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Stylish Women Over 50: List of My Favorite Stylish Women Over Fifties. I’ll never tire of sitting down with a cup of hot tea and a thick copy of Vogue!

Stylish Women Over 50: List of My Favorite Stylish Women Over Fifties

What is it about flipping through the pages of a magazine that brings about so much inspiration? I really derive my inspiration from a variety of sources and frequently get asked what they are as a Style Coach. Today, i am going to share names of my favorite stylish women over 50. Throughout the years, I have looked to many stylish femmes that prove style is ageless! Their chic way of putting outfits together effortlessly and how they continue to stay authentic to themselves while also evolving in their style has always enamored me. This list of stylish women over 50 consists of women with a variety of styles ranging from the risk taker to the timeless & classic, proving there’s no right or wrong way as long as you’re true to yourself. Jennifer Anniston is a huge fan of keeping it simple, but oh, so chic! Photo | Who What Wear UK Cate Blanchett, the 50-year-old actress always looks elegant and graceful.

Postpartum Outfits: My Best Post Pregnancy Clothing & Outfit Ideas. The months following the birth of your newborn is a special time, one that shouldn’t be rushed as you become acquainted with your little one.

Postpartum Outfits: My Best Post Pregnancy Clothing & Outfit Ideas

Your body has experienced much change, and while you may feel pressured to “bounce back” quickly, I instead want to offer some postpartum outfits ideas to help build confidence for where you are NOW, so you can fully embrace the present. I have helped numerous clients with this in between postpartum phase, where you aren’t wearing maternity clothes but you’re also not back into your pre-pregnancy clothing either. Now I’m experiencing it firsthand! Although I’m missing my favorite jeans, I am embracing the in-between and enjoying the challenge of finding flattering clothes for my body now and applying these tips below! 1. Stylish Women Over 50: List of My Favorite Stylish Women Over Fifties. Postpartum Essentials: Postpartum Necessities for Mom After Birth 2020. You’ve gotten past the pregnancy phase and can finally lay eyes on your precious babe!

Postpartum Essentials: Postpartum Necessities for Mom After Birth 2020

Now that he’s here, you can make use of all of the months of gathering the best baby products around. But what about YOU? Taking care of yourself is a priority as well, which is why I have rounded up my postpartum essentials for mom that will help you get adjusted to this new season of life! From my favorite nursing bra (that offers support, too) to my can’t live without eye cream (for those sleep deprived days), I am sharing list of postpartum essentials what I am currently loving and using so that you can feel your best for the new addition!

My Favorite Fall Fashion & Beauty Finds. My Most Wearable Hues & Prints of Fall 2019. As a Style Coach, I look forward to working with my Style Coaching clients during the busiest time of my year, which is the fall season.

My Most Wearable Hues & Prints of Fall 2019

My days are filled with shopping and outfit making, and helping them dress for upcoming special events. As we work together to curate their wardrobe, we always start with their basic, investment pieces first (i.e. black pants, dark wash jeans, etc.), which sets the foundation for creating outfits. Then, we move on to the “more fun” items and incorporate the trends that most resonate with them. (Because at this point, they have a deep understanding of their personal style). It’s a rewarding process as their style and confidence evolve. Fall/Winter Denim Trends & How to Wear Them. L'Amour If you’re a denim gal like I am then I bet you’re loving this year’s new styles and cuts.

Fall/Winter Denim Trends & How to Wear Them

I personally wear jeans almost daily paired with up‐leveled pieces like tailored blazers. It’s my go‐to outfit formula when I need to be comfortable and polished. From fun prints and embellishments to interesting distressing, there’s not a style that I’m not obsessing over this season. My NYC Travel & Style Guide.

New York City holds a special place in my heart.

My NYC Travel & Style Guide

It’s the city I lived in straight out of college, having moved hundreds of miles away from home. It’s the city where I landed a job in Trend Forecasting. And it’s the city that taught me how to find my authenticity and what ultimately led me to pursue a career in Style Coaching. It’s now where I frequent for both work and play, and as you would guess, it’s quite nostalgic for me when I visit.

The 4 Main Personal Style Types. As a Style Coach, there are two main topics that my Style Coaching clients and I dive deep into during our first sessions together: body type and personal style.

The 4 Main Personal Style Types

Once these two are understood beyond a superficial level, they are ready to begin curating a wardrobe they love. Many of my Style Coaching clients are seeking my assistance because they feel they are not truly dressing or looking the way they want to look, simply put. (I think we can all relate!) Famed Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada once said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” The 4 Main Personal Style Types. The 4 Main Personal Style Types. All of Your Eyebrow Questions Answered.

“When I was little I never thought eyebrows would be this important.”

