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Les patrons gratuits du Web - tout faire à son enfant. 無料型紙・作り方 for 子供服・雑貨:AmiTikNu. 型紙無料ダウンロード 公開中の型紙一覧~ハhandmade no kokoroンドメイドのココロ(新米ママの手芸&グルメ) Vêtements de bébé. Overview of free online patterns for sewing babyclothes. TLL Newborn Sleeper. With right sides together, sew/serge sleeves to sleeper front, repeat for back.

TLL Newborn Sleeper

Sew ribbing on sleeves. With facing folded back 1" wrong sides, to wrong sides, pin front sleeper to back sleeper matching sleeve hems, underarm seams, and crotch seam, overlapping facing at crotch 1". Stitch from sleeve hem, down side, around feet and crotch, and end at the other sleeve. Fold 3 inch ribbing in half lengthwise and then widthwise. Rien que des TUTOS (de couture évidemment) ;-) pour Bébé et Enfant - BLOG. Couture : Patrons bébés et enfants - Vêtements, accessoires, puériculture.