Bachelor’s Degree in TV Communications and Radio in William Peterson University on May 2007. Right after her graduation she became production coordinator and correspondent of American Latino for a year. Right at the very beginning Ruiz already started her career with pure competitiveness and striving for excellence. Media is a world where competitiveness is shown on the product of one’s work. Ruiz upholds the Tribune’s philosophy of being curious to the ever changing public trend. Accomplished Woman in the Media Industry.

Melissa Ruiz understands the competitiveness of the media industry, and she strived for excellence in producing top-notch shows and programs that can best attracted the public audience. Media is an industry where only the best can survive, although competitive, media has a way of always acting out the public’s demand and often finds themselves at the command of their public viewers.

A Competitive Woman in a Competitive Industry. Melissa Ruiz - NGL Music Video Production. Melissa Ruiz – Telemundo. Melissa Ruiz was a producer and director of Vimby, Telemundo and Walmart: Fight Against Hunger Campaign back in 2013. Melissa Ruiz - Fight Against Hunger. Melissa Ruiz: Life of a Segment Producer. As a Segment Producer for Tribune Broadcasting for more than two years, Melissa Ruiz has gained enough knowledge and experience in fulfilling her responsibilities in the production field. Being a part of Tribune Broadcasting, she provided casts in weekly shows through phone interviews, assisting producers and write-ups. Tribune Broadcasting is home to a diverse portfolio of television and digital properties driven by quality news, entertainment and sports programming. With Melissa Ruiz’s commitment in providing original and entertaining concepts in the production over the course of more than two years, she helped in increasing Tribune Broadcasting’s original content across its platforms, and engaged the production into providing creative talents and journalists in producing compelling and authentic storytelling relevant to their shows and wed audiences.

Melissa C. Ruiz : Capturing the heart of the target audience. As a Segment Producer for Tribune Broadcasting, CW and The Bill Cunningham Show, Melissa Ruiz reaches out to people who are talented and has potential in the entertainment industry. She is also an active admin in a Facebook Group Page called I need a Casting Producer. In this group page, she constantly posts updates and announce specific characters that her show needs. Melissa Ruiz: Casting Producer on the lookout for amazing characters. Melissa Ruiz — Production Career in New York City.