All of Your Eyebrow Questions Answered

This statement could not be truer. I also never thought my eyebrows would have their own triumphant story of overcoming years of plucking and over‐waxing, which started when I was in junior high school when thin brows were “in.” This was the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, also known as the Friends era. Unfortunately, it did me a disservice. For one, thin brows are not best suited for my face shape, and secondly, it’s taken me a long time to grow them back. Thanks to a team (Yes, a team!) How to Wear a Jumpsuit 3 Ways. Every woman needs a one‐and‐done jumpsuit!

How to Wear a Jumpsuit 3 Ways

However, it’s important to not take this too literally and get stuck in a rut styling it the same way every time. After all, your wardrobe should consist of pieces that work for you and allow for mixing and matching to create various outfits for different occasions. Pearl By Lela Rose. Effortlessly blending trend‐driven and basic staple pieces for your wardrobe can often feel like a daunting task.

Pearl By Lela Rose

Pearl by Lela Rose tackles this challenge head‐on through the curation of pieces that not only give nod to seasonal trends but seamlessly evolve to transcend any occasion! When given the opportunity to sift through the Fall 2019 collection, I was enamored by the attention to detail, incredible fit of the garments and focus on quality fabrics! I shouldn’t have been surprised though given designer Lela Rose’s affinity for dressing the modern woman in sophisticated yet easy to wear pieces. The Pearl by Lela Rose brand creates fashion with exquisite construction and trendy patterns, keeping in mind the body diversity of their clientele. My Top 3 Beauty Rules. L'Amour I may have a mild obsession with skincare. I take that back; I totally geek out when it comes to taking care of my skin.

It truly is the one thing you will/can do every day for the rest of your life to keep you looking & feeling your best! For me personally, having good skin is just as important as wearing a flattering outfit. And I have a strong hunch that you, too, feel the same way. Mother's Day Gift & Style Guide. L'Amour The most powerful way to teach a daughter how to enjoy life and find her true purpose is to let her see her mother do the same.”- Dr. Meg Meeker If I had to choose the most important lesson that my mother ever taught me it would be to live life with joy and purpose. This advice I also share with my Style Coaching clients during our one on one sessions together. How to Style White Jeans 3 Ways. If there’s one staple that always seems to emerge from a woman’s wardrobe when spring and summer arrive are white jeans, although I fully believe that they can be worn all year long.

But for some of you who are still abiding by the age-old rule of not wearing them after Labor Day, then it’s now time to create outfits with this essential. White denim is what I consider to be a foundational item as it can be styled in many ways for various occasions. Therefore, if you have yet to invest in a quality pair, I encourage you to do so! Consider styling them in a fresh, new way and taking full advantage of their versatility. Los Cabos Style & Travel Guide. It’s officially vacation season, and I am in full gear assisting my Style Coaching clients in creating outfits for their vacations. Recently, I had the pleasure to get away myself in Los Cabos, Mexico with my sister and mother. We so enjoyed the quality time as we celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday! From staying at a fabulous resort and discovering amazing restaurants in the area to relaxing poolside and attending a cooking class, I want to share with you all the details for when you plan your trip there.

And of course, I’ll start with what I wore while visiting this beautiful part of the world. Los Cabos Style & Travel Guide. HOW TO TAKE ONE SWEATER FROM DAY TO NIGHT. Beauté My Style Coaching clients and myself are busy femmes, and we need items that can mix and match with many times in our wardrobe, as well as items that can easily go from day to night. When you have versatile clothing pieces, there’s no need for a complete outfit change after a day at work or a day with the kiddos! THE MOST WEARABLE 2019 SPRING/SUMMER TRENDS & HOW TO WEAR THEM. HOW TO WISELY INVEST IN YOUR WARDROBE. In college, I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in Birmingham as I was determined to start working in the fashion industry. HOW TO STYLE WHITE JEANS 3 WAYS. 14 WAYS TO TREAT YOURSELF THIS VALENTINE’S DAY. How to Take One Sweater from Day to Night. 14 WAYS TO TREAT YOURSELF THIS VALENTINE’S DAY.

THE BEST BRANDS FOR STYLISH EXTENDED SIZES. HOW TO STYLE A SNEAKER 3 WAYS. As a Style Coach, I love taking a basic item and showing my clients how to style it many different ways. Of course at this point, we have cleansed her closet and replenished it with items, both fun and foundational. MOTHER’S DAY GIFT & STYLE GUIDE. How to Wear Activewear the Right Way. One reason I chose to be a Style Coach is because the work I do with clients is more holistic and comprehensive than simply creating outfits. While that aspect has its place, of course, my objective is to give my clients tools that they can work with in a way that empowers them to look and feel their best daily. In the initial Style Coaching sessions, we tackle the obstacles that are holding them back from them being their most stylish self. Often times we discuss insecurities and dive in to what they are doing or not doing on a daily basis to contribute to their overall well being and health.

