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A New Era of Link Building - The Advanced Guide to Link Building. The Advanced Guide to Link Building Written by Neil Patel & Brian Dean Download PDF The game has changed.

A New Era of Link Building - The Advanced Guide to Link Building

SEO has always been a fast-moving industry that favors the nimble and flexible. But since Google's latest round of devastating update — beginning with Google Panda in February 2011 and culminating with 2012's EMD update — the rate of change has intensified. You probably already know that SEO has changed. Visual Timeline of SEO It's impossible to understand link building without knowing where we are and how we got here. 5 BG (Before Google): Yahoo and AltaVista ruled the web. White is the New Black (Hat) There was a three- to five-year span of time where black hatters ruled Google's front page. Yikes. While there's still a few black hat "success" stories out there, most black hat link building tactics are short lived. How to Proactively Avoid Penalties The goal of SEO used to be gunning for a single keyword. Anchor Text Overuse Sitewide Link Distribution And open with MS Excel or Google Docs. The Smart Passive Income Blog — Smart Ways to Live a Passive Income Lifestyle On the Internet with

Blogging Wizard - Your Essential Blogging Resource. Open Site Explorer. 21 Web Applications That I Use and Can’t Live Without. A lot of people ask me what web applications I use, so I decided to write a post and share some of my favorites with you today!

21 Web Applications That I Use and Can’t Live Without

Below you’ll find a list of web applications I love, what I use them for and some quick tips for some of them too. Web Analytics and Optimization CrazyEgg—CrazyEgg is an extremely useful visual web analytics tool co-founded by Neil Patel. It takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out whether or not certain elements of your website are being used. How? Most recently, I’ve been using it to make purposeful tweaks and adjustments to the recent redesign of The Smart Passive Income Blog. There’s an advertised 30-day free trial on Crazy Egg’s website, but you can get access to an unadvertised extended 90-day trial (2 months extra) with the web app bundle over at for the Cyber Monday app sale. Clicky—Clicky is a web analytics tool similar to Google Analytics, but it’s a lot better in my opinion, which is why I use it every day. Writing Email Podcasting Video. Book recommendations of outstanding people.

Books recommended by our Entrepreneurs. 27 Flares94212--×27 Flares Episode 553 with Rhonda Cort: Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher Episode 552 with JV Crum: Everything Counts by Gary Ryan Blair and Conscious Millionaire by JV Crum III Episode 551 with Dan Granger: Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud Episode 550 with Kimberly Coleman: How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger Episode 549 with Daniel J.

Books recommended by our Entrepreneurs

Episode 548 with Nick Unsworth: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Episode 547 with penny Sansevieri: How To Sell Your Books By The Truckload On by Penny C. Episode 546 with Bill Glaser: Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh and The Science of Getting Rich Wallace D. How To Get Tons Of Amazon Reviews For Your Book. Unlimited Real, Legit Amazon Reviews Being that I am an, admittedly, relatively unknown author of business books, it was clear that I needed to show credibility immediately.

How To Get Tons Of Amazon Reviews For Your Book

A pretty book cover with a catchy title may get someone to look at your page on Amazon, but it is unlikely to get them to buy it. Ultimately, for a consumer to buy your book, product or service, they want to trust they are making a good decision. No one wants to get suckered into buying crap. The proof? They Need Social Proof If you read Yes! When we see someone else do something before us, our mind takes a shortcut and assumes it is safe. You Need Social Proof As an author of a book (or a manufacturer of a product) the more I can show prospects that others have read my book and had a favorable experience, the more likely they are to buy a copy for themselves.

An Overview To Getting Amazon Reviews (That Are Legitimate) To protect consumers, Amazon is actively improving the platform to thwart review fraud. Social Media Book Rec. Seth G.