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Mehul Batra

Myself, Mehul and I'm a marketing executive who is involved in developing several types of marketing campaigns with the motive to effectively promote a product or a service.

Top iPhone App Development Companies. Top iPhone app development companies keep in mind to offer extended services to the clients.

Top iPhone App Development Companies

They also work for providing excellent functionality and delivering the best ROI at the end. How Chatops is Bringing Innovation in Developer's Way of Working. Effective Tips to Succeed in your First Ever Mobile App Marketing Campaign. Mobile app marketing is the leading stone of a campaign that can turn to be the deciding factor for an app’s success or failure.

Effective Tips to Succeed in your First Ever Mobile App Marketing Campaign

In today’s mobile first world, every business needs to have an app. It is the easiest way to get connected to the audiences in no time. As the number of apps in the market is growing like never before, it is a challenge for app marketers to bring success to their apps. Here comes the importance of a well planned marketing strategy. With an app marketing plan, it becomes easy to launch your application successfully. Develop an app that is useful for users Before you conceptualize any app making idea, it is imperative to have your basics right. It is true that apps are the future of today’s business websites; thus, every business must invest in creating a business-centric application. Top Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development.

The impetus behind the growing trend of hiring mobile app development services is of course the booming trend of “mobile first” approach.

Top Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

Every business irrespective of its size and the kind of trade it does invests a handsome sum of money in launching its official mobile application. A recent survey has stated that a person nearly spends 30 minutes of his/her day time in browsing through the apps only. Trending UX Design Tips For Increasing Visual aesthetics of mobile apps. The success of a mobile application depends upon a number of factors, UX design tips being the most influential one.

Trending UX Design Tips For Increasing Visual aesthetics of mobile apps

Besides providing a superb user experience, mobile applications need to fulfill a number of expectations to register the sure shot success among the audience. The visual aesthetics, navigation pattern and an app’s responsive nature are some of the elements that elevate its status from other regular applications. While UX Design tips are important to keep an eye on while developing apps for mobiles, the importance of UI cannot be ignored. Literally, UX stands for user experience and UI is the user interface through the means of which consumers interact with any given application.

An apps’ interface is the key element that may create or destroy the impression upon the audience. No company would ever want to skip an opportunity to impress the audience with its business application. Why Choosing Hybrid Platform For App Development Strategy Matters. The current age technology is altering everything be it our way of business or the mode of payment that has almost gone online.

Why Choosing Hybrid Platform For App Development Strategy Matters

All thanks to the cutting edge app development techniques that are rolling today! Among all the buzz that has been created by the innovative technology of developing applications, cross platform mobile app development is something to look for. For the novices out there who are not aware of cross platform mobile app development, here is a glimpse on this trending technology. Prior we dive deep into the details, let’s explore what cross platform apps are all about. Cross platform mobile applications As per its name, cross platform mobile applications are those that can be used on diverse platform. While much has been talked about this innovative technology, let’s explore a bit about the development tools used for cross platform mobile app development. PhoneGap Sencha. The best RSS Readers for iPhone and iPad. RSS or the “Rich Site Summary” is the most celebrated way of sharing any piece of content on different sites.

The best RSS Readers for iPhone and iPad

For users, it saves their efforts of subscribing to every single site and for web owners, it offers the chance to deliver content efficiently. The visual appeal of RSS reader apps paves the way to offer a digestible feed to the readers. The approach is not only effective but also efficient in this digital era. When it comes to RSS reader apps, the number is as vast as the websites that are dedicated to supply daily dose of news to readers. In case you are wishing to know the best apps developed and used for the same purpose, we welcome you to take this journey along with us. While making the list of the best RSS Readers apps, we have given preference to the applications that have both saving as well as external sharing option.

Unread. Why Do Your Business Need Web or Mobile Apps with Urgency? Mobile app development is not only pursued by the bigger brands , but in recent times we see more and more mid-sized and smaller organizations planning or have already migrated to mobile app development.

Why Do Your Business Need Web or Mobile Apps with Urgency?

Why Android Application Development is a Preference Over that of iOS? Our mobile devices have multiple options for mobile operating systems.

Why Android Application Development is a Preference Over that of iOS?

Stay Connected to Your Vehicle with DaddysRoad. Today, life has become much easier and manageable because of limitless facilities offered by mobile applications.

Stay Connected to Your Vehicle with DaddysRoad

Currently, there are innumerable apps that help people in shopping, ordering food and booking taxi to name a few. However, lack of a perfect application to deal with the issues of parking a car or bike in a vulnerable situation is a major problem, but not anymore. This is because of DaddysRoad, a mobile app that notifies owners whenever there is a need to pay attention on the vehicle. Jiju Joseph, Jiju George and Vineeth P.K have developed this app and is gaining huge momentum in the market because of its amazing concept. If you are the one who feel nervous about parking your car in a public place then this app is perfect for you. Another interesting feature of the app is that essential documents like RC book, driving license, emission control certificate, driving license and many more can be stored on its SSL secured cloud storage.

