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Alice Tye – WeTransfer This Works. Alice Tye grew up mostly in Kent, England, but dreaming of the California she saw portrayed in pop culture convinced her that she had been born on the “wrong side of the Atlantic.”

Alice Tye – WeTransfer This Works

Her fascination for the West Coast grew into her work as an artist and illustrator; it is there in her lithographs of California views and an incredibly detailed four-meter long painting of La Jolla Road, Los Angeles (created through an extensive study of Google Street View). Perhaps unsurprisingly, when she first went to the US on a two-month road trip in 2015, she found it a bit off, struggling to reach a consensus between the West Coast she knew from her imagination and the one she encountered in real life. The trip inspired her to create the series La Jolla Road Revisited and IRL. Some of these pieces show endless azur skies and sizzling hot asphalt roads while others feature grey clouds and cramped scenes, which ooze a more sinister atmosphere. Leslie David: Liquid – WeTransfer This Works. The French designer Leslie David is one of the most interesting image-makers working today.

Leslie David: Liquid – WeTransfer This Works

Through color, pattern and texture she creates work that plays with preconceptions and brings a big, happy dose of personality to every brief she takes on. So whether she’s creating illustrated album artwork for Metronomy, or painted-photo posters for a French music festival, bespoke typography for Chanel or textiles for Kitsuné, Leslie’s stylistic eye and technical brilliance make for surefire joy. Her Liquid series of prints grew out of a commission she did for Lancôme but these experiments came about almost by accident. She likes the fact that viewers will interpret these random shapes and colors in all sorts of individual ways.

In this way they become like a Rorschach test, the random ink blots used by psychiatrists to get an insight into the way their patients’ minds. “You can see what you want to see in these images,” she says. Rencontre : Isabelle & Alexis, le duo de photographes qui sublime les lieux inhabités. Ce duo voyage partout pour créer une présence dans des lieux souvent inhabités.

Rencontre : Isabelle & Alexis, le duo de photographes qui sublime les lieux inhabités

Une présence qui se manifeste par un fumigène coloré. © Isabelle & Alexis, Blossom. Depuis quelques années, Isabelle Chapuis et Alexis Pichot se réunissent pour une aventure commune : Blossom. Sous leur nom de duo Isabelle & Alexis, ils parcourent le monde entier avec pour seul but de saisir un instant décisif et de capturer l’éphémère. Toujours dans des lieux inhabités, industriels ou perdus au milieu de la nature, ils invoquent une présence qui se manifeste par une sorte de spiritisme, de figure fantomatique évanescente : un fumigène coloré. Tout leur travail se construit autour d’une ambivalence, celle de l’intervention de l’Homme dans des lieux à couper le souffle, de l’absence et de la présence, dans des lieux tristes mais beaux où la fumée voile et dévoile l’architecture du paysage.

Activity. Leslie David: Liquid – WeTransfer This Works. 8 Unique Places to Find Quality Free Photos. I’ve noticed a (very welcome) trend lately where sites provide top quality, non-stock, photos up for free on a regular basis.

8 Unique Places to Find Quality Free Photos

I’ve done a quick roundup of some of the most interesting free photo sites to check out. These photos are different to the free, or stock photos we are all used to seeing. I’m not sure how best to explain them, so it’s best to check them out for yourself – but they’re pretty much free stock photos without feeling like stock photos! Just top quality photos, frequently released. Unsplash Unsplash is the perfect example of a truly quality free photo site. Unsplash Example Photos Bonus: Dropbox Sync with Splashbox You can automatically sync these photos to your Dropbox with Splashbox.

Little Visuals LittleVisuals is similar to Unsplash, but they aim to publish new photos every 7 days. Little Visuals Example Photos Superfamous Studios Superfamous release photos under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, you can use them however you like – just provide credit. Stock photos that don’t suck. Dribbble - Show and tell for designers. Designspiration — Design Inspiration.

Isabel m. martinez. Nick & Chloé. Artists - Set-design & Prop Stylism - Pierre Glanddier - Concept & Set-design. Cadence – Production and Representation. Cadence – Production and Representation.