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Uscreen Review: Let's Create Your Own Videos & Sell Online. Nowadays, there are a lot of online streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more available to enjoy thousands of contents. All they need are quality contents. But, have you ever wish to create your own contents and establish a streaming platform like Netflix? If yes, then the Uscreen is the best way to create your streaming service and easily start making money online.

Sponsored Links That’s pretty straightforward. Easy Sync & Upload Whether you want to upload your new video, or any documents, or want to start the live stream, everything is easy with Uscreen. Customize and Organize Your Content With Elegant When it comes to making your content more enchanting and organized, the Uscreen has plenty of easy option to customize video on business demand fully. Create Multiple Offers and Deals Well, if you have formed the platform to generate money, then the Uscreen allows you to create some powerful and exciting offers to attract more customer. Pricing Final Words. 10 Best Budget Bluetooth Wireless Mouse of 2018. It is time to incorporate the cordless life. Despite what you might have heard, a right budget wireless mouse that isn’t laggy or slow. They are not unreliable or confused at the wireless signals that coming out of the router. The best wireless mouse that comes with budget perform so well, and you won’t even notice any difference between wireless and wired mouse.

The freedom you will feel swiping the mouse across the mouse pad with no cabling hassle. Sponsored Links Here we have chosen best wireless mouse those are divided into three categories based on the price. Best Wireless Mouse Under $50 #1. With the brand Logitech here we are starting our list of the best wireless mouse that here we have Logitech G602 wireless mouse that supports 250 hours of battery life. This mouse supports lag-free, as well as gaming-grade wirelessness. Pros: This is a reliable gaming mouse.It has an ergonomic design.It is comfortable.It lets you hold itself very well.There is adjustable DPI as well.

Cons: #2. . #3. Best 4K Video Recording Camera for YouTube Videos. People have been creating videos now for their YouTube channels, but it is only in last several years because the YouTube channel has become a benefited career way in the form of full-time vloggers. Vlogs nowadays have become very popular from past few months and what could be the best place than the YouTube to have a great hand on making successful vlogs. Sponsored Links And this is the reason that people who run their video blog on YouTube platform they need to update their channel on regular bases with quality video regarding their niche. However, for that quality videos and quality camera matters a lot. Best 4K Video Recording Camera for YouTubers #1. Let us start our list of the 4K Video Recording Camera with the well-known and trusted brand Sony.

Pros: It comes with manual control ring with the manual iris control.It supports high contrast EVF up to 0.24-inch for eye-level framing.There is built-in multi-camera control.With it, you can create HD quality videos. Cons: #2. . #3. . #4. . #5. 10 Best Alexa Skills for Christmas 2017: Double The Joy Of Holidays. Virtual assistants have become our everyday buddies.

And there is nothing these smart digital assistants can’t do. Amazon’s super-talented creation, Alexa, is one among those popular smart buddies. We know you might be ready with your celebration plan for the holidays, but, before you roll out your plan, you got to go through these best Alexa skills for Christmas. Sponsored Links Skill #1. Christmas without music is like a cake without sugar. Skill #2. Clopping hooves, jingling sleigh bells, hooting owls, Christmas carolers, ho ho ho ……. Skill #3. “Be good and do good, Santa’s watching you.” Skill #4. Kids are the most excited ones about Santa. Skill #5. Being the season of joy and laughter, spreading some humor can add more fun. Skill #6. There is no end to the questions kids ask, and they are such that you may face a hard time answering them all. Skill #7. Every kid is eager to know when will Santa visit his/her house with a gigantic sack of presents. Skill #8. Skill #9.

Skill #10. 10 Best Speakers for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We are here with 10 of the best Computer Speakers for Mac which are looking great and provide unique functionality. In AirPlay Speakers made for iPhone and Mac, we have seen that they are offering fantastic functionality for streaming the music from the Mac devices in a decent style and wirelessly using a feature of Wi-Fi. However, these computer speakers for Mac are different from those AirPlay Speakers. Sponsored Links These Speakers needs to be connected to your Mac with the help of the wire. But it won’t let you compromise with the sound quality and with your excellent music experience.

Best Computer Speakers for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air #1. Here we start our top list of Computer Speakers for Mac with the one of the best and reputed brand Logitech. Features: Price: $74.00Buy it from Amazon #2. If you are looking for the best single speaker with the 360-degree or surrounded sound quality, then Bitzen is one of the best choices for you. Price: $79.99Buy it from Amazon #3. . #4. . #5. . #6. 10 Things You Need to Know About Bitcoin: How It Works, Pros & Cons.

“Bitcoin” has been getting a huge traction recently. While some businesses are supporting the cryptocurrency, others are branding it as illegal. With a view to putting some light on the decentralized digital currency, we thought it’d be better to sum up the 10 most important things about bitcoin. Sponsored Links So, whether you want to have basic information about bitcoin or are willing to embrace this form of digital payment, read on to discover how it works as well as its pros and cons.

