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24By7Security: The Cybersecurity and Compliance Pioneer. Sanjay Deo, Founder & President, 24By7Security With nearly two decades of experience in managing cybersecurity and compliance programs for healthcare, finance and insurance industry, Sanjay Deo found it disturbing to come across healthcare’s lack of diligence in handling protected health information (PHI).

24By7Security: The Cybersecurity and Compliance Pioneer

He found many healthcare providers focused just on the health of patients, giving no due importance to the security and privacy of patient information. Drawn by this lack of sensitivity, amounting to serious violations of health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA), Deo went on to establish 24By7Security to provide specialized consulting services, helping healthcare facilities build a HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure that can help protect them from Cybersecurity threats. 24By7Security starts with a risk assessment that helps healthcare providers understand their IT security posture and discover the vulnerabilities facing their business. Space Technology Is Transforming Human Life: Here is how. Over the last few decades, there has been an explosion of over two thousand commercial space companies.

Space Technology Is Transforming Human Life: Here is how

This has accelerated the world's commercial space capabilities and satellite industry. FREMONT, CA: The launch of Sputnik in 1957 was regarded as the pinnacle of space technology back then. Over 135 space shuttle flights later, humanity has significantly benefitted from space technology over various fields like communications, positioning services, earth observation, and economic activity related to the government-funded space programs. Since 1957, the world has witnessed landing on the moon, construction of the International Space Station (ISS), and the launch of more than 8100 space objects. GMC Software: Redefining Customer Communication in Banking. Flora Bank-Core Banking Solution: Enhance Customer Involvement. Mustafa Rafiqul Islam, Chairman & Managing Director Today, customer expectations, technological capabilities, regulatory requirements, demographics, and economics are together contributing to the change in the banking space.

Flora Bank-Core Banking Solution: Enhance Customer Involvement

Banks need to get ahead of these challenges and retool to win in the next era. Banks must not only execute on today’s imperatives, but also radically innovate and transform themselves for the future. “Today, the structure of retail banking is changing from physical to electronic distribution model where online and mobile are adding an extra layer on the foundation of the branch distribution,” says Mustafa Rafiqul Islam, Chairman, and Managing Director of Flora Bank-Core Banking Solution. ACI Worldwide [NASDAQ:ACIW]: Supercharging Payment Environments. The U.S. payments market is shifting from cash and paper checks to various forms of electronic payments.

ACI Worldwide [NASDAQ:ACIW]: Supercharging Payment Environments

The once predominantly cash-dependent domain for transactions has evolved through checks, into cards, and is now surging toward digital age innovations like virtual wallets and mobile payment platforms. Innovators are driving radical changes—from traditional players adopting various digital technologies to new-age players leveraging PayPal or Square while some are attempting to leave behind the existing payment systems entirely and move to Bitcoins.

The common thread is that all of them are looking for pioneering approaches to assist consumers and businesses in the way they make purchases. Banks have progressed from developing the first credit card in 1958 to putting forth ground-breaking technologies like remote check deposit and mobile banking with online billpay capabilities. Advanced Fraud Solutions: Enhanced Fraud Defense for Safe Financial Assets. Bring up the topic of banking, and it won’t be long before the word “security” is dropped into the conversation.

Advanced Fraud Solutions: Enhanced Fraud Defense for Safe Financial Assets

Susceptible as they are, banks fall prey to check fraud, card fraud, or online banking fraud every now and then, despite the institution’s best efforts to put up robust defense strategies. This, in part, can be attributed to the gaps in knowledge sharing among the players—big and small—in the industry. What if there was a way for banks to keep peers in the industry apprised about fraud data and events, automatically? This was the very thought that set the premise for the founding of a company called Advanced Fraud Solutions, whose mission is to secure every bank’s defense network, through a consolidated knowledge center on fraudulent activities. “Today, we are the leader of check fraud prevention working with thousands of financial institutions to stop fraud everyday across the country,” says Lawrence Reaves, CEO of Advanced Fraud Solutions.

eMudhra: Creating a Secure Digital Ecosystem. V.

eMudhra: Creating a Secure Digital Ecosystem

Srinivasan, Founder & Chairman In a digital era that is rife with cybercrime and identity theft, banks across the globe are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one end of the spectrum they have to provide seamless convenience and frictionless digital experiences to the customers; while on the other end, they have to securely and instantaneously ascertain the identity of who they are communicating with and along the way, stay on the right side of fraud as well as regulations. FaceTec ® : 3D Face Authentication Software with Liveness Detection.

Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO Passwords are the most widely used means of accessing user accounts around the world.

FaceTec ® : 3D Face Authentication Software with Liveness Detection

But since there is no way to differentiate a correct user from an imposter typing the same characters, it has been recently reported that 81 percent of hacking-related breaches used either stolen and/or weak passwords. For some businesses, robust security is a requirement for survival. Geutebruck: Bringing Diversity to Banking Security. Christoph Hoffmann, CEO and Katharina Geutebrück, CEO “Wouldn’t it be great to have a photo of a bank robber?”

Geutebruck: Bringing Diversity to Banking Security

This is how the story of Geutebrück started about 50 years ago. Today, the company is a global solution provider for premium video surveillance-security systems. Nearly half a century ago, an engineer, Thomas Geutebrück visualized a huge market opportunity. During the mid- 1960s, bank robberies were on the rise in Germany, and there were no measures in place providing usable evidence for prosecution. HID Global: The Future for Secure and User-Friendly Banking. Stefan Widing, President & CEO Banks and other financial institutions are continually striving to keep themselves afloat in the dynamic financial landscape where consumer trends are continuously changing.

HID Global: The Future for Secure and User-Friendly Banking

With digital identity acting as the passport in today's digital world, the need for financial institutions to protect the digital identity to gain customer's trust is much more important than ever before. Additionally, banks also need to ensure that this security is not provided to the customers at the cost of seamless access and intuitive experience that they have been traditionally receiving from the banks.

"HID Approve puts the power of simple and instantaneous verification into the hands of the user, who is the customer of the bank" HID Global’s Global's identity management portfolio includes solutions that cover the entire identity lifecycle, authentication technology, and devices to ensure that the right people have the proper access to the right things. Keesing Technologies: ID Verification Made Simple. Daniel Suess, Commercial Director As the world becomes more interconnected, the trust factor plays a significant role in developing economies.

Keesing Technologies: ID Verification Made Simple

Venafi: Machine Identity Protection for Banking. Jeff Hudson, CEO The dynamics of the financial industry have changed drastically over the last decade; every financial services firm has steadily increased their reliance on technology. As a result, securing the ever-increasing number of SSL/TLS banking certificates and their corresponding keys required to keep communication between these new technologies secure has become a tedious, error prone task. However, when keys and certificates are poorly managed they dramatically increase security risks for banks. This is because certificates and keys serve as machine identities, similar to the way usernames and passwords serve as human identities.

DefenseStorm: Full-stack Cybersecurity Management. Sean Feeney, CEO Financial institutions are in the center of a storm today—caused by a constant surge of sophisticated cyber attacks threatening to break down their walls. The trend has been spurred by three major bank hacks in the past two years. Two of these attacks resulted in financial losses to the tune of 100 million dollars, raising apprehension about the dependability and security of digital networks used by banks worldwide. These events provoked the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) and numerous agencies to issue warnings, alerting banks to increase their security as more attacks are expected. “While banks have requirements like other corporations, they have heightened security needs that present a compelling mandate for solutions to keep our country’s most sensitive financial data secure from foreign attackers and organized criminals,” begins Sean Feeney, CEO of DefenseStorm.

