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Fashion Business and Promotion undergraduate Birmingham City University

Inside Sephora’s Branded Beauty Strategy | Intelligence. NEW YORK, United States — In the year leading up to the August 9th launch of Marc Jacobs Beauty, developed in collaboration with beauty retailer Sephora, the lauded American designer was generous with the press. Lengthy profiles appeared in outlets from New York magazine to Women’s Wear Daily, in which Jacobs praised the line, declaring that he was “surprised by how delighted I am with the results.” The collection of shiny lip vinyls, gel eyeliners and high-gloss nail polishes — comprising 122 skus (stock-keeping units) in total — was an instant hit with beauty magazine editors, offering the just right mix of compelling back story and appealing product to fill the pages of their September issues.

In contrast, Sephora was only briefly mentioned in these write-ups and the beauty retailer has declined to comment on the collaboration. Founded in 1969 by Dominique Mandonnaud and acquired by LVMH in 1997, Sephora’s rise is well-documented. International - Log in. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Stuffocation: Living More With Less by James Wallman review – the power of experiences. There is a spectre haunting western society. “Materialism,” this book suggests, “is making millions of us feel joyless, anxious and, even worse, depressed.”

By “materialism” the writer does not mean the philosophical doctrine according to which all phenomena can be explained by reference to the interaction of tiny bits of matter – though personally I find that idea does make me feel joyless and anxious. No, our author is using “materialism” in the more common sense of “wanting stuff”. And stuff, so it seems, is bad for us. We are apparently in the grip of “one of the most pressing problems of the 21st century” – that “one of” providing a handy get-out clause lest anyone object that war, global warming or disease are slightly more pressing.

The problem in question is an “anxiety” christened “stuffocation” – a feeling of being oppressed by one’s ungovernable heap of belongings. The hunger to renounce or at least downgrade the importance of material things is hardly exclusive to modernity. Is Nigeria The Luxury Industry's Next Big Opportunity? - Luxury Society - Markets. Porsche, Rolex Lead Luxury Invasion in Nigeria Nigeria’s consumer class is on the rise, but is the local market ready for foreign luxury entrants? What are the real opportunities for brands in Nigeria?

Nigeria recently made headlines when the value of its economy all but doubled overnight, after authorities updated their approach to calculating gross domestic product (GDP) for the first time in twenty-four years (The Atlantic). With this new figure – $509 billion, thanks in part to the inclusion of booming film and telecommunications industries – Nigeria’s GDP has now become the largest in Africa, and the 26th biggest in the world. Historically the country’s oil and gas sector has been the key driver of the economy, constituting more than 14 percent of Nigeria’s GDP and 95 percent of its foreign exchange earnings (McKinsey). “ Nigeria’s GDP has become the largest in Africa and the 26th biggest in the world ” And this population is relatively young. Lagos, Nigeria Wealth Luxury Market Challenges. 4 Workwear R040M: Russell Men's Smart Softshell Jacket.

Watch Francine Lewis's Vine "Fern can't wait for Nellys birthday. Billy: deff #towie ITVBe" 1105654.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 533 pixels) The Page 3 generation: growing up with the pin-up column | Dazed. UPDATE: The Sun has rubbished claims that it was dropping Page 3 and said that it will continue the column. A front page headline on Thursday read: "We’ve had a mammary lapse. " *slow clap* Page 3 is dead. Long live Page 3. It's difficult to understate the place of Page 3 in UK popular culture. Almost every woman has a Page 3 story – in school, you might have been one of the kids whispering of a daring sixth former who ran off to London to pose for the Sun. For many, the end of Page 3 is a feminist triumph.

