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Live life in hanging giant wicker basket. ‘Six Mile Pencil’ Illustrates How Far You Have Drawn, Encouraging Creation. Frank Gehry’s Paris museum is the first in a spate of exciting new gallery openings around the world. You wouldn’t think that art museums and London buses have much in common – but after a long wait with no new openings, a whole lot of new cultural attractions are arriving at once.

Frank Gehry’s Paris museum is the first in a spate of exciting new gallery openings around the world

At the end of October, after 12 years in the making, the Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation will open in Paris. Designed by Frank Gehry, the art museum and cultural centre, sponsored by the French luxury goods brand, is a spectacular landmark in Bois de Boulogne park to the west of Paris. Britain’s smallest £1m flat up for sale. A studio flat that is smaller than a double garage has been put on the market for nearly £1m – a price its estate agents claim makes it the smallest property available for that sum.

Britain’s smallest £1m flat up for sale

The micro-flat, in the heart of Mayfair in London, is just 31 sq metres (334 sq ft). It has a bed in the living room and a small kitchen and bathroom. Wingsuiting: adrenaline highs and dangerous lows. At 3,810 metres the rear door on the Cessna Caravan opens and a blast of cold air rushes in to the cabin towards 31-year-old Jhonathan Florez.

Wingsuiting: adrenaline highs and dangerous lows

The chill interrupts his nail biting and signals its time for him to unbuckle from the aluminium floor, pull his goggles over his eyes, and prepare to exit the plane. At the door his bare hands clasp either side of a bar that extends along the top edge of the door. He goes through a training routine in his mind and steps out into air. He dives, his black-winged arms pulled inward until he clears the plane; he extends his arms, pivots his shoulders forward and spreads his webbed legs.

If "Great British Bake Off" Sexual Innuendos Were Motivational Posters. Exhibition - Horst: Photographer of Style. Paris Fashion Week: Chanel's feminist boulevard and Alexander McQueen's Samurai statement. Plus catch up on the the key looks from yesterday’s Valentino show.

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel's feminist boulevard and Alexander McQueen's Samurai statement

Karl Lagerfeld recreated a Parisian street scene for the spring 15 Chanel catwalk show, which featured models adorned in signature Chanel monochrome separates, masculine tweed suits and relaxed striped knitwear. The show closed with the models storming the catwalk with megaphones and banners featuring feminist statements including ‘Ladies First’ and ‘History is Her Story.’ Sarah Burton took inspiration from Japanese culture at Alexander McQueen, with Samurai-inspired dresses and floaty kimono shapes, adorned with delicate blossoms but toughened up with leather details. Must-read: ‘Superlight: Lightness in Contemporary Rooms’ Floating cycle path proposed for London's River Thames. News: a proposal for a new east-west cycleway that would float on the River Thames has been unveiled by a consortium of architects, artists and engineers formed to promote the development of better cycling links in London.

Floating cycle path proposed for London's River Thames

The Thames Deckway aims to provide a solution to the British capital's "deep-seated traffic and pollution problems". Proposed for a 12 kilometre stretch from Battersea in the west to Canary Wharf in the east, the cycleway would run close to the south bank of the river – away from the main water navigation channel. The project by River Cycleway Consortium Ltd would provide a car-free route and potentially slash the journey time from end to end to half an hour by bike. "London needs to think outside the box of conventional solutions to solve its deep-seated traffic and pollution problems," said the company in a statement. "The Thames offers vast, untapped potential to ease and improve London's infrastructure problems. Ostrich Pillow Mini by Studio Banana Things enables napping on the go.

Following the success of the Ostrich Pillow, a travel cushion that fits over the head for sleeping anywhere, Studio Banana Things has launched a smaller version that slides onto the user's arm or hand (+ slideshow).

Ostrich Pillow Mini by Studio Banana Things enables napping on the go

Ostrich Pillow Mini, which has a grey exterior and a lining in a choice of four colours, was developed in response to user feedback on the original Ostrich Pillow. The mitt slips onto the arm to support the head in different temporary resting positions. "Some of our customers had been asking for a smaller product to fit comfortably into a bag or pocket," Shadi Ganjavian-Connor of Studio Banana Things, previously known as Kawamura-Ganjavian, told Dezeen. "Also we have been observing people's sleep postures and thought wouldn't it be great to enable more napping positions through engaging our hands and arms. Last but not least we wanted a really good pillow fight and thought this product would fit the bill! " New Record-Breaking Laser Could Dramatically Speed Up The Internet. Using microscopic semiconductor wires positioned atop a silver surface, a team of physicists from Imperial College London and the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena has produced an ultra-fast laser that dramatically accelerates the interaction between light and matter.

New Record-Breaking Laser Could Dramatically Speed Up The Internet

This world record-breaking laser is exciting because one day, it could help improve data communication by boosting the speed that information can be transferred, among a variety of other potential applications. The work has been published in Nature Physics. The secret to this new super laser lies in the physicists’ use of silver surfaces, rather than the more traditional glass. Slim layers of metal are ideal because they provide surface plasmons, which are oscillations of excited electrons that propagate along the surface of the material. Pollution May Be Promoting Lethal Tumors In Turtles. Pollution from urban areas and farms in Hawaii may be contributing to a tumor-forming disease in endangered sea turtles, a new study has found.