From Reactive to Proactive. DefenseStorm: Full-stack Cybersecurity Management. EnSilo: Real-Time Data Protection. Roy Katmor, CEO “While others are concerned about keeping threat actors out, we are focused on denying their end-game,” begins Roy Katmor, CEO of enSilo. The company was founded on the notion that cyberattacks cannot always be prevented and the focus should be on preventing data theft and tampering of critical information in the event of an attack. “enSilo blocks advanced attacks in real-time from communicating with outbound networks or modifying files,” adds Katmor. Experian Information Solutions [LSE: EXPN]: Experts in Detecting Fraudulent Activity. Steve Platt, Executive VP of Fraud & Identity Management “In the 21st century digital age, where everything is mobile and online, delivering a seamless consumer experience while protecting businesses against fraud is a major challenge,” explains Steve Platt, Executive VP of Fraud and Identity Management.

Platt believes that passwords alone are insufficient to safeguard consumers and the companies where they transact. “We provide our clients with a variety of information in real time to advise on whether or not to proceed with a transaction. Guardian Analytics: Real-time Fraud Prevention. Laurent Pacalin, President & CEO It was July 2014, a cyber-attack against American bank JPMorgan Chase compromised the data associated with over 83 million accounts. Reported as one of the most serious intrusions and data breaches, this cyber attack impacted 76 million households and seven million small businesses.

Taking a cue from this severe attack, many banks and financial institutions geared up to invest in the latest and appropriate contingency plans to safeguard their organizations. In addition, with the surge of online and mobile banking, security paranoia is afflicting these organizations more than ever. IronYun: Simplifying Video Analytics. Paul Sun, CEO “Deploying CCTV and IP Cameras is a crucial activity in the security-conscious banking arena,” begins Paul Sun, CEO of IronYun. C2C SmartCompliance: Streamlining Compliance across Industries. Steve Crutchley, Founder & CEO. 360factors: Pioneering Modern Risk and Compliance Management Automation Technology. Ed Sattar, CEO. AxiomSL: Banking Arena Challenges-the Next Gen Solutions.

Alexander Tsigutkin, CEO. eClerx: Managing Operational Risks through Robust Framework. Alan Paris, Principal Financial Services In the past decade, the banking industry has witnessed operational and compliance risks growing into complex and entwined entities. Global banks are facing immense pressure to reduce the cost on mitigating risks while reporting to the regulatory authorities on a global basis.

Matrix-IFS: Strengthening Business and IT Compliance. Renan Levy, CEO. InvestEdge: Holistic and Robust Fiduciary Oversight. Tina Madel, CFA, Vice President of Solutions There is a general consensus among modern-day financial advisors regarding the need to automate and integrate the workflows in their systems. In most cases, financial institutions use different applications or software stacks for individual functions, and the ability to apply a single risk management standard across the whole client base for various business segments and programs strikes as a challenge.

ComplianceForge: Comprehensive Cybersecurity and Privacy Documentation. Tom Cornelius, Co-Founder & Senior Partner Providing cybersecurity and privacy documentation is a niche within the cybersecurity profession and ComplianceForge is a leader in that field. ComplianceForge leverages a competitive advantage for generating semi-customized documentation, where it is able to deliver comprehensive documentation solutions for a fraction of the cost and time associated with hiring an external consulting firm.

This niche specialization addresses a systemic lack of in-house knowledge in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) that is necessary to generate comprehensive documentation to meet common compliance requirements. NASDAQ BWISE: Fostering a Risk-free Business. Adena Friedman, President & CEO In an age where seemingly everything is hackable, organizations are starting to realize that the data they possess, while invaluable, can also become a reputational and legal nightmare. Regulators too are doing their best to enforce policies that improve data security.

But managing this dizzying array of regulations is a daunting task every organization wants to circumvent. Take the case of the Dubai Islamic Bank that was planning to enhance its risk management, compliance, and internal control processes for gaining a deeper and more real-time visibility into potential risks and overarching control frameworks. Rivial Data Security: Streamlining Compliance in the Financial Industry.

Randy Lindberg, Founder & CEO The financial industry has undergone a seismic change, a rather positive one, after embarking on the journey of digital transformation. Sesame Software: A Simplified Approach to Data Recovery. eMudhra: Creating a Secure Digital Ecosystem. Cyber Forza: Empowering Banks with Cybersecurity Intelligence. Advanced Fraud Solutions: Enhanced Fraud Defense for Safe Financial Assets. Top 10 Security Solution Providers 2016. Kentara Analytics: Beyond the 'Obvious' Journey Technology Solutions: Innovative Analytics Solutions for Community Banks. FINCURA: Digitization of Manual Portfolio Management.