Introduced in 2008/2009 as Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System: An anonymous group of people introduced Bitcoin in 2008 as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Bitcoin has not so great history as it’s been used by hackers to demand ransom for the purchase of illegal drugs online. Works as a Decentralized Currency Bitcoin works as a decentralized currency, which is basically created, used and controlled by its users. Its network reportedly has a finite supply of 21 million Bitcoins.

Advertisement. 10 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks of 2017. Safety of luggage is the first most concern during travel. But why? The very common reason behind this is nowadays where thefts are everywhere, and we always need to keep our things safe and secured. While it is about safety and security of our things and stuff the first thought that comes to mind is to pick a bag that keeps everything same inside. Sponsored Links And it does make sense that to purchase a bag which is theft-proof and while keeping stuff safe even from the weather like rainy weather.

Most of all got regular backpacks for vacation or traveling needs. This is where Anti-theft backpacks come in fourth. . #1. This anti-theft backpack is one of the most popular amongst the traveler and people who love to keep their stuff safe and secure from the thieves. Features: Price: $95.00Buy it from Amazon #2. This backpack from Oscurt looks contains the look just like a Bobby Anti-theft backpack. Price: $45.99Buy it from Amazon #3. Price: $199.00Buy it From Amazon #5. . #6. . #7. . #8. . #9. 10 Best USB Type-C Cables of 2017: Quick Charge 3.0 Cables. We have brought the best USB Type-C cables especially for you. Of the endless array of connection interfaces, we have seen that most of the gadgets and USB ports are very well-known and popular in the market of USB Type-C devices. Sponsored Links And if we talk about the USB Type-C then most everybody run to have the best USB C cables because it is one of the most necessary accessories for many of the users.

As we know that there are millions of different gadgets around the market those are available right now needs those kind cables to charge the device, sync the device with another device. Are you in a search for best Quick Charge 3.0 Type-C cable but don’t want to surf a lot, well we have made your task easy for you. Hence you don’t have to take any hassle to search page to page on the Amazon. . #1. The USB Type-C cable from Rampow is like the best charging cable we are providing here, can sync the data with your other devices and also charge your device at the same time. Features: #2. Best 4K TVs: Embrace The Awesome HDR Technology. Ever since Apple unveiled Apple TV 4K (digital media player and micro-console), we have been keeping a tab on the best 4K TVs. 4K Ultra HD TVs are currently ruling the roost. They boast of powerful features and are available in a variety of screen sizes and prices. Though most 4K UltraHD TVs have LED/LCD display, the TVs with OLED technology are in hot demand and priced very highly.

We have picked them based on the impressive design, great display, enhanced picture quality and of course better sound. So, if you are planning to buy a 4K TV to get the best out of your Apple TV, take a peek at these top options. Quick navigation #1. LG OLED G7P Signature Series is simply the best. Another very important thing about this TV is that it also offers HDR-like enhancement for the contents that are not HDR encoded. At around $5,000, G7 may be very expensive but if you are looking for a visual extravaganza and want nothing less than the very best; you can't get better than this one. #2.

. #4. . #5. . #6. Google Contacts Not Syncing with Android? How to Fix Sync Issue. Google’s Gmail Contact syncing feature lets you easily and automatically sync your Gmail contacts with your Android phone and vice a versa. That’s useful! When it comes to rooting or upgrading your device, Gmail contact syncing has always been a great option to secure all your contacts. Unfortunately, sometimes Google contacts not syncing with Android device. Sponsored Links Since the slow internet or slow performance problem, some Android users come across a “sync is currently experiencing problems. How to Fix Google Contacts Not Syncing issue on Android Phone Note: Keep in mind that when you create a new contact, most of the Android devices save the contacts to the device by default.

Before moving to the below solutions, do a backup of your contacts to reduces the chances of the data lost. Solution #1: Ensure your Google Contacts Sync Turned ON Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Solutions #2: Clear App Caches and Data for Contacts Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Step #1. Step #2. Step #4. That’s it! Slow Download Speed? Here is How to Increase Download Speed in Android Phone. Since I bought a new expensive Android phone, I had been in quest of increase download speed. Because when it comes to downloading my favorite songs, movies or games, I always wanted to download it as soon as possible.

But, sometimes because of a weak network, slow mobile processor, storage and RAM, the download speed becomes slower as usual. At the time, We have listed a couple of methods to increase download speed in Android phone. Sponsored Links In this era of internet, your expensive smartphone is worthless if you don’t have the internet. . #1: Clear Android Web Browser Caches On all mobile phones, caches file generally stored on your phone in each app you use most. . #2: Use ADM (Advanced Download Manager) ADM is one of the most powerful downloader apps for Android. Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Set number of downloads – 3Set number of threads – 9Set the speed of download – MAXTurn ON smart download Step #4. . #3: Check 3G (WCDMA) or 4G (LTE) networks #5: Restart your Android and Wi-Fi modem.

