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Le scandale des pom-pom girls. A Brit’s Guide to Understanding American High School Customs. This article is not about the differences between British and American education systems (a comparison that should probably be reserved for a post of its very own).

A Brit’s Guide to Understanding American High School Customs

Rather, it is a look at the little things, things that breathe life into the everyday American high school, things that—to a British outsider—might seem a tad bizarre and/or unfamiliar. Firstly, and this is true of American life in general, things are so much bigger in the average American high school. Actually, a better phrase might be more bombastic. And things perhaps don’t come more bombastic than high school marching bands, huge armies of instrumentalists who perform at various events throughout the school year. These bands are usually of considerable quality given that they are comprised entirely (excluding the conductor) of teenage students. A day in an American High School. AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL: MOVIES VS. REALITY.

American High School. Typical Day for a High School Student - I CAN SCHOOLS. A typical day for a high school student will include arriving at school around 7:30 am (either by yellow bus, public transportation, walking or being dropped off by a parent).

Typical Day for a High School Student - I CAN SCHOOLS

Students will pass through a uniform check station, monitored by a building level leader to ensure he/she is in full uniform. Students will then proceed into the gym for breakfast. As breakfast is being served, students have the opportunity to assist teachers (earning community service hours), read, study and/or engage in conversation with their peers. At 8:05 am, breakfast is over and the high school students are welcomed by a morning message given by the Principal or Dean of the school.

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Tableaux / Graphiques. United States Guide: The American school system, Grades, school hours and terms: Most children start school. The American education system - A2-B1 levels. Q&A: The American school system. American school bus. 7 Dangerous Stereotypes In Glee – Page 1. Before I begin with this list it is important for me to point out to that I am actually a GLEE fan... however, if that puts you off this post, the following list can also been seen as a negative points for all you haters out there (or those who love to hate-watch Glee).

7 Dangerous Stereotypes In Glee – Page 1

It is my opinion that Glee is the most misunderstood series on TV and the most harshly judged. Glee is not a drama nor is it a comedy, it is somewhere in between with a good dose of musical glued on.