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Classroom set up. Hello Everyone! Phew! Friday night, 10:00 P.M. I think I am finally ready for my new firsties. I had better be! They are coming on Monday!! I was thrilled to meet them all last night at our "Meet the Teacher Night. " Books are stored in boxes with mini chalkboard labels Our Math Thinking Tools Use real clocks to show schedule. Writing and Reading! Birthday Boot! Kid sized Overall Valance.:) One of my favorite parts of the room. Rub a dub a book in the tub! Cowpoke CAFE - Menu Ingredients Cowpoke CAFE Menu Bubblegum Fun in the hall! Kid's work will go on the gumballs! Kids pics will go on the door! A sweet treat for the kiddos at "Meet the Teacher Night! " Stop by again for another peek into the wonder-filled world of First Grade! We are ready to saddle up and go for a ride!!

Joyfully! Nancy. First Grade Fabulosity. Teaching Blog Central. Throwback Thursday: Parent Handbook Flip Books! Follow my blog with Bloglovin Linking up with Cutie Patootie Cara Caroll for a look at a past post. Have you been seeing the colorful parent handbook flip book all over Pinterest lately? I clicked on that link and the teacher explains that she did a lot of cutting and pasting to make the product work and doesn't have a template for it. That got my brain churning and I just had to come up with a template for myself (and all of you).

Hence, this was born: Here's my original post from May 4th:I saw the cutest Parent Handbook Flipbook on Pinterest last week, but when I went to the source, the teacher said that she didn't sell the product. Here's how it looks when assembled:(Keep in mind that I copied on white paper for demonstration purposes, but I'll be copying mine on bright colored cardstock...a different color for each page!) I include step by step assembly instructions: And there are 40 labels for you to use on your pages. Getting Organized. Organization Tips from Mrs. McDavid I have had many teachers stop by my room to ask how I keep things so well organized. I have had other teachers to ask if I would consider teaching a staff development course at our school to help teachers become better organized. Truly it's the small details that make the biggest impact.

Organizing the classroom takes time, dedication, and determination but once things are put together the classroom will run smoothly. Less time will be spent looking for instructional materials and more time will be spent teaching. You will be able to provide your students with the quality time they deserve and you will become a much happier teacher.

Materials You Will Need ~ Back to the Top ~ Purge Unused Materials and Non Essential ItemsAs teachers we tend to hoard materials and supplies that we think might come in handy one day. The first thing you need to do in order to organize your desk is categorize the type of paperwork that crosses your desk: Organizing Unit Files. Teacher Binder. Update: I gave in and bought a cutesy calendar for this next school year! Note to self-stay away from Target :) Here is one of the ideas incorporated into my year so far, a teacher organization binder. I carry it with me to all my meetings, holds all my grades, calendars and student information. I might add more to it later but this is what I remember needing most. Enjoy and please let me know if you think of something to add to it :) Inside of binder.

I'm obsessed with Daily 5! Check out my rotation chart & FREEBIES! Well friends, it's official I am obsessed with Daily Five! I read the book & stalked all your blogs & became....OBSESSED! I am loving it & so are my kiddos! It was very intimidated at first because I wasn't sure how I was going to fit it into my schedule & then I found out we are required to do an uninterrupted 90 minute reading block which does not include RTI...ugh! Well, I'm making it work & LOVE IT! Here are a few shots of my kiddos in action! I know, I know...holy cuteness! Can you say "Namaste"...they can! This is our first try @ "Read to Self" after picking out our "Just Right" books for the week. Of course I set the "Stamina Timer" on the smartboard! After we built up our stamina to 12 minutes I let them have "reading buddies".

And then I introduced "Read to Someone". Two of my boys during "Read to Someone". Another perfect example of "Read to Someone". Okay last one...them saying "Namaste". Here is a sheet that I created for "Word Work". Rainbow writing word work center in action! Simply Second Grade.