5 Best MicroSD Cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 of 2017. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has enough storage space starting from 64GB memory on the phone. But what if you need more space than company offers? Many users like me require more space on the phone to store music, pictures, and other media files. Especially when I store 4K video files and it acquires a lot of space on the internal memory. And in such situation MicroSD Cards are the best companion to expand media storage on our device. Sponsored Links In this post, I have covered few of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 MicroSD Cards. . #1. Company’s own Class 10 microSD Card. This card comes with an SD Adapter so that you can use this card with your phone or with your DSLR Camera. Price: $149.99Buy it from Amazon #2. SanDisk, the most popular brand across the globe for storage devices.

The premium edition is rated class 10 for recording full HD videos and offers smooth and fast functioning. Price: $77.99Buy it from Amazon #3. Kingston is another well-known name in the industry of Storage devices. . #4. AOMEI Partition Assistant Review: Best Tool to Partition Your Hard Drive. In this era of technology, people have been managing their smartphone, computer, and other gadgets easily with the help of some hardware and software. Managing your computer data is now becomes easier with the support of some storage management software.

Today, we are here with one of the best partition software. AOMEI Partition Assistant who can help you to manage HDD space quickly and safely. Sponsored Links Nowadays, most of the people got freaked when it comes to handling data on the hard drive. Well, the AOMEI Partition Assistant specially designed for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (all editions, 32/64-bit) users. Easy-to-use interface AOMEI Partition Assistant comes with the user-friendly interface to manage, access volume, and dynamic disk. Preliminary functions The AOMEI Partition Assistant predominantly designs to manage your hard drive with easiness. Volume wizards Create volume wizards: Add drive to RAID: Remove the drive from RAID: Google Play Store Stuck on Downloading: Here's How to Fix It. Sometimes Google Play Store stuck at downloading when you try to install anyone of your favorite app. That’s very frustrating! But, it becomes worst when you have to download the app on your device and stuck on downloading.

If you are here, you can fix this by yourself now. Sponsored Links When you start downloading the app from Google Play Store, sometimes it shows downloading and the loading bar is running, but the downloading actually stuck. Usually, this Play store stuck at downloading arises because of slow internet connection or slower performance of the device. But, what if you have strong internet and fast performance too and still getting the same problem? After updating to the Android Nougat and Oreo, most of the users are fighting with this error. Solution #1: Uninstall updates Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Step #4. Step #5.

Solution #2: Clear Google Play Store caches and data Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Step #4. Solutions #3: Force stop Google Play Service app Step #1. Step #3. Watch IFA 2017: Live Steam LG, Sony, and Lenovo/Motorola Press Conference. IFA 2017 – the biggest consumer tech show is kicking off this week. While most of us are not able to make their way to Berlin, but you can watch IFA 2017 live stream announcements from Samsung, LG, Sony and other biggest tech giants at your home. Sponsored Links There are lots of surprises are going waiting for you. While Samsung has already launched its giant phone, LG, Sony, Lenovo/Motorola and other smartphone companies are going to launch its admirable gadgets. If you follow tech new & update and want to get the live updates from the IFA, then here’s you can watch IFA 2017 live stream event. Quick Links: How to Watch LG IFA 2017 Press Conference Live LG is holding the IFA 2017 announcement at 9 AM.

LG IFA 2017 Live Stream How to Watch Sony IFA 2017 Press Conference Live Well, Sony doesn’t have the biggest plan on this IFA event. Sony IFA 2017 Live Stream How to Watch Lenovo/Motorola IFA 2017 Press Conference Live Lenovo/Motorola IFA 2017 Live Stream Advertisement. 8 Best Alternatives of SoundCloud - 10 Cool And Interesting Websites To Kill Your Time & Boredom. How To Unblock Blocked Websites. How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone: Three Different Ways. Best Drones Under $50 of 2017 | Quadcopter Drone With Camera. Apple New iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch Features: World's Most Advanced Display Device.

Google Play Store Error 924 on Android: Tips to Fix It. Google I/O 2017 Recap: Highlights of Future Expectations. Best Touchscreen Laptops 2017: Buy Touch Screen Laptops Under $500. 10 Coolest Internet Tricks and Secrets You Didn’t Know Existed! Best MS Office Alternatives for Mac and Windows 2017. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Features, Specifications, Price. Complete List of Google Now Voice Commands | OK Google Commands List. 5 Best Dual Camera Phones of 2016-2017: The Ultimate Picture Memories. 10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: Third Party Android App Stores. Nintendo’s Next Mobile Game Fire Emblem Heroes to Hit Android and iOS on February 2nd. How to Download All Your Google Account Data: Email, Photos, Videos & More. How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards (No Surveys) Best Xbox One Games for Kids: The Games Which Will Hook Your Kid for Hours. How to Delete Yourself from the Internet: 6 Easiest Methods. How to Delete Yahoo! Data and Completely Shut Down Account.

[Giveaway] Win Amazon $100 Voucher: The Mega MegeByte Contest. How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error in Chrome. 10 Ways AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will Change the World in 2017. Best Dropbox Alternatives: Reliable and Secures Cloud Storage Services. Where is Santa Claus? Ask NORAD and Google Santa Tracker 2016.