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500px is Photography. These 29 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World. Tagul - Gorgeous tag clouds. Dotspin. Sharing that gives back. Your Life in Pictures on DailyBooth. 80 Journal Writing Prompts | "I'm Finished" - Freetime Drawing Activities. 31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects. Learn How to Paint Abstract Painting with Acrylics video - Vitalba by John Beckley. Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya. Yulia Brodskaya est une artiste russe vivant en Angleterre.

Cette talentueuse créatrice nous propose de découvrir des compositions typographiques faîtes de papier. Très détaillées, ses oeuvres ont fait d’elle une artiste aujourd’hui prisée par de nombreux annonceurs à travers le monde. Plus dans la suite. Climate for creativity and Innovation. The Climate for Creativity and Innovation Imagine the industrial organisation is represented by a tree. The branch network could mirror the hierarchy of an organisation with People becoming the leaves. Let's imagine that the roots of the tree represent the culture of the organisation. They go deep.

They hold everything in place. The values, beliefs and corporate assumptions are the roots. The second factor that affects the 'well being or life of our organisational tree is the climate. Climate represents the behaviour, attitudes and feelings of the organisation which in turn affect its operational processes (or life) in terms of communications, problem solving, decision making and how it learns. The dimensions can be grouped into three areas of Resources, Motivation, and Exploration as follows: Resources: Idea Time; Idea Support; Challenge and Involvement Personal Motivation: Trust and Openness: Playfulness and Humor; Absence of Interpersonal Conflicts Ekvall's Studies in 70's & 80's.

List of creative thought processes. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to thinking: Essence of thinking[edit] Main article: Thought Types of thought[edit] Classifications of thought[edit] Williams' Taxonomy Properties of thought[edit] Fields of study[edit] History of thinking[edit] Main articles: History of thought and History of reasoning General thinking concepts[edit] Brain and brain biology[edit] Intelligence[edit] Nootropics (Cognitive enhancers and smart drugs)[edit] Psychometrics (measuring intelligence and cognitive traits)[edit] Artificial thinking[edit] Organizational thinking[edit] Personal thinking[edit] Awareness and Perception[edit] Creative processes[edit] Decision making[edit] Emotional intelligence (Emotionally-based thinking)[edit] Erroneous thinking[edit] Learning and Memory[edit] Reason and reasoning[edit] Teaching methods and skills[edit] Other[edit] Organizations[edit] Publications[edit] Positive Thinking Magazine Scholars of thinking[edit] See also[edit] Thinking Reasoning Lists.

100+ amazing pieces of Star Wars concept art. DeviantART: where ART meets application! SampleBoard- Digital Mood Board Editor for Creative Industries. The Warholizer.