BRYONY BEYNONCo-founder of anti-harassment group Hollaback London It's not a zero sum game. SARAH FAULKNER No More Page 3 campaigner This is a great day for people power! We don't know the details for sure yet – it does unfortunately appear that the Sun intends to keep the objectifying images, albeit with bras on, which is obviously far from ideal. “I remember seeing copies at one of my grandparent's house from a very young age and I actually used to draw bras on the topless models”

The female artists reclaiming their bodies. The female figure has been a central object of Western art since time immemorial: from Botticelli's marine nudes to Titian’s ravishing lovers and Courbet’s 1866 “Origin of the World”. But rarely have women’s representations of themselves been given air to breathe. As English art critic John Berger wrote in his 1973 Ways of Seeing, describing media culture’s shaping of gender politics and the woman as object: “Men act and women appear. Men look at women.

Women watch themselves being looked at.” It is through this prism of patriarchal control that much exploitation of women has been enacted: commonly phallocentric portraiture has been used to permeate the rest of society. In fact, the late-Austrian painter Egon Schiele – whose The Radical Nude exhibition is currently taking place at London’s Courtauld Gallery – is perhaps one of the few examples of a man able to expressively convey the radical, raw beauty of nude women, as fluid beings rather than fixed objects. How to take a screenshot with Mac OS X. 54 Samurai-Inspired Styles. By: Tana Makmanee - Published: Aug 9, 2013 • References: There's something very alluring and attractive about ninja warriors, and these samurai-inspired styles are showcasing that strength and power through combat is heavily influencing aspects of mainstream fashion.

Samurai warriors are often associated with fighters that are amazingly skilled in sword battle and combat. Combined with their often striking exterior appearances that often features sleek black ensembles with rugged and tough accents, samurais have become elements of history and film that people simply can't help but want to replicate in real life.

From subdued samurai photoshoots featuring traditional Asian clothing to modern hipster spreads that combine samurai influences with contemporary clothing, these ninja-inspired looks will definitely be a powerful addiction to any ordinary wardrobe. 32 Female Fighter Fashions. By: Meghan Young - Published: Dec 3, 2009 • References: As women become stronger in all aspects of life, fashion begins to depict this fierceness. Emulating women warriors in the entertainment and political spheres, these female fighter fashions demonstrate how far we have come. Taking a stand has never been easier and donning these female fighter fashions will show just how serious women are in taking down that glass ceiling once and for all. Stats for 32 Female Fighter Fashions Trending: Older & Buzzing Traction: 49,751 clicks in 267 w Interest: 7.5 minutes Concept: 32 Female Fighter Fashions Related: 322 examples / 248 photos Segment: Females, 18-55 Comparison Set: 118 similar articles, including: warrior-goddess fashion, armored jeans, and armored underwear.

Philippe Starck x Parrot Zik 2.0 Wireless Headphones | HYPEBEAST. Power-shift-agenda-2014.pdf. Women directors, take action! Ninety-five per cent of Hollywood directors are men, according to the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, and so are most of their crews. There are simply not enough films being made by women. We want to change that. Today, Dazed Digital launches Females First, a video series funding and premiering new work from the best emerging female directors in the world, from art shorts and music videos to documentaries and fashion films.

The subject matter will be bold and broad, and all will be created by women. We asked future FF contributors Emily Kai Bock, Cathy Brady, Aoife McArdle, Destiny Ekaragha and Maja Borg to explain how they broke through and what needs to change. EMILY KAI BOCK, Canadian-born director behind music videos for Grimes and Arcade Fire "I’m convinced there are masterful filmmakers out there who for whatever reason can’t access filmmaking, and many of these are women.

DESTINY EKARAGHA, independent filmmaker behind award-winning comedic short Tight Jeans. Emancipation... Liberation... Anticipation... A Woman President? | Debbie Davis. I couldn't help myself but to feel the pulse of excitement while watching the flick Makers: Women Who Make America, a movie about the "breakout" of the housewives to careerwives, highlighting Women's Lib, Ms. Magazine's impact on society, and the March for Equality. Could we really, possibly, hopefully have a woman president soon? Could there be a greater than great chance that we will wake up to a new dawn that has been in the making of the female minds for centuries? Did we quiver with the thought, but then strengthened in the light of this new dawn? I can speak personally on these feelings: As a pioneer in the auto industry in 1973, at the ripe age of 19, I was a female salesperson in a male bastion. Was I what was considered a female libber? Saving good women from bad design « Femme Den.

