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Up cycling in fashion

Luxery brands. Prada seeks younger customers in bid for growth. Image copyright AP Italian luxury fashion group Prada has predicted a return to growth as it seeks to connect with younger customers through online sales and flexible pricing. First half profits fell 25% to €330m (£282m) due partly to falling demand in China and Italy. But Prada said it saw 2016 as "a turning point. " It has been reviewing prices, product variety and online marketing to appeal to more customers. Revenue fell 15% to €1.55bn compared to this time last year and in April Prada announced its lowest profits in five years. It was previously criticised for opening too many new stores and failing to invest enough online. Prada said it was on track with plans to double its e-commerce sales over the next two years by increasing the number of products it offered online, particularly shoes.

It will also expand its social media activities so it can raise its profile among "the 'always connected' millennials," referring to the 20s -30s age group. Image copyright Getty Images.


Retail trends. Sustainable trends. Consumer tribes. Fashion%20BINDER.pdf. Wearegraduatefashion — Graduate Fashion Week. Fashion and Textile Museum. Retail Trends 2016 | Deloitte UK. The five disruptive forces changing the future of retail Technology has changed the way retailers and brands operate over the last decade, and the pace of change shows no sign of slowing. These are the five disruptors that we think will be next on the agenda for the industry: Internet of Things The IoT could affect retailers in many ways, including their customer proposition – whether this is selling connected products or developing automated services. Some retailers are using their stores to show customers what a smart home could look like, with the aim of inspiring and educating. Others are making an early start on developing the infrastructure and customer behaviour needed for a smart world. Virtual reality Virtual reality has been of most use to marketers so far. Robots Robots are used throughout the retail supply chain.

Driverless vehicles Autonomous vehicle technology is being used to develop driverless courier vehicles, and drones are also still on the horizon. LSN : Opinion : Retail Trends Webinar. Sustainability Trends in European Retail | Forum for the Future. 5 Forces Impacting Retail Sustainability. Evolving technology, changing supply chain models and consumers empowered with information on retailers’ business practices are each impacting retail and changing long-established standards in the industry.

As more favorable economic conditions slowly return, retailers envision a prosperous and profitable future but must manage growth while accounting for these and other disruptive forces to maintain margins and improve operations. The five forces impacting retail each carry unique pressures and require careful consideration from the C-suite before a sustainability strategy can be mapped out. These forces are: 1) Technology 2) Big data 3) Demographics 4) New consumption patterns 5) Resource constraints All of these trends converge in one area of business: sustainability.

Sustainability expectations How the future of retail will be shaped by these five forces is a corporate imperative for major retail brands in the US and worldwide. Partnering for the future 1) Technology. 2) Big data. Tracy Morgan Busts the Black