Effective Ways for Marketing Your Mobile App. Effective Ways for Marketing Your Mobile AppThe mobile app industry is booming and reached its pinnacle in late 2011, when it reached its one million mark.

Effective Ways for Marketing Your Mobile App

Apps are now occupying the micro-moments of our daily lives. As per a study, people are spending more than thirty hours per month on an average with the devices. Mobile marketing is about developing in-depth relation with the customer. The app marketing is basically complementary to the brand’s offline experience. It is an effective tool for not only driving e-commerce, but also establishing a connection between the brand and its corresponding loyal customers. Increased Mobile App Engagement By the App Developers. The mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives, for all the smartphone and tablet users. As a consequence, the businesses are driving towards increasing customer engagement, thereby ensuring enhanced revenue for the business.

This objective is served by the ad revenues of the mobile app or the in-app purchases. Consumers are expected to have an expenditure of $ 10.1 billion dollars towards the mobile apps in 2020. What are the Tips for Investing in The App Market. The market on apps is usually ruled by the smartphones. We see the advent of thousands of apps that are invading the market, which are vying for a place among the competition. What are the Smart Steps to be taken to Outsource Mobile App Development ?

If you have already decided on developing a mobile app, the best option might be to outsource app development. The users generally choose this option because they might lack the time to develop a mobile app. The trend on mobile app development continues and we see from small businesses up to the big corporations are taking risks and availing the opportunities of mobile development. Obviously outsourcing of app development has its own advantages such as reduction of the cost of infrastructure, recruitment and expansion, along with speeding up and streamlining of business processes.

The outsourced companies usually comprise of trained and skilled people which accounts for the companies to gain a competitive edge over the others. Outsourcing allows to reach the market at an impeccable speed and at the same time saves considerable amount of your energy. 8 Color scheme trends in Mobile App design. Google’s revolutionary take on introducing high-end material design concept in 2014, paved way for other gen-next app design technologies to spruce up the industry.

And if sources are to be believed, this mobile app design & development is no longer a distinct part of web industry, instead it has now emerged as an influencing and independent sector for professional coders. More than 70% of the web users across the globe are actively available on mobile devices and hence it becomes crucial to proffer the best mobile services to them. Be it through an intuitive interface, interactive applications or some affordable mobile app services.

There are hundreds of mobile applications introduced and made available for mobile users across the globe in the last few years. Witnessing such a rising demand of application usage via mobile devices, almost all top-notch IT firms are working to offer exceptional services of mobile app design to their customers. 1. 2. 3.

Reasons Behind Investing in Mobile Marketing. There is an explosion in the number of Smartphone and tablet users. The worldwide proliferation of mobile apps is changing the way we market these products. Although we have almost seen a meteoric rise in mobile development, we do not find an equally matching investment towards mobile marketing. iPhone Travel Apps: Perfect Solution for All Tourism Requirements. Travel and tourism is considered as the largest service industry and is growing at a rapid pace. How the IOS Developers will Shift to Android App Development?

The mobile phones has invaded our daily lives like no other devices and are responsible for making us lean towards the world of technology. Follow Important Factors in Growth Hacking for Mobile Apps. Whether you are a startup or a newly established firm, great marketing is very important. However, creating a world-class product and spreading the information around are not the factors of an effective marketing.

How to Fix the Reasons for Your Stalled Mobile App Reseller Business. Mobile Retargeting: A Crucial Part of App Marketing Strategy. These days, the popularity of mobile apps is growing to a large extent and many entrepreneurs are making use of apps to promote their products and services. In other words, app acts as a platform which not only showcase products or services, but can display discounts and some other special offers. In addition, with the help of an app, it is easy to send information to numerous customers based on their past activities as well as choices.

Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that a lack of mobile app leaves a not-so good impression about your brand on potential customers. Mobile Ad Networks that are Suitable for App Monetization. Steps Followed by Developers to Measure the ROI of Mobile Apps. There are many organizations that have started mobilizing their work applications or started to seriously consider taking such a step. What are the Questions to be Asked for Choosing a Mobile App Development Company ?

Finding the right app development agency is a difficult task in hand and is not at all a easy decision to take. Building mobile applications is a difficult proposition and choosing the wrong mobile app development partner will lead to delays in the project, poorly written code and an user experience that is poorly designed. This will only result in a huge amount of expenditure from your side.

So, you need to invest more of your time on the evaluation of the app development company and find out about its credibility with respect with ontime delivery and whether the product that is produced is in line with the pricing. This process of evaluation is indeed a lengthy process and needs a lot of reading, in-depth research and team discussions. Guidance on Promoting Your Mobile App.

There is a trend of increasing number of tech savvy mobile users who prefer to spend most of their digital time, more on the apps, rather than their computer devices. Rules to be Followed by App Store Optimization. UX Design Tips for Improving Your Mobile App. Smart Mobility and the Trends on Mobile App Marketing for 2017. Amazing Mobile Apps for Better Business Practices.