How to Wisely Invest In Your Wardrobe. Style Yourself Chic: How to Live Fully & Freely. THE SEASON’S “IT” COLORS & HOW TO WEAR THEM. Warm and autumnal tones complemented by unexpected vibrant and bold hues are 2018–2019 winter’s main palette. These colors move away from traditional ones that we have seen from year to year and can stand alone or combined with another. MY WINTER MUST HAVE ITEMS. L'Amour With each new season, I have new clients seeking advice on their wardrobe and long time clients adding to their already curated closets. A STYLE COACH’S TOP 5 TIPS FOR SHOPPING WITH EASE. The Most Wearable 2019 Spring/Summer Trends & How to Wear Them. Each season brings new trends, and I’m especially loving 2019 spring/summer’s interesting take on classic styles.

14 WAYS TO TREAT YOURSELF THIS VALENTINE’S DAY. Although I believe in self care and treating yourself year round, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse if you’re looking for a reason. I’ve compiled a list of 14 simple yet creative ways to show yourself some love on this special day. THE BEST BRANDS FOR STYLISH EXTENDED SIZES. L'Amour. 14 Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day. THE BEST BRANDS FOR STYLISH EXTENDED SIZES. How to Style A Sneaker 3 Ways. How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans. Workout Wear 101. The Top 5 Items You Should Never Leave the House Wearing. Style Secrets with Megan: Nail Care How To's. Style Secrets with Megan: The 3 Steps of Brush Care.

Skin-spiration. 3 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Look. How Personal Fashion Stylists Help You Stay Trendy. MY GO-TO NIGHTTIME ROUTINE. The way you start and end your day are equally important. However, nighttime routines are often neglected or even non-existent for some. From your skin to your overall mental health, an effective nighttime routine can make all the difference in the quality of sleep you are getting every night. (Raise your hand if you need all the shut-eye you can get?!) Creating consistency and incorporating a few self-care techniques before bed will help you relax and reduce sleep issues.

How Personal Fashion Stylists Help You Stay Trendy. How Personal Fashion Stylists Help You Stay Trendy by Megan LaRussa. How Personal Fashion Stylists Help You Stay Trendy. How Personal Fashion Stylists Help You Stay Trendy. My Week of Transition Weather Outfits. How to Wear the Fall Trends: Styling Tricks. How to Rock the Fall Trends: Street Smart. What You Need To Know About The Personal Shoppers. Style Secrets with Megan: Goddess Draping. Style Yourself Chic: How to Live Fully & Freely (Video 1) Style Yourself Chic: Discover the Best Version of You (Video 2) Are You Following These Age-Old Fashion Rules? It’s Time To Change! by Megan LaRussa. How to Travel in Style? Best Spa In The World. Summer Outfit Ideas: How to Stay Cool & Chic in the Summer Heat?

Dresses to wear to a wedding. What to wear to a festival. How to Wear Floral. What to wear to a wedding. How to Wear the Swimwear Trends? Swimwear Wearing Tips: How to Wear the Swimwear Trends? Nation Outfitters: Who Are They & What is Their Mission? Nerd Chic. Golden Globes Fashion 2015: Red Carpet Best Dressed Celebrities. How To Manage Your Wardrobe Like A Pro. Crown and ivy plus. Body Type 101: Which Body Type Are You? What to Wear on New Year's Eve: Best Outfit Ideas For 2018. What to Wear on New Year's Eve: Best Outfit Ideas For 2018. DATE NIGHT OUTFIT IDEAS FOR YOUR GUY. 9 Tips To Rock Your Workplace With Floral Design Attire.

9 Tips To Rock Your Workplace With Floral Design Attire. How To Obtain The Perfect Businesswomen Appearance. The Right Way to Wear Metallic. What To Wear While Traveling Abroad. LOOK YOUR BEST THIS SPRING. How to Wear White Tee- Best 3 Ways. Five Ways to Thicken Eyebrows Naturally. Travel Outfit Inspiration. Skirt Styles for All Ages. What to Wear While Traveling Abroad.

THE ART OF STYLISHLY AGING. First Date Night Outfits Tips For Women. Beach Visit: Have You Planned What To Wear? Your Nail Questions Answered. What To Avoid Wearing On A Long Flight. What To Keep In Mind While Wearing Leggings. How to Wear a Black Blazer 3 Ways. What To Wear While Traveling Abroad. WHAT TO WEAR WHILE TRAVELING ABROAD by Megan LaRussa.