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Apple New iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch Features: World's Most Advanced Display Device. Apple launched the world most advanced and more powerful tablet iPad Pro at WWDC 2017 at San Jose, California.

Apple New iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch Features: World's Most Advanced Display Device

The company has announced the all-new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro featuring world’s most advanced display with ProMotion technology and A10X Fusion chip for the processor. Apple calls the new 10.5-inch Pad Pro a Shrunk Bezels, the bezels are 40 percent smaller, and weight is 1 pound. One highlighted part of the whole event introduced iPad Pro with outstanding iOS 11 features coming this fall like the all-new Files app, customizable Dock, improved multitasking, and deeper integration of Apple Pencil. iPad Pro offers users the ability to be even more productive and creative with the most advanced display device of 2017.

ProMotion The new “ProMotion” feature offers double refresh rate at a rate of 120Hz so the motion will be smoother, crisper and more responsive. Retina Display The iPad always offered the ultimate Multi-Touch experience. Performance. Google Play Store Error 924 on Android: Tips to Fix It. Google Play Store error 924 mostly crops up when downloading large apps.

Google Play Store Error 924 on Android: Tips to Fix It

The issue could be due to various reasons like poor internet connection. So, what’s the solution to troubleshoot this problem? There are some viable tricks that can fix the Play Store error 924 on Android devices. Google I/O 2017 Recap: Highlights of Future Expectations. Google made exciting announcements at Google I/O 2017.

Google I/O 2017 Recap: Highlights of Future Expectations

Sudar Pichai – CEO at Google and Google team members, introduced plans for Google products – Android, VR Headset, Google Home, Google Assistance and lot more. If you do not want to watch the whole event video and want quick highlights of Google I/O 2017, then you are at the right place. This post covers highlights and recap of most exciting announcements of the entire I/O 2017 event. Best Touchscreen Laptops 2017: Buy Touch Screen Laptops Under $500. Technology updates fast and so are the gadgets.

Best Touchscreen Laptops 2017: Buy Touch Screen Laptops Under $500

From giant supercomputers to personal computers, now it is an era of laptops and tablets. In the past, we offered you the features, specifications, and price of all new MacBook Pro and now it’s time to present some of the other but the best touchscreen laptops under $500 for you. 10 Coolest Internet Tricks and Secrets You Didn’t Know Existed! Since how long you have been using the internet?

10 Coolest Internet Tricks and Secrets You Didn’t Know Existed!

– Probably for almost one and half decade right? Despite using the internet nearly every day, we hardly know about some of its amazing and cool internet tricks and secrets as if we feel that they never exist! But they do exist, and they will make our web experience great, efficient and smooth. Best MS Office Alternatives for Mac and Windows 2017. Even today when I am sitting and writing this article on the best MS Office alternatives for Mac and Windows, I am using Microsoft Word, which is part of MS Office package.

Best MS Office Alternatives for Mac and Windows 2017

In other words, MS Office is still the unquestioned king of our office management. We won’t go in why MS Office is still the undisputed king of office software, but we will certainly discuss the change happening in last few years with very healthy alternatives to MS Office coming up. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Features, Specifications, Price. Finally, the day arrived when Samsung launched its two new flagship smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Features, Specifications, Price

Till now we had to rely on rumors and leaked videos to know what is in stored for us but now what we are going to know is official and with substance. Here are the features, specifications, price and everything else you want to know about Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. This duo unveiled in New York City on 29th March 2017 in a press conference and we can easily say, after learning about it that both the models confirm what we heard the rumors. Complete List of Google Now Voice Commands. ‘Google Now’ which is an extraordinary launcher from Google is quickly becoming popular among some of the best Android launcher apps.

Complete List of Google Now Voice Commands

Today, we are going to provide you the list of Google Now voice commands, which will help you immensely to reduce some of the works you want to avoid otherwise. This Google Now voice commands will make your daily life easy and will take care of almost everything which relates to you. Make your travel plans and then leave it to Google Home to remind you about your flight details or nearby restaurant even when you are at an unknown place. General Information There must be some questions in your mind which relate to general information, or you may call them quick questions. 5 Best Dual Camera Phones of 2016-2017: The Ultimate Picture Memories. Ever since the smartphones with the camera have arrived the cameras have improved a lot.

5 Best Dual Camera Phones of 2016-2017: The Ultimate Picture Memories

Yes, these cameras have to do a lot to match the DLSR quality but still with improving technology the best one can get is the dual camera phones. We have chosen five of the best dual camera phones available right now in the market. So all you need to do is to go through the camera features and other important features which we have provided here and decide which one you would like to purchase. #1. iPhone 7 Plus When launched last year, out of many features of iPhone 7 Plus, the dual camera was the main focus point. 10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: Third Party Android App Stores. You must be asking that when we have the best app store at our disposal why we should need the best Google Play Store alternatives app store in the first place.

10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: Third Party Android App Stores

Well, you are correct in your thinking, but we got strong reasons to put up our case as well. The big reason for having these alternative app stores is that not all apps are available in all countries even you might have experienced such omission in past. Apart from this, sometimes we have noticed that these alternative app stores offer big discounts on those apps which is not possible to even think to get on Google Play Store. More, few apps are also sold for free on alternatives stores which are paid on Google Play Store. So, who will not take interest in having such big benefits if they are easily available? Before we move forward, we need to make certain changes in our Android smartphone settings. Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Now let’s know more about the alternatives app store. #1. Download Amazon Underground #2. . #3. . #4. . #5. Nintendo’s Next Mobile Game Fire Emblem Heroes to Hit Android and iOS on February 2nd.

With big bang success of Super Mario Run on iOS, Nintendo just recently decided to start Pre-Registration of Super Mario Run on Android as well. But now Nintendo is planning to launch its new mobile video game Fire Emblem Heroes to hit both the leading OS on the same day. How to Download All Your Google Account Data: Email, Photos, Videos & More. How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards (No Surveys) There are a lot of opportunities to win free Amazon gift cards. If you want to buy plenty of nice gifts for your friends, it would be great to cash-in-on these exciting offers.

Best Xbox One Games for Kids: The Games Which Will Hook Your Kid for Hours. If choosing a gaming console is a tough job then what about choosing those games which are suitable for kids? Well, if you are already in possession of Xbox One then you must be realizing that it is very difficult to select the best Xbox One games for kids. There are thousands of games available on Xbox platform and to choose the best game for kids is certainly a not ‘kids play’! But, now we are going to make your selection easy as we have already chosen 8 of the best Xbox One games for kids and from this list, you can pick your selection.

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet: 6 Easiest Methods. Just like in real life even on cyber life sometimes you want to get rid of everything and go to hibernation to find some nirvana. It is not your fault because every day from morning to night we are highly engrossed with various internet activities and sometimes we feel that we have enough of it now and let me get rid of it maybe for a while or forever. Deleting yourself from the internet is not impossible but it is not as easy as removing your old posts from Facebook timeline either. Remember once you are on the internet you don’t remain a private person, some way or the other your personal info will always be out there with the rest of the world.

So before you have decided to remove yourself from the internet, you may still remain somewhere in some capacity. How to Delete Yahoo! Data and Completely Shut Down Account. Recently Yahoo! Has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It has reported that millions of Yahoo! [Giveaway] Win Amazon $100 Voucher: The Mega MegeByte Contest. Christmas always brings joy and happiness. How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error in Chrome. 10 Ways AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will Change the World in 2017. Best Dropbox Alternatives: Reliable and Secures Cloud Storage Services. Where is Santa Claus? Ask NORAD and Google Santa Tracker 2016. Where’s Santa Claus?