The Femme Den is a design lab focused on the female consumer, powered by Smart Design. We’re designers, researchers, strategists and engineers who bridge the gap between assumptions and realities about design for women. Women buy or influence up to 85% of consumer purchases. At Smart Design, over 90% of our designs have been successfully brought to market. You do the math. So how can we help? We’re experts in design and gender. Femme Den expertise, like many design firms, is deeply rooted in user-centered design. Superficial approaches and guesswork just don’t work. That’s why we’re always finding better ways to understand and connect with women’s subtle needs and desires. We understand emotions. The Femme Den champions the idea that women don’t just buy products — they buy into them. She’s highly sensitive to the details of your brand experience: from every moment with a product or service to how you communicate with her in the retail environment. Navigating the minefield.

81110.jpg (JPEG Image, 486 × 623 pixels) Beyonce posts ALL videos from self-titled visual album to her Vevo account. By Kayla Caldwell for MailOnline Published: 22:35 GMT, 24 November 2014 | Updated: 00:43 GMT, 25 November 2014 Beyonce proved she makes her own own rules when she secretly dropped a whole new album just before midnight on December 13.

This month the 33-year-old continued to change the game, dropping two new surprise singles on Friday, and then making the rest of the videos from her self-titled visual album available on her Vevo channel on Monday. Videos like Flawless feat. Scroll down for video... Going public: Beyonce posted all of the videos from her visual album BEYONCE to her Vevo account on Monday Show off your curves in a cut-out swimsuit like Beyonce She's got the most famous curves in the business and she does love to flaunt them too and it was no different here in a sneek peak of Beyonce's new video where she donned a Herve Leger swimsuit. The bright orange number had more cut-out space than material, showcasing Queen Bey's seriously good body.

Women on company boards: go for 40% of non-executive posts by 2020, urge MEPs. EU-listed companies should aim to ensure, by 2020, that at least 40% of their non-executive board members are women, so as to promote gender equality in economic decision making, say draft rules proposed by the European Commission and backed by the Women's Rights and Gender Equality and Legal Affairs committees on Monday.

In 2012, only 15% of non-executive board members at the EU's largest companies were women. "Today's vote on the joint report by the Women's Rights and Legal Affairs committees sends a strong call for EU legislation to step up women's membership of and participation in boards of listed companies. What is currently a reality in some EU member states will soon be extended to the single market as a whole and all EU listed companies, thereby making the most of the talents of many qualified and highly skilled women", said MEP Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou (EPP, EL). 40% target for listed company boards Transparent and gender-balanced recruitment procedure Next steps.

Most Millionaires Want Hillary Clinton for President, Survey Says. Karl Lagerfeld stages a feminist revolution at Chanel SS15. If you hadn't figured it out by now, Karl Lagerfeld really does know his way around a good finale. For SS15, Chanel resurrected no less than the insurrectionary spirit of the May 1968 student protests – albeit with a modern, feminist touch. The show invitation promised a ticket to Boulevard Chanel, with the Grand Palais transformed into a wide Parisian street like the ones that saw student rioters battling police in '68.

But the real meaning behind the reference only became clear when Cara Delevingne led the walk-out with a speakerphone, shouting "Come on! " like a call to battle. Fellow AW14 campaign star Binx Walton followed with the rest of the models, armed with placards unveiling Chanel's political intentions behind SS15: "Make Fashion Not War", "Ladies First", "Feministe Mais Feminine" ("Feminist But Feminine") and the slightly more arch "Be Your Own Stylist". Roaming photographers leapt from the sidelines and onto the runway to snap Karl's freedom fighters.