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How Royal Rider Gives Comfort & Affordable Travel Like Uber. Royal Rider the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs is basically a ride sharing network providing travel sharing services round the clock at affordable rates in Perth. The aim is to give travelers a great deluxe style unforgettable traveling experience with our loyal drivers and the efficient Driver and Passenger apps. Another feature like Uber app is ‘Drive with Royal Rider in Perth’ is for people who own a car and want to earn some extra income. They can partner with Royal Rider by helping riders commute around town and get paid in the process and that too when it suits them. Read More About: 6 Facts to Know About the Royal Rider Ride-Sharing App Whether you are heading to the office, to the airport or any destination in Perth or out of town like Uber app, Royal Rider connects you with a ride in minutes just with the tap of a button.

The driver will know exactly where to go and the best of all the whole transaction is cashless. Are you ready to feel the experience on the Road? About Royal Rider| Ride Sharing App Perth| Royal Rider. Drive | Search Riders| Royal Rider. Want some extra money to build your dream business? Want to earn while you study? Be your own Boss and earn money while you drive. Royal Rider is the right place for you to choose your riders and move on. You can meet the riders who are in need of a car in your locality anytime when you open your app. Live tracking is enabled for locating you and nearby riders using Google Maps. Be a part of our team and enjoy our excellent services on road! Plan your schedule With Royal Rider, you are always free to accept the best offers available and ignore if you don’t feel good. We assure you the best With a large collection of registered members, we assure genuinity of each of the riders.

Get money in your Wallet We ensure trouble-free transactions and enables secure payments. Explore the Perth City with Royal Rider - Ride Sharing App. The capital city of West Australia Perth is a gorgeous city with great attractions like amazing beaches, restaurant, museums, theater and much more not to forget the wonderful weather. The spectacular scenery of the coastline, crystal clear water of the sea, reefs, and beaches all make Perth a tourist’s delight.

Perth has much to offer for tourists and residents alike like Perth Mint, Fremantle Prison, Kings Park, St Mary’s Cathedral, Aviation Heritage Museum and other adventurous activities and water sports.Going sightseeing and enjoying the beaches of Perth can be made very simple yet comfortable with Royal Rider ride sharing app. Royal Rider ride sharing app is a comprehensive ridesharing network located in the city of Perth providing ride sharing services round the clock at very affordable rates. The basic goal of this service is to provide traveling first class deluxe style to all those who just love traveling and going for trips. Taxi On The GO|Taxi Booking Mobile App | Ride sharing App| Cab Booking. 6 Facts to Know About the Royal Rider Ride Sharing App for Android. Perth, the West Australian capital city, offers various sightseeing, fun and adventurous activities to the visitors as well as to the locals and it is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Australia.

Nowadays, it is difficult to get good cab service in Perth with affordable rate and safety. In order to solve this issue, we introduce our Mobile App “Royal Rider” ride sharing the app in Android which provides excellent and comfortable cab services in and around the Perth. Royal Rider is a popular mobile app for transportation mainly focus on the city transportation for customers who want to ride anywhere in Perth Australia. As we know, travel is one of the important factors in our daily life and it must be safe and comfortable. Here we can find the features of Royal Rider ride sharing app and how it helps your daily transportation needs. Here is the list of facts to know about the Royal Rider ride sharing app: 1)Affordable Fare with Flexible Payment Options 3)Choice of Cabs 5)SMS Alert. Web and Mobile Application Development Company INDIA, USA.