Feedzai: Comprehensive Analytics for Fraud Management. DebtX: The World's Leading Liquidity Platform For Whole Loans. UBQuant: Making Way for Effective UBPR Analysis. Altair Management Consultants: Banking Analytical Management Innovators. Logi Analytics : Unleashing the Power of Self-Service Analytics. Logi Analytics : Unleashing the Power of Self-Service Analytics. EXL [NASDAQ:EXLS]: Turning Big Data into Actionable Insights. Actian: Transforming Big Data into Monetary Value. The Analytics Tipping Point. The Analytics Tipping Point. New Alliances Will Drive FinTech Innovation. Using a Data Quality Framework to Accelerate Measuring Data Quality. Analytics - The New Level Playing Field. Securing the Human. Banking In Disruption and the CIO Value Driven Response. Remodeling the Financial Services Industry with IT Transformation. A New Approach to Security. To Drive Digital Transformation, First Change the Culture.

Cybercrime: The Importance of Knowledge, Preparation and Vigilance. Disintermediation in Payments - All Threat to Financial... Open Banking: Unbundling Services and Extending into Other Ecosystems. Going Agile: Process Excellence & the Pursuit of Innovation. 8 Best Practices to Support Regulatory Compliance. Proactive Contact Management. Mobility and Mobile Payments. Redefining the Notion of 'Branches' in a Rapidly Evolving World. Technology Pressure in Finance: Cause and Cure. Strategic Call Center Solution.

Chart the Way Forward: Why Banks Need AI & Machine Learning Today. Implementing Technology Platforms To Enhance Customer's Experience. Blockchain Technology: The Next Great Infrastructure for Commerce,... ZM Financial Systems: ZMdesk for Sophisticated Balance Sheet Management. TreasuryXpress:Opening the Gates of TMS to Companies Worldwide. SS&C Technologies: Delivering Comprehensive Technical Capabilities. Reval: Innovating TRM with the Reval Cloud Platform. Promontory Interfinancial Network: Bringing Financial Institutions Together to Unleash. OpenText: Maneuvering Complexities in Treasury Management. Kyriba: Transforming Treasury from Reactive to Proactive. Industry Avenue Technologies: Addressing Foreign Exchange Risk and Liquidity through...

FinMechanics: Comprehensive Solutions for Treasury and Capital Markets. Top 10 Treasury Management Solution Providers 2016. Mirador: The Future of Commercial Lending. MortgageFlex Systems: One System for all Mortgage Channels. ComplianceTech: Pathway to Fair Lending Excellence. Intellaegis - Artificial Intuition: The Future of Debt Recovery. Top 10 Omnichannel Solution Companies - 2019. ACI Worldwide: Hassle-free, Smart Universal Payments Solution. ACI Worldwide: Hassle-free, Smart Universal Payments Solution. Infocorp: Integrated Platform for Omnichannel Banking. Kony: Accelerating Digital Success.

Kony: Accelerating Digital Success. TTEC: Exceptional Customer Experience through Omni-channel Technology. Unisys: Seamless Banking, Anytime Anywhere. Top 10 Mortgage Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019. WEI Technology LLC: Modernizing Your Loan Origination System (LOS) Solidifi: Providing a Truly Extraordinary Closing Experience. Nexsys Technologies: Managing and Closing Loans Electronically. Candor Technology: A Perfect Loan in Seven Seconds. Altisource: An Integrated Approach to Operational Excellence. AI Foundry- Transform or Be Transformed: AI or Bust. AI Foundry- Transform or Be Transformed: AI or Bust. Zia Consulting: Towards Smart and Swift Content Management.

Sales Boomerang: Timely Intelligence to Ensure No Borrower Left Behind ™ Clarity Technologies: Consultants Provide Customized Solutions for the Mortgage Industry.