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Accuhealth Technologies: An All-Inclusive Telehealth Platform for Healthcare. Stephen Samson, CEO, Accuhealth Technologies “Data,” it is the word that modern data-driven enterprises in business use the most.

Accuhealth Technologies: An All-Inclusive Telehealth Platform for Healthcare

It is the word that an organization in the data-centric world relies on. It is the word which has more value than any other commodity (tangible or intangible) in the global market. “Data” is the word which continues to be the most crucial asset to any and all business entities worldwide. Enterprises from every industry vertical across the globe are racing to gather each and every bit of this data. Cheetah Medical: Optimizing Patient Fluid Management. Shane Cooke, Chief Strategy Officer, Cheetah Medical Critically ill and hemodynamically unstable patients are often supplied fluids intravenously to stabilize their blood pressure, ensure organ perfusion, and improve cardiac performance.

Cheetah Medical: Optimizing Patient Fluid Management

IV fluids offer significant benefits, though studies have increasingly shown that a one size fits all approach to fluid management is not optimal—in fact, improper fluid management can lead to serious consequences, even death. While over 80 percent of hospitalized patients receive IV fluids, only approximately 50 percent of hemodynamically unstable patients will actually respond to the fluid by increasing cardiac output and improving perfusion of vital organs. Clinicians have always wanted to know if additional IV fluid will improve perfusion. Sepsis is a global health priority and the leading cause of death in the US. Hospitals are now ranked on their compliance levels to this measure, which are publicly reported on the CMS Hospital Compare Website. EPIOM: Transforming the Standard for Patient Care. Imagine an intense operating room (OR).

EPIOM: Transforming the Standard for Patient Care

A surgeon is performing a high-risk brain surgery on a patient. The anesthesiologist present in the OR is keeping a constant check on the patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, and body temperature to ensure that no medical complications occur during the surgery. However, all of a sudden, the anesthesiologist notices a rapid surge in the patient’s blood pressure that wasn’t anticipated. Although the anesthesiologist was prompt to address this to the surgeon, the severity of the fluctuation could not be arrested in time. This unforeseen change of vitals led to additional hours in the OR. With the help of EPIOM’s intraoperative monitoring (IOM) service, the answer is yes! Medihill: Taking Patient Monitoring to the Next Level. Michael Smetov, Founder & CEO, Medihill The needs of the senior population are evolving.

Medihill: Taking Patient Monitoring to the Next Level

Life expectancy is increasing, and a large number of senior citizens will lead independent, active, engaged, and highly digital lives. Simultaneously, how elderlies need to be cared for is changing. Modern healthcare providers need more agile healthcare solutions, better engagement with senior patients at home and on-the-go, and care delivery that retains the seniors’ identity, dignity and choice.

Neuromonitoring Associates: Empowering Healthcare Providers with Neurodiagnostic Services. Nick Luekenga, CEO & Founder, Neuromonitoring Associates Much like the blood pressure and temperature, patients can expect the real-time monitoring of their neuralstructures during certain complex surgeries.

Neuromonitoring Associates: Empowering Healthcare Providers with Neurodiagnostic Services

This monitoring helps the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the entire operating staff understand safe patient positioning, implantation of devices, depth of anesthesia, surgeon navigation, integrity of vital nerves, and much more which allows them to increase the likelihood of a positive surgical outcome.

However, sometimes neuromonitoring has often been overlooked. Omron Healthcare: Going for Zero. Smardii: Preventive Care through Smart Adult Pads. Mathieu Gaddini, CMO, Smardii The growing imbalance between the aging population and shortage of nurses is indeed an unsettling development in the healthcare industry.

Smardii: Preventive Care through Smart Adult Pads

To curtail the impending crisis in care delivery, nursing homes need innovative technology that will help them to be proactive in discharging their duties. New Jersey-based Smardii offers a sensor-based wearable device that enhances adult and baby protection. The device, when connected to an adult pad or baby diaper turns it to a smart diaper that supports hygiene and patient care. “Our smart, connected device detects urine, stool, temperature, body position, and collects biometrics in real time,” says Mathieu Gaddini, Chief Medical Officer at Smardii, and a seasoned practitioner in pediatric and geriatric care with deep experience in acute nursing facilities. Due to loss of mass and frailty, aged patients have a tendency to fall which often results in severe injuries and even death. Smith & Nephew: Helping You See the Bigger Picture at Every Turn.

