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Stylish Beach Chic Looks. It’s fair enough to say that most of us have spent time recently prepping for the summer season either by starting a work out routine, purchasing a new swimsuit, or planning a beach trip.

Stylish Beach Chic Looks

But the truth is we often don’t take care of one very important element of summer readiness: the cover up. During the all important closet cleanse, I often see my clients holding on to old coverups, worn out shorts, and tattered flip flops. I understand the thought process, “Why would I spend money and time on something that’s going to get weathered or that I’m going to wear for a second?” Red, White, Stylish, & Blue. I love this time of year!

Red, White, Stylish, & Blue

For me, my schedule slows down a little and my family and I always go to my favorite place for the 4th of July, the lake. It’s a fabulous time filled with relaxation, great food, and celebrating with family and friends! I think we can all agree that the 4th has a very specific color palette: red, white, & blue…which can make it feel like a challenge to look both chic and patriotic. Get more relaxation out of your vacation. Have you ever come back from a getaway and felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation??

Get more relaxation out of your vacation

It’s hard to turn off, unplug, and just relax in those moments that can, at times, feel like anything but a real vacation. There is nothing relaxing about that! We are busy women, which means we’re on the go A LOT. Style Makeover Program. Are you tired of not feeling like yourself??

Style Makeover Program

Are you a busy woman juggling work and home life, who doesn’t have the time to stop and figure out what to wear, but you want help feeling more stylish and put together on a daily basis? Does getting dressed in the morning leave you feeling drained and unexcited for the day ahead? Do you feel like you have a “uniform” that makes you feel boring or plain? Image Consultant In Alabama. Personal Fashion Stylist Tennessee. “Spring has sprung in Alabama, so it’s time to get out the flip flops.Statements like the above are why I need a stylist.

Personal Fashion Stylist Tennessee

I’m no longer a spring chicken and, as Mama always said, “Women of a certain age need to try harder. Otherwise, we’ll look like we need to try harder.Enter Megan LaRussa of Southern Femme. When I started receiving her e-mails, I wasn’t sure her services were something I would enjoy. Yourself Chic Virtual Program. Here’s what you’re going to learn in this free 3-part video series: How to really refine your unique personal style.The #1 reason you’re in a style rut & how to break free!

Yourself Chic Virtual Program

How to create an elevated look that doesn’t require hours spent shopping.The secret truly confident women know about style! Professional Wardrobe Stylist. Personal Fashion Stylist Birmingham. Need an engaging, knowledgeable and vivacious speaker to empower the women in your life to become their most confident and stylish self?

Personal Fashion Stylist Birmingham

Megan loves speaking to women of all ages to give them her top style tips and tricks to help them with their work, weekend, date night wardrobe, and more. From a lunch and learn at a bank for the female employees, to a fun-filled garden club presentation, to an exclusive half-day style seminar sure to pamper you and your friends, to a full blown fashion presentation at for a law firm, Megan can share her coveted tips in a variety of entertaining ways!

Want to book Megan for your next event? Contact: for all the stylish details! “We wanted to create an event for our law firm that would allow our female attorneys and their clients and colleagues to network and mingle in an informal setting—an evening of fashion, featuring spring trends. Professional Wardrobe Stylist. Personal Stylist For Women. Personal Fashion Stylist Birmingham. I wanted to share something with you that I’ve NEVER talked about before in one of my videos (hint hint: you’ll get to see pictures of me throughout my personal style journey in this video!).

Personal Fashion Stylist Birmingham

But before I do, I want to tell you that, “You are beautiful and unique.” I hope you believe that and know I didn’t just say that because you’re reading my blog post. I say it because it’s true, and I continue to write about it because I believe that what sets you apart and makes life incredible is your belief in yourself! Every time I sit down to write a blog post or create content, I do it with you in mind.

I have been blessed to work with hundreds of women both as VIP clients, virtually, and amazing readers like you, but you are all very different, which I love! Professional Wardrobe Stylist. L'Amour I’m thrilled to announce that I’m being featured in one of my favorite online publications—The Divine Living Magazine!

Professional Wardrobe Stylist

As I shared with many of you earlier this year, I’m involved in a fabulous year long coaching certification program with female entrepreneur, Gina DeVee. The program is designed to help me bring even MORE to the amazing women I work with and to lovely readers like you! I have learned so much over the past six months about business, mindset, coaching skills, and more, and I can’t wait to see what the next six months will hold. Personal Stylist For Women. L'Amour Ready to take advantage of the end of summer sales?

Personal Stylist For Women

Before you start diving into the amazing deals, here are my tips for successfully shopping sales: Professional Wardrobe Stylist. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is pretty much common for people to ignore their physical attributes especially in terms of their looks. Sometimes people don’t get enough time or sometimes they don’t get into the complexity of the job and compromise with an ordinary look for any specific event. This is where seeking help from a professional wardrobe stylist becomes necessary in many ways.

A wardrobe is the most favorite place for any woman looking to attain a fabulous look. Personal Fashion Stylist Alabama. Picking up the right clothes for any particular event is one of the most commonly occurring problems among people of all ages. They often feel confused as what to choose and what not. The problem is quite real as people don’t possess so much knowledge about fashion industry. For example, people don’t have tremendous information about trending fashion styles, body shape analysis, color selection, theme-based attire etc. And the best way to manage all these elements is to consult a field expert such as a personal fashion stylist in Alabama. Style Coach Birmingham. In today’s fast-paced world, your style is everything. It can either put you on cloud 9 or make you stand nowhere in the prevailing competitive environment.

The way you talk, walk, the clothes you wear, the brands you carry, everything tends to leave a lasting impact on others and the surrounding environment. This is why it is highly recommended to consult a professional style coach in Birmingham who can give its clients the most valuable advice in this regard to fashion and style. From choosing the right attire to applying the right makeup, a personal stylist for women tends to help them in each and every aspect of their fashion needs.

This is really great for those who either don’t have enough time for this or those who wanted to look chic but fall short of knowledge and resources for the same. Wardrobe Consultant. In today’s fast-changing times, things change so dramatically that it is difficult to keep up with them in a remarkable way. Fashion industry is the biggest example of this shift as we see there is no fixed fashion trend for longer years.

And for celebrities and renowned personalities, it is very much important to stay high in fashion trends so as to keep the spark alive. This is where the role of personal fashion consultants comes into play. It is quite clear from their name that they have to do something with the style needs of the people. Personal Fashion Stylist Georgia. By Megan LaRussa Style Coach in Birmingham In today’s fast-paced world, it has become much easier for people to judge others on the basis of the style the other person carries. And there is hardly any doubt in the point that the first impression is the last impression. Image Consultant Birmingham.

Top 5 Ways to Wear Metallics. I Didn’t Know What to Wear. How to Wear White After Labor Day. Personal Stylist. Personal Stylist. Personal Stylist For Women. Professional Wardrobe Stylist. Need a personal stylist for your wardrobe? Explore the internet and find one by Megan LaRussa.