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Invisible victims in Lebanon. Beirut, Lebanon - Lebanon is home to 1.2m foreign migrant workers out of which the domestic migrant worker (DMW) population is estimated at 400,000 and almost all female.

Invisible victims in Lebanon

The incremental growth in domestic workers has been due to a combination of Lebanese views on social status and feminism where household chores are viewed as lowly and unworthy of middle and upper middle class wives. As these female domestic maids live in the houses of employers, they have inevitably become the most vulnerable demographic amongst foreign workers, invisible to the outside world and perceptible to abuse. Where are the activists? In 1998, academic Lina Abu-Habib published a paper in which she highlighted the dearth of civil society movements concerned with migrant rights in Lebanon. She noted that within the Lebanese NGO community and women's groups, there was a general lack of interest in the topic. Empowering migrants Access to justice The vicious cycle. Films, émissions de télévision, magazines, livres... au Liban, la révolution sexuelle est en marche - Liban : les femmes renversent les tabous.

Une sexologue qui anime une émission en prime time, un magazine arabophone qui fête le corps, une réalisatrice émancipée...

Films, émissions de télévision, magazines, livres... au Liban, la révolution sexuelle est en marche - Liban : les femmes renversent les tabous

Dans leur beau pays encore prisonnier de ses contradictions, les Libanaises ont déclenché une révolution qui pourrait en inspirer d'autres. Dans la vie de tous les jours, Sandrine Atallah est une élégante Libanaise francophone, diplômée de l’université parisienne René-Descartes et sexologue à Beyrouth. Une fois par semaine, le lundi soir, elle anime en prime time « Lazem Taref » – « Tu dois savoir » –, ou le nouveau talk-show qui décoiffe au pays du cèdre. Lebanese Discrimination in love and marriage « Ritachemaly's Blog. January 4, 2011 by Rita Chemaly Dears, as you may know I m working on the discrimination cases resulting from our Personal status law in Lebanon.

Lebanese Discrimination in love and marriage « Ritachemaly's Blog

To be more specific, it is well known that the Constitution (Lebanese) stipulates that all Lebanese are equal before the law, and that we equally and without discrimination enjoy our civil and political rights. But, the way it goes in Lebanon is radically different then what is written and stipulates in our law of law. Our head of the Pyramid… . In a previous post I have tried to describe the division of the Lebanese in 18 recognized confessions. Today I prefer to amplify the fact that there are gender and sexual differences that appear in the Lebanese system: Two-thirds of Lebanese emigrate for employment reasons, 77% of emigrants are younger than 35 years - Social. BEIRUT | - November 26, 2011, 16h37 Figures issued by the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) as part of a cluster survey indicate that 6.3% of total households in Lebanon had at least one member who emigrated between 2004 and 2009, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group.

The survey reveals that 86% of emigrants left the country, 6% emigrated with other family members, and 8% migrated with their whole family. The survey added that 76.3% of Lebanese emigrants are males and 23.7% are females. Au Liban, la contrebande d’animaux bat son plein. Des lois trop laxistes empêchent de mettre fin à un trafic de lions, serpents et autres animaux sauvages, déplore une ONG locale.

Au Liban, la contrebande d’animaux bat son plein

El Mundo 24 novembre 2011 | Partager : Le Liban est devenu une nouvelle arche de Noé : des dizaines de lions, de chimpanzés, de tigres, d’hyènes, de serpents et de crocodiles entrent dans le pays du fait de contrebandiers qui profitent de carences juridiques. Il y a quelques semaines, plus d’un habitant de Beyrouth est resté pétrifié quand on a découvert un lionceau sur le balcon d’un appartement de la capitale libanaise. Le petit félin a été sauvé par Animals Lebanon. COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS - THE CASE STUDY. 50 Free Social Media Icon Sets. Nov 25 2011 Social media icons are integrated into every major website design today.

50 Free Social Media Icon Sets

They are frequently displayed prominently in sidebars and headers in order to promote such things as RSS feeds, Facebook fan pages and Twitter profiles. They are cropping up all over, creating a near endless demand for these resources. Whilst you can link to your social media accounts with basic text links, it is far more common to use a social media icon that stands out and grabs the attention of visitors. Today we will be showing you 50 social media icon sets that you can download for free and use on your website to promote your social media profiles.

The Icon Goodies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 81 Pixel perfect Social Media Icons 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. The World of Social Media 2011. Forte poussée de l'arabe sur Twitter. L'arabe a fortement progressé sur twitter, avec plus de 2 millions de messages publics par jour en octobre 2011, par rapport aux 99.000 tweets quotidiens enregistrés un an plus tôt, selon une étude publiée aujourd'hui par Semiocast, institut spécialisé dans les réseaux sociaux.

Forte poussée de l'arabe sur Twitter

Le volume des tweets en arabe a été multiplié par 22 depuis octobre 2010, durant une période marquée par des bouleversements politiques dans plusieurs pays arabes. Croissance exceptionnelle de l'arabe sur Twitter — L'anglais se stabilise en dessous de 40% Paris, France — November 24, 2011 — In October 2011, more than 2 million public messages were posted every day on Twitter in Arabic, from about 30 000 in July 2010, a study of 5.6 billion tweets reveals.