Since the days of Florence Nightingale, it has been common practice to turn and reposition bed-ridden patients at regular intervals.

Smith & Nephew: Helping You See the Bigger Picture at Every Turn

Nightingale recognized that frequent patient movement was beneficial to patients and prevented serious complications, such as pressure injuries. In an effort to ensure that all patients were mobilized sufficiently, Nightingale introduced the concept of patient turning protocols, which have since become the foundation for pressure injury prevention. However, despite the widespread adoption of patient turning protocols, studies have shown that compliance to these protocols is low. Connected Home Living: Adding the Socializing Factor to Remote Patient Monitoring. Neil Tantingco, Founder & CEO, Connected Home Living Recently, a hospital in Modesto, CA, witnessed a staggering occurrence that not only changed their perspective on remote patient monitoring (RPM) but also changed the lives of many ailing adults.

Connected Home Living: Adding the Socializing Factor to Remote Patient Monitoring

A group of 66 patients who suffered from either severe heart or pulmonary disease were referred to a home health agency with an unfair challenge of helping them age-in-place without frequent hospital readmissions. To help them complete the task successfully, Connected Home Living (CHL) offered their advanced RPM technologies, and remote care coordination (RCC) services. The results were staggering. Within six months, the hospital recognized that their readmissions had dropped to 7.57 percent from what used to be 22.9 to 24.7 percent, as only five were readmitted to the hospital. Over the years, the cost for private patient care has rapidly increased and is ineffective in many cases.

Doctella: Democratizing Remote Monitoring. Amer Haider, Co-Founder & CEO, Doctella The value-based payment model in the healthcare landscape has encouraged the public and private healthcare providers to focus on providing quality care.

Doctella: Democratizing Remote Monitoring

While remotely monitoring patients remains a key part of better care delivery, the exorbitant cost of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has put both the practitioners and the patients on the back foot. Founded by experts in clinical science and technologists in Silicon Valley, Doctella offers feature-rich, end-to-end application for medical practitioners to offer cloud-based RPM services to patients. Designed with a focus on Medicare’s requirements and specifications, “Doctella allows the provider to offer a simple and economical RPM that can be used to receive reimbursement for the recently unbundled CPT code 99091,” says Amer Haider, CEO and co-founder of Doctella.

HyperMed Imaging: A New Realm of Patient Diagnosis. Mark Darty, CEO, HyperMed Imaging The prevalence of peripheral arterial diseases (PAD) is increasing, plaguing millions of people with unforeseen acute diseases that often prove to be lethal.

HyperMed Imaging: A New Realm of Patient Diagnosis

A significant portion of the patient population remains oblivious to underlying vascular diseases until diagnosed with complications and admitted to acute care facilities. SparkBeyond: Fueling Healthcare Innovations with AI Powered Research. Sergey Davidovich, CEO, SparkBeyond In 2013, a group of tech enthusiasts and researchers performed a radical experiment where they crawled the web for algorithms, similar to what Google does for text.

The experiment hit the bull’s eye, setting the ball in motion for a novel AI powered research engine, powered by the world’s largest algorithmic library, with the goal of industrializing meaningful discoveries. Thus began the journey of SparkBeyond—a stalwart of artificial intelligence (AI)—based in New York City, Tel Aviv, London and Singapore. The company has carved a niche for itself through a deep penchant for venturing into the “uncharted territories” in AI to come up with creative ideas to solve problems in a broad range of domains, with a strong focus on healthcare and life sciences. Sevamob: AI-Enabled Last Mile Healthcare. Shelley Saxena, Founder & CEO, Sevamob Worldwide, more than one billion people lack access to primary healthcare due to the remoteness of their locations.

While community health workers relentlessly aim at changing this norm by bringing life-saving care to the doorsteps of people or setting up pop-up clinics, the initiatives are not powerful enough to provide superior care. Part of the difficulty in delivering last-mile healthcare, in addition to the human and financial constraints, is the lack of infrastructure that is not equipped to reach these far-flung environments. In most cases, the healthcare specialists would not even travel to the distant, isolated areas, adding to the pain points. Potentia Analytics: Fostering AI-Driven Workforce and Workflow Optimization. Dr. Shahram Rahimi, Co-Founder & CTO , Potentia Analytics In recent years, healthcare has undergone a radical transformation from paper records to large data management systems.

