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Flâneries multimédia du dimanche n°22. Nous voici de retour ! Après une période de rush, suivie d'une période de pause, Diasporamas a déménagé, s'est retrouvé privé de connexion internet et revient finalement à la vie avec l'ADSL et l'accès, à nouveau, à tout type de pépites journalistiques et photographiques. Best-of de cette dernière semaine. > New Skin est notre coup de coeur du moment. Un diaporama sonore au montage très travaillé, sur les tatouages d'anciens membres de gangs. Liens vagabonds (30 janv. 10 vérités à connaitre avant de faire de la photo. En novembre dernier, Darren Rowse du site digital photography school posait cette question simple à ces lecteurs : Qu’auriez vous aimez savoir avant de faire de la photographie ?

10 vérités à connaitre avant de faire de la photo

L’idée m’a semblé intéressante. Vous rappelez-vous quand vous avez commencé la photo, le chemin que vous avez parcouru, les embûches que vous avez affronté, et peut être auriez vous pu les éviter avec quelques conseils simples. Voici donc une sélection des dix réponses qui me semble être une bonne base de départ pour tous les amateurs et débutants dans la photographie. Credit @ Elyse Patten 1. Typologie du traitement web de l'information locale. Lien vagabond : Comment CNN vérifie (ou non) les contenus sur son site iReport ? Par Julien Le Bot Début de semaine en forme de lien vagabond : l'excellent site Poynter est revenu, la semaine dernière, sur la façon dont CNN, que tout le monde connaît, s'arrange (depuis cinq ans déjà !)

Lien vagabond : Comment CNN vérifie (ou non) les contenus sur son site iReport ?

Pour éviter les catastrophes sur son site dédié aux contenus produits par des internautes (qu'ils soient journalistes ou non) : i-Report. Pour mémoire, cette plateforme est, peu ou prou, ce que Les Observateurs sont à à la chaîne France 24. How CNN’s iReport verifies its citizen content. The protests that erupted in Nigeria earlier this month over skyrocketing fuel prices initially received only a small amount of coverage from North American media, including CNN.

How CNN’s iReport verifies its citizen content

But CNN’s iReport team soon began seeing a steady stream of photos, videos and on the ground reports submitted by users in Nigeria. It became clear they couldn’t ignore the story. “CNN wasn’t really covering that story at all until we started seeing an outpouring of contributions of video and photos and people writing into iReport over and over for days,” said Lila King, participation director for CNN Digital. “It made us say, ‘Gosh, you know we really need to be paying attention to this.’ ” The result was increased coverage on CNN properties featuring the material submitted by a range of Nigerian citizens and freelancers. Seven top tips for verifying tweets. Twitter is like the coffee machine in the newsroom.

Seven top tips for verifying tweets

Robert Fisk: Syria is used to the slings and arrows of friends and enemies - Robert Fisk - Commentators. True, the Syrian regime has never confronted opposition on such a scale.

Robert Fisk: Syria is used to the slings and arrows of friends and enemies - Robert Fisk - Commentators

If the fatalities do not yet come close to the 10 or 20 thousand dead of the 1982 Hama uprising, which old Hafez al-Assad crushed with his customary ruthlessness, the widespread nature of today's rebellion, the defections from the Syrian army, the loss of all but one Arab ally – little Lebanon, of course – and the slow growth of a civil war make this the most dangerous moment in Syria's post-independence history.

How can Bashar al-Assad hang on? Well, there's Russia, of course, and the Putin-Medvedev determination not to be caught out by the West at the United Nations as they were when they failed to oppose the no-fly zones over Libya that led directly to Gaddafi's collapse. And there's Iran, for which Syria remains the Arab bridgehead. And Iranian suspicion that Syria is under international attack principally because of this alliance may well be correct. Fighting Intensifies in Syria - Photographs. Fighting near Damascus, the Syrian capital, has grown more intense in recent days as the Free Syrian Army, composed partly of army defectors, has attacked and violently resisted forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

Fighting Intensifies in Syria - Photographs

Demonstrators carried the body of Mazen Abul Dahad, 23, a fighter from the Free Syrian Army who was shot in a battle with the government’s security forces. Fighters from the Free Syrian Army looked at army tanks positioned outside Rankous, about 20 miles north of Damascus. Parier sur l’innovation ailleurs. Parier autrement? Mise à jour : Article publié dans le supplément du Monde du samedi 7 janvier.