Croissance exceptionnelle de l'arabe sur Twitter — L'anglais se stabilise en dessous de 40%

The analysis, carried out by Semiocast, is an update of the study on language shares on Twitter published in February 2010. In October 2011, the top 5 languages used on Twitter were: English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Malay. The survey was conducted on 5.6 billion public messages gathered between July, 1st 2010 and October, 31st 2011, to establish the evolution of most used languages on Twitter. The messages were processed with Semiocast’s analytics tools, which can identify the language used in short messages among 61 languages in all major writing systems (including Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Tamil, Cyrillic, Devanagari).

The share of English messages stabilized, Japanese's decreased. Sur Twitter, l’arabe fait un tabac. 28-11-2011 | par M.

Sur Twitter, l’arabe fait un tabac

-J. Être femme et journaliste au Caire. Scribd. Shame on LBC and MTV. I was planning to write something about this, but Habib Battah (an investigative journalist I admire) made a very good job exposing the stations’ lack of professionalism, shamelessness and irresponsibility in reporting cases like those of Myriam Ashckar and Burj Hammoud’s immigrants: Rather than creating powerful content that educates and informs audiences, such organizations cynically mirror and amplify the latent fear and loathing that lives in minds of many Lebanese.

Shame on LBC and MTV

Local TV stations substitute research and good old-fashioned reporting for unbalanced, shoddily constructed pieces masked in special effects and springing from visceral, misinformed xenophobic stereotypes. He provides very good examples in his post on how LBC could have better handled the reporting of the crime.

When a country like Lebanon gets out of a civil war, broadcast media have an important duty to fight the ignorance and misconceptions that lead to such a war. Rest in Peace, Myriam Achkar. LBC : Christian mirror. I finally got to see yesterday the LBC report on Myriam Al Achkar's assassination.

LBC : Christian mirror

For those not following Lebanese news, Myriam was killed by a Syrian worker while going to a Church called "path to heaven". The killing has outraged the Christian community and generated a series of anti-Syrian comments: Myriam was a pious Christian The Lebanese blogosphere is up and raging against this "racist" and "xenophobic" report: view Beirut Report or BeirutSpring's accounts. Even though I agree with all those criticizing LBC's report as completely unprofessional, it is interesting to note that this report really reflects the mood of a majority of Lebanese Christians in general.

Marcel Ghanem (the show host where the report was aired) and Philippe Abou Zeid (the senior reporter) are both Christians living in the heartland of Christians, and usually capture very well the mood of the community: Somehow it reminds me of 1975.... ARAB COM. Packaging fear, broadcasting rage. La France aide-t-elle les insurgés syriens? - De Bagdad à Jérusalem : L'Orient indiscret. Il y a trois semaines, une source française généralement bien informée m’apprend que «Paris soutient logistiquement les insurgés syriens en leur fournissant en sous-main du matériel infrarouge et des moyens de communications.» Mais, en partance pour le Moyen-Orient, ce vieux routier de la région me demande de ne «rien publier». Peu après mon arrivée à Beyrouth, samedi 19 novembre, un militaire français stationné au Liban me confirme que les services français ne sont pas «inactifs» auprès des déserteurs syriens, réfugiés en Turquie et au Pays du cèdre.

Et qu’il est «très facile d’utiliser les réseaux de trafiquants d’armes qui opèrent au Liban pour renforcer la puissance des rebelles», qui multiplient de l’autre côté de la frontière les opérations contre les forces de sécurité syriennes. Parmi la palette de soutiens que la France peut fournir aux déserteurs figure également du renseignement satellitaire sur les positions de l’armée syrienne qui les combattent, poursuit le militaire. Le Liban, pays le plus touché par les sanctions de la Ligue arabe contre la Syrie - SYRIE-LIBAN.

La Ligue arabe a adopté dimanche 27 novembre 2011 une série de sanctions contre la Syrie, restée sourde à ses ultimatums. Mais ces mesures risquent de ne pas suffire à faire cesser la répression sanglante que le régime de Bachar el-Assad conduit depuis neuf mois. Nouvelle grève à RFI contre la fusion avec France 24 - Radio. Meet the 2011 Mashable Awards Nominees for Social Media. After collecting nominations from the Mashable community for over a month, the 2011 Mashable Awards have now shifted to the voting portion of the program. The awards honor nominees and winners in 28 categories, covering four of Mashable's core content areas: Social Media, Tech, Business and Entertainment. Here we take a closer look at the nominees in the "Social Media" category, with a breakdown of the finalists from each of the nine sub-categories.

From the worlds of sport, business, media, politics and entertainment there are "must-follow" personalities, while the social networking services themselves get recognition for helping keep us connected. Final voting is now open and will close on Dec. 16. Winners will be announced on Mashable Dec. 19, and will be honored at the MashBash CES Jan. 11, 2012, during the 2012 International CES convention at 1OAK, the hot new nightclub at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas. Il pleut des médias.

An Introduction to Crowdfunding [Infographic] Driven in part by the explosion of vibrant social-networking media, the crowdfunding sensation now stretches to the far reaches of the globe. Fostering creativity, philanthropy, and growth, crowdfunding sites have fundamental social and economic impact, and are altering the allocation of capital. This great new infographic — commissioned by the crowdfunding site PleaseFund.Us in collaboration with — provides insights into crowdfunding including: Its definitionTrendsGeographic prevalenceNumber and location of crowdfunding sitesLaunch datesTypes of crowdfunding models and the evolution of funding ideologiesStimuli and triggersSuccess storiesCrowdfunding and social media The Infographic was created by – contact: Dorothy Sanders.