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Mary John by MARYJOHN. Welcome!

Mary John by MARYJOHN

In this place I hope to share some of my ideas and imagination. Everything that I create has a story. My work is personal, and it makes me happy. Elvish : RED SOFA. Out of the Blue — Vintage Dictionary Word Necklace. GOLD WORLD LINKS NECKLACE. LizKinnmark Liz Kinnmark is a 24-year-old designer based in Brooklyn, NY.


She was born in Indiana and raised just outside Chicago - but she has been told that she was conceived in NYC, which explains a few things. She spent the first half of college at Carnegie Mellon University, before falling hopelessly in love with New York and and transferring to Pratt Institute. At Pratt she designed the Egg Pants that would make her internet-famous. Upon graduating, she was overconfident enough to try to start a business with her friend Kegan. Jewelry Designer Casts Vintage Lace in Recycled Gold, Silver. Share on Tumblr Email If you think that lace is the sole province of doily-making grannies, you’re sorely mistaken.

Cast in recycled gold and silver, antique lace takes on a surprisingly modern and edgy countenance. Our passion is design >> Almost Unthinkable.