Healthcare informatics is embracing cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) which imitates human cognition, to analyze and draw conclusions from vast and complex information. A leader in this revolution is Potentia Analytics, who brings the core trends of AI to healthcare management enhancing the quality of service while decreasing costs. The company offers a range of products, such as Symphony and Bernoulli, which can be used as standalone modules or combined into an inclusive package to fulfill clients’ needs. Symphony is an intelligent provider scheduling software solution that leverages AI and other cutting-edge technologies to facilitate the scheduling of physicians, nurses, and other staff in a fraction of the time versus traditional methods. iCAD: Conquering Breast Cancer through Deep Learning.

Ken Ferry, CEO, iCAD The collaboration between technology and medical science is advancing to protect and preserve life. According to, about one in eight U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. Two-thirds of women with breast cancer have the potential to be saved through early detection and progressive treatments. Medical facilities worldwide are adopting Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) technology as their preferred method for screening and diagnostic mammography for detection of breast cancer.

While there are many advantages with DBT such as improving the early detection of breast cancer, there are also some considerable challenges for radiologists. A typical 2D digital mammography exam produces four images, while a 3D mammogram- or DBT produces more than a hundred images. AdviNow Medical: Making the Healthcare Experience Automatically More Intelligent. James Bates, CEO, AdviNow Medical It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare remains stubbornly high. Governments around the world have made every effort to hold down costs with varying, but limited success. Technology is leading the way in stretching the limited resources available to meet expanding healthcare needs of patients. Now, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are set to improve outcomes and satisfaction for patients who are increasingly pressed for time and have become accustomed to on-demand instant access to everything from so many other areas of their life.

The fact that AI will do this while also increasing the financial health of healthcare organizations and reducing the workload on caregivers makes the whole healthcare experience automatically more Intelligent. The AdviNow Experience The team at AdviNow Medical are completely rethinking the patient-provider experience. The experience is a bit sci-fi. Persivia: Real-Time Data for Efficient Value-Based Care. Dr. NextShift: Enabling Assistive and Predictive AI-Driven Healthcare. Medical Search Technologies: AI Powered Medical Search Engine. Inveni-QA - AI: Supporting Caregivers with Augmented Intelligence.

David Marr, CEO & Partner and Dale Zwart, CTO & Founding Partner, Inveni QAEven more to do in less time. You know all too well the pressures caregivers face. InsightRX: How precision dosing has changed the future of patient care. When Sirj Goswami was pursuing his PhD at UCSF in pharmacogenomics and quantitative pharmacology, clinicians from the University’s bone marrow transplant department approached him and his colleague Ron Keizer—who was also conducting pharmacology research at UCSF—for help. The clinicians wanted to develop a way to individualize the dosage of a highly toxic chemotherapy drug, Busulfan—used to treat children with leukemia as part of the child’s conditioning therapy in preparation for their bone marrow transplant.

Health Navigator: AI Decision-Support Tools that Improve the Patient and Provider... Hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world are looking for ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into patient and provider-facing workflows. FoundationDx: Machine Learning Closes the Quality Loop. CAIDE Systems: Opening up Diverse Possibilities in Diagnosis with AI. Apervita: Unlocking the Power of AI at Scale. Pioneer Solution: Quality Care with a Touch.

Ian Gelenter, Senior Vice President, Pioneer Solution. IntelyCare: The Healthcare Staffing Strategist. Eldermark: The Battle-Ready Senior Housing Software. Cerner: Delivering Better Healthcare Outcomes. Novelda: Revolutionizing Sensors via UWB Radars. ISeeYouCare: Redefining Home Healthcare. Suquino: A Holistic Approach to Long-Term Care. Skedulo: Unraveling the Complexities of Home Healthcare. MedBridge: Boosting Outcomes and Retention. Grane Rx: Improved Packaging to Enhance Medication Adherence. Generations Homecare System: The Premier Choice for Global Homecare Providers. Connect America: Revolutionizing Connected Homecare. Brightree: Enhancing Clinical and Business Performance. Axxess: Redefining the Future of Home Healthcare. Ankota: Reimagining the Next-generation of Home Care. Skybox Security: Insights-Driven Cybersecurity Management. Signature Performance: Reforming Healthcare Revenue Management. Parathon: Featuring Intuitive RCM Technology.

