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Radical Forgiveness. In case you’re wondering….

Radical Forgiveness

People often ask us why we give so many of our transformational tools away for free! Well, there are many reasons: First, we truly want to share our profound Radical Forgiveness methods and programs with as many people as possible — and if that means giving some away for free, we’re happy to do it! We’ve made a habit of giving stuff away since we began in 1997, and we’ve seen that once people get a taste of how Radical Forgiveness can help bring peace and happiness into their lives, they often come back for more. Also, the tools are critically important to really getting the full impact of Radical Forgiveness.

So help yourself! Free Tools Immediate Downloads Radical Forgiveness Worksheet Real, true, forgiveness is the cornerstone for a loving heart and a peaceful life. Radical Forgiveness has almost nothing in common with traditional forgiveness. Download the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Worksheet. 5 Mindfulness Tips To Cultivate Inner Peace And Greater Joy. Do you ever feel like your life is so busy that you have no idea how to actually slow down and “live in the moment”?

5 Mindfulness Tips To Cultivate Inner Peace And Greater Joy

I used to feel that way. Most of my life was spent focusing on the next thing that needed to get done and I didn’t know how to enjoy my life as I was living it. Busyness and accomplishing lots of “tasks” in a day became the priority. All of my productivity landed me in the doctor’s office with a lot of stress-related symptoms. How to Calm Your Inner Critic in Seconds. Are you stressed out and overwhelmed, wishing you had more time to do the things that really matter?

How to Calm Your Inner Critic in Seconds

Are you ready to do something better, something special in your life or your career? You were born with a gift that no one else in the world can express like you. When you dance to your own music, you naturally develop your innate abilities and excel in work and life. You are a total rock star. But when you live someone else’s idea of who you should be, it throws off your groove. Many people—maybe you—stopped following their dreams way too early in life because their talents were ignored, minimized, or shamed. Mindworks. How to use labels to make a busy mind more manageable Oh, those pesky thoughts.


When we’re in deep meditation, thoughts, sensations and emotions can feel like the distant drone of bumblebees. They’re familiar and benign; we’re aware of them, but they don’t pull us out of our practice and sense of well-being. Often, however, thoughts, sensations and emotions feel more like a cloud of gnats whining around our heads when we’re out having a picnic. Just when we’ve started to relax and enjoy ourselves, here they come, demanding our attention and taking all the fun out of the experience. Every meditator has thoughts. One ancient practice that helps meditators stay focused when the mind struggles to settle down is noting practice, also called noting meditation or mental noting. HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media. Image Licensed From Shutterstock For many people, giving to others can feel more comfortable than receiving.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

I relate to being a serial giver. From childhood, I was the kid who wore her heart on her sleeve and loved nothing more than to do nice things for others. Giving is where I learned to shine. I loved surprising my friends and family with thoughtful gifts, acts and words. UCSD Center for Mindfulness. How to Open Yourself Up to Receiving More in Your Life. Everything in life is flow.

How to Open Yourself Up to Receiving More in Your Life

Energy is constantly flowing to us and through us, so when it comes to opening the door to receiving more love, more happiness, more creativity and more soul-rocking, life-affirming abundance, there are a couple of things we need to do first to get out of our own way. Here goes… Let go of fear. Have you ever found yourself so afraid of failure, so panic-stricken about (potential) loss, or not living up to expectations, that you spin your heels on success?

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Research Study — TrialSpark. Free Meditation Classes in San Diego. How can we create world peace?

Free Meditation Classes in San Diego

How can a single individual living in San Diego help the world achieve peace? It seems like a dauntless task with every contribution being so small compared to the world’s challenges and conflicts. How to Overcome the Fear of Success. Entrepreneurs are known for being risk takers.

How to Overcome the Fear of Success

We jump in with both feet knowing we could fail. And when we do fail, it doesn’t keep us from jumping in with both feet again. There is no fear of failure. Failure just means we need to try something different. Fear of success? Working with entrepreneurs of all ages, backgrounds and skills over the years, I’ve found there’s only one thing standing in the way of our success. We set deadlines, create to-do lists, write marketing plans, network like crazy and tell people about our incredible ideas. Related: Success Is Never an Accident. The person who created the fake list of excuses is the person standing in our way. 5 Ways to Stop Being Afraid of Happiness. Get elephant's newsletter Are we afraid of happiness?

5 Ways to Stop Being Afraid of Happiness.

I can look back at points within my life and remember thinking that this moment, right now, is so good that what comes next must surely be bad. Even when this proved true, I was still doing myself a disservice by thinking this way, because I wasn’t allowing myself to fully enjoy the happiness of that moment. Rather, there was something sad and strangely…synthetic about it. I don’t consider myself to be a masochist, but this surely can be considered self-punishing behavior. Brain research and consciousness. We present cutting edge brain research in areas such as Meditation, Brainwave Training, Kundalini Awakening, Consciousness, Primal Therapy and the drinking of Ayahuasca.

Brain research and consciousness

Angry at Work. There’s a fine art to showing anger in the workplace. Too much can get you fired. Not enough can lead to stalemate solutions—and more anger if the issues continue. Anger is a hard emotion to control and perhaps that’s why most of us try to avoid it entirely at work. But being pissed off in the office is an inevitable reality. We are only human, after all. Being pissed off in the office is an inevitable reality. Before the “Big Talk” Misery needs company: Grab someone you trust and ask them to process the situation with you. Get moving: Want to throw your desk chair through a window? Write it all on down (digital or paper): Include all of the relevant details including your points, their points, and any misunderstanding you think took place.

[Read also: "Don't react, respond" and other work conflict resolutions] Decide on your end goal: If you do nothing else before approaching your inciter, do this one thing. If you do nothing else before approaching your inciter, do this one thing.

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