Pollution May Be Promoting Lethal Tumors In Turtles

According to the researchers, nitrogen in runoff gets stored in the turtles’ food and consequently gives sleepy herpesviruses the fuel they need to cause the often fatal tumors that have afflicted sea turtle populations for decades. The work has been published in PeerJ. Fibropapillomatosis (FP) is an often fatal tumor-forming disease that affects sea turtles across the globe. Previous work identified DNA from a group of viruses called alpha-herpesviruses in these tumors, but not in adjacent healthy tissues. This suggested a viral origin of this disease, but later studies found that these viruses were actually present in every sea turtle tested, even healthy turtles.

It has recently emerged that the amino acid arginine might play a significant role in the life cycle of herpesviruses. Thousands Of Walruses Become Refugees From Melting Ice. The astonishing photograph above could become the new symbol of global warming, showing what happens when walruses lose the sea ice on which they traditionally rest.

Thousands Of Walruses Become Refugees From Melting Ice

The image, taken by Corey Accardo during the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's annual arctic mammal aerial survey, shows an estimated 35,000 walruses crowded onto a beach eight kilometers north of Point Lay, Alaska. Although walruses (Odobenus rosmarus) often collect in large numbers on sea ice, this is the largest gathering seen on dry land. Numbers have fluctuated since the “haul out” was spotted on September 13, peaking two weeks later.

Until 2007, walrus colonies on dry land were rare, but in six of the last eight years they have been occurring on a large scale. Healthy De-Stressing Drinks : "relaxing drink" Interactive Print Ads : "interactive print advertising" In partnership with Microsoft and Tim, one of Brazil's biggest fashion retailers, C&A, created an interactive print advertising campaign to really wow people who were flipping through the pages of a magazine.

Interactive Print Ads : "interactive print advertising"

Customers who registered to receive the special 'Like Ads' on Facebook were given a magazine with a unique Tim chip that stored their personal information. Dream-Inspired Photography : dream-inspired photo. Bringing one's dream alive seems reserved for movies and books sometimes, yet one photographer has managed to create an impressive portfolio of dream-inspired photography that pushes boundaries in more than one way. Full of surreal scenes that will encourage people to indulge in their own imaginations, this dream-inspired photo series will bring to mind fairy tales and fantasies.

Based in the United Kingdom and a self-proclaimed escape artist, Hardy's dream-inspired photography is quite distinct, which sets them apart from similar artists. For instance, she has a signature style that involves soft lights, a romantic color palette and a tendency to gravitate towards elements of nature including enchanted animals and magic forests. They make the dream-inspired photos even more special. Retro Sports Fashion : retro sports fashion. Summer is going out with a bang this year and to celebrate, women might want to embrace some retro sports fashion as seen in the latest issue of Vogue Spain.

Whether embracing the heat wave in one's hometown or escaping to a beach city somewhere else, these vibrant 90s-inspired outfits will inspire women to be a little more active before fall settles in and the leaves start to fall. The retro sports fashion was put together by stylist Marina Gallo. Surreal Dream Worlds : dream worlds. The dream worlds created by photographer Logan Zillmer will have people wishing they could transport themselves into another dimension full of magic, mystery and, of course, the surreal. Hooded Wine Sleeves : Wine Bottle Hoodie. Keeping guests entertained at dinner parties can be a challenge, particularity if it's a stuffy crowd, but if you're looking to add some humor into the mix, then the Wine Bottle Hoodie Sweatshirt will definitely do the trick.

With wine often being associated with class and sophistication, choosing accessories that accentuate those sentiments is often key to portraying a sense of elegance. The Wine Bottle Hoodie Sweatshirt however, is taking the opposite approach by adding humor and cultural references into the mix. Cliff-Hanging Houses : cliff-hanging house. This cliff-hanging house is an adventurous concept dreamed up by Modscape, an architectural firm based near Melbourne, Australia. Scottish referendum: Scotland votes 'No' to independence. The promise of antidepressants in brain cancer fight. 1 October 2014Last updated at 20:25 ET By Tom Espiner Health reporter Research indicates that tricyclic antidepressants can effectively target brain tumours. Brain cancer is one of the least-funded types of cancer in the UK, according to cancer charities, but kills more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer.

It accounts for around 2% of total cases of cancer in the UK per year, but attracts only 1% of the funding, according to charity Brain Tumour Research. In some cases, parents in the UK have looked abroad for brain cancer treatment. The parents of five-year-old Ashya King, who were briefly detained for taking him out of the country, recently received NHS funding for proton beam treatment in Prague. Nevertheless, brain cancer research could be entering an exciting and productive period, according to veteran cancer researcher Professor Geoff Pilkington. One promising avenue of research is repurposing drugs to target brain tumours. Targeted treatment Side effects. Wonga to write off £220m of customer debts. 2 October 2014Last updated at 09:22 ET. Australian Artist: CJ Hendry - Pen on Paper. Leonardo ulian - work. Sailpaddle blends paddleboarding and windsurfing. UnBRELLA, An Upside Down and Inside Out Umbrella. Memobottle - A4, A5 & Letter Reusable Water Bottles by memobottle.

Resembling the shape of a piece of paper, the memobottle is a slimline, premium designed reusable water bottle which suitably slides into your favorite carry bag alongside your computer, books and valuables. Ad of the Day: Ikea Hilariously Pitches Its 2015 Catalog as the Coolest Gadget Ever. Instagram to Roll Out Ads in the UK Soon. Ralph lauren 4D holographic spring '15 collection show in central par.