Parier sur l’innovation ailleurs. Parier autrement?

Arnon Kohavi est un entrepreneur israélien devenu capital-risqueur. Innovation et création d'entreprise dans les espaces de coworking ? Your Guide to Crowdfunding Public Media Projects. Need $40,000 to produce a local documentary?

Your Guide to Crowdfunding Public Media Projects

Just ask your audience. Les Cahiers du journalisme. Les Cahiers du journalisme N° 22/23 LE JOURNALISME NUMÉRIQUE : FORMES, FORMATS, FRONTIÈRES Nouveau credo C’est la vocation même des Cahiers du journalisme depuis leur création en 1996 : s’intéresser à « l’évolution des pratiques journalistiques en France et à l’étranger* ».

Les Cahiers du journalisme

Nous nous doutions bien, à l`époque, que le métier allait se transformer. Les premiers signes avant-coureurs étaient là. Quinze ans plus tard, il faut le reconnaître : le rythme et l’ampleur des changements sont beaucoup plus importants que prévu. Thierry WATINE Rédacteur en chef. CORPORATE FILM: TOTAL. Beirut death of Nepalese migrant worker Lila - video. Liban la mort est dans le champ. Tales from Beirut’s hip-hop trenches. BEIRUT: Edouard Abbas, one of the founders of the Lebanese hip-hop group Fareeq al-Atrash, is outraged.

Tales from Beirut’s hip-hop trenches

“Did you know that last week, Joe Budden and Royce da 5’9” were here in Lebanon?” He asks incredulously. “They were playing at Palais, and they didn’t even advertise for it. When I went to the door, they wouldn’t let me in. I was thinking in my head, ‘I bet 90 percent of the people in that club have no idea who Joe Budden and Royce da 5’9” even are.’ His laughter is not without bitterness. “I guess people really don’t appreciate art in this country,” he says finally. Abbas is one of a small and frustrated group of Lebanese hip-hop artists struggling to build a movement, as they see it, without support from the media, the entertainment industry or the Lebanese public.

“The lucky thing for me is that I’m also a DJ,” he says. “The Lebanese hip-hop scene has evolved a lot since its inception,” he says. Lebanese rapper Omar Zeineddine is less sanguine. “We need to keep it real,” he says. Mode : Beyrouth en prêt-à-porter : Céline Khairallah lance "Scene س" A mosaic of captured moments. N a leafy corner of Hamra Street, a mosaic of captured moments is on display at the Dar al-Mussawir's photography house. Varied and lively, the photographs form an intriguing whole that makes the Mosaic exhibition well worth a visit.

The exhibition, just one of a series called 12 in 12 to be hosted by Dar al-Mussawir throughout 2012, lives up to its name. Photographs are eclectic in theme as well as the feelings they evoke. Rayess Bek – artiste conscient, rappeur à contre-courant. English version follows. Reading spots for times when home just won’t do. BEIRUT: It may not rain for much of the year in Lebanon, but when it does the inevitable downpour saps all impetus to do anything but curl up indoors.

But eventually cabin fever sets in, the once-charming walls of one’s home become oppressive, and the realization quickly dawns: It’s time to get out. For avid readers, that means seeking out spots where one can comfortably sit for hours in the thrall of a book.However, the perfect public reading place is an elusive entity. Factors to be considered include light, warmth, music, the availability of caffeine and food, as well as temperament of the staff and fellow customers. "Metel ma shelta" : A Beyrouth, une initiative citoyenne contre les détritus dans la rue. La solidarité « people » ne change rien au sort des bonnes au Liban. Un défilé de mode a été organisé au club Behind The Green Door à Beyrouth le 18 janvier 2012. Seven ways journalists can use Pinterest. Virtual pinboard Pinterest helps journalists find trend stories, display their work and more. The social networking site has more than four million users, landing it a spot on a list of most visited social media sites of 2011.

Perfect for showing off your favorite finds as you troll the web, users "pin" images to themed boards for visually-appealing displays. 5 extensions si vous voulez revenir à l'ancien Facebook - Le Nouvel Observateur. Vous n'aimez pas le lifting de Facebook ? Qu'importe. Jean-Marie Charon : "Un journaliste d'investigation travaille aujourd'hui avec Internet" Try for Free Build engaged audiences through publishing by curation. Le modèle de micro-crédit bangladais aide les femmes zambiennes. Le rôle de Twitter en Afrique. Par Beatrice Karanja, Portland Communications.