Exdion: The Digital Transformation Experts. Enhanced Revenue Solutions: Fostering Unparalleled Revenue Enhancement. Blue Eagle Consulting: Best-In-Class Health IT Consulting Services. Avelead: Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle Solutions. Aquina Health: Addressing a Broken RCM System. Mid Michigan Medical Billing Service, Inc.: A Full Spectrum RCM for Reimbursement... EMP Claim Solutions: Customized Solutions to Enhance Patient Experience. DENmaar: Medical Billing and Credentialing Made Easy. Curae: Simple and Smart Patient Financing Solution Provider. Axea Solutions: A Holistic Approach to RCM. Athenahealth: Optimizing Revenue Collection. ABW Medical: Focus on your Patients and Collect More Revenue - There is a Better way to... Cianna Medical: Powered by Merit Medical - Reducing the Burden of Breast Cancer through...

Electronic Registry Systems (ERS): In Pursuit of Facilitating Better Cancer Care. Flatiron Health: Combating Cancer with Data Analytics. Kognitic: Automated Clinical Trial Intelligence Platform. Mevion Medical Systems: The Leader in Compact Proton Therapy Systems. Wamberg Genomic Advisors: Delivering Accessible Genomic Solutions.

Vaporstream: Secure Communications for Next-Gen Business. Spok Holdings, Inc.: Building a Smarter Healthcare Communication Environment. Lifecycle Health: Effortless Value-Based Care Monitoring with Automated Patient Management. CipherHealth: A Unified Healthcare Communication Facilitator and Coordinator. Piezosurgery Incorporated: Revolutionary Technology. iCoreConnect: Practice Management Made Easy. Dental Intelligence: Accelerating Growth in Dental Practices. CareCru: An AI-powered, Virtual Dental Practice Assistant. BEGO: At the Vanguard of Digital Dental Technology. Top 10 Healthcare Communication Companies - 2018.

Workpath: Simplifying Mobile Workforce Management. Trainer Rx: Driving the Healthcare Journey through Telerehabilitation. Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC): Facilitating the Adoption of... POMIET Health: Streamlining Healthcare System Workflow. NeuroFlow: Redefining Mental Healthcare Delivery. Flatiron Health: Transforming the Way Cancer is Understood and Treated. NeuroFlow: Redefining Mental Healthcare Delivery. MatchLab AI: Ensuring High-Quality Clinical Imaging for Better Treatment. ElysIoT: Helping Patients. Ceresti Health: Improving Cost and Quality Outcomes for Patients With Alzheimer's Disease. Vivos Therapeutics: Revolutionizing the Way You Sleep. ResMed (NYSE: RMD): Pioneering Innovative Sleep Disorder Solutions. Oventus Medical: A Revolutionary Solution to Tackle Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Top 10 Healthcare Startups - 2018.

VUEMED: Tracking Products Individually from Point of Entry to Point of Care. Vizient, Inc.: The Healthcare Supply Chain Optimizers. Sterling Healthcare Logistics: ACXSS by Sterling: A Virtual Materials Manager. OnProcess Technology: Powering Post-Sales Supply Chains. Besse Medical: Gateway to Integrated Inventory Management. VPL: Inbound Freight Management Reinvented. Swisslog Healthcare: Streamlining Medication Supply Chain Operations through Automation. PAR Excellence Systems: 'Smart' Inventories Keep Caregivers Focused on Care. Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS): Driving End-to-End Supply Chain Performance. GHX: Unlocking the Potential of Healthcare Supply Chain.

BlueBin: Optimizing Healthcare Supply Chains with Kanban. 1WorldSync: Enabling the Delivery of Accurate Medical Device Information. Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Companies - 2018. Verto Tech solutions: Safeguarding Healthcare Information. Lunarline: A Full Spectrum Cybersecurity Pioneer.