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How does Luuux work ? Blog Archive » What is a line sheet? Posted by Miracle Wanzo on Aug 16, 2005 at 2:41 pm / Glossary, Sales and Marketing, Tutorial / Trackback After I wrote my post about American Apparel’s line sheets, Kathleen told me that maybe a line sheet 101 type of post was in order.

Blog Archive » What is a line sheet?

A line sheet is many things, but above all it is a document -actually several documents- that communicates necessary information to your prospective buyers. You will actually need 3 kinds of documents. One is a line sheet, second is a swatch card and third is an order form. I’ll start with the line sheets; these must contain: -Styles: pictorial descriptions of styles (usually sketches, sometimes photos) -Style numbers: If you must use names, you must also have style numbers. Now I’ll explain each category in detail. Styles: pictorial descriptions Most companies use sketches. Create your line sheets as if your buyers will never see your line in person. Style numbers Names are cute, but style numbers are easier to remember. Edge of Urge Blog! » Designer and affordable clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, and much more! Unique and stylish! December 2011. Thank you everyone for coming out to the 6th Atomic Holiday Bazaar this past weekend in Sarasota, Fl.

December 2011

Whether you were local or drove in from faraway places, your attendance was appreciated! Thank you to my wonderful Atomic Misfits who worked their crafty bottoms off! You are the meat and potatoes of Atomic, the beautiful indie craft guts that we feed on. Your talent and enthusiasm are amazing and I am proud that you were in my show. Thank you for your amazing donations to the Gimme Shelter raffle basket, the Bay Front room raffle basket and swag items for the tote bags! Check out the 2011 Atomic Misfits who starred in the 6th Atomic Holiday Bazaar. Thank you to my tireless volunteers who helped me with all the nitty gritty Atomic stuff! Handmade Nation. Blog/ I’m noticing a big, huge, monstrous issue with entrepreneurs lately. Well, it’s probably been around forever but it’s seemingly ubiquitous to me right now. And it’s an issue I’ve dealt with in my own business – many times.

Too many to count, actually. The issue is lack of clarity and focus. And it takes many forms. Difficulty understanding who is your ideal client/customer Uncertainly about what it is you actually sell, i.e. too many products and too broad of an audience When you’re not sure exactly who IS your customer, you don’t know how to market to them When you offer too many things, your customer gets confused and doesn’t know what to do – and a confused mind never buys. So I put together this list, a roadmap of sorts, with the things you need to have for a successful fashion business. #1) Set your goals I’m sure you’ve heard this before. How much do you want to sell annually? Which products have a good profit margin and will get reorders? How do you really want to sell your product? Jane. Fashion blog.

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Style99 2011 Influential Fashion Blog Ranking

Traffic is always an indicator of popularity, but related actions like linking to stories of interest, or sharing them on social networks are a greater indicator of influence. After building our initial index of websites, a score is assigned to each blog based on link data and sharing activity across social networks. Links represent 30% of the total score, with weight placed on the number of unique linking websites rather than the number of links in general. Sharing activity across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest represent 50% of the total score, with emphasis placed on the social actions which are more closely linked to the spread of content beyond its original source. Finally, while traffic isn't everything, it is 20% of the total score. E-Commerce Influencer Methodology Research and maintenance of the Style99 (99 Most Influential Fashion & Beauty Blogs) ranking is led by YM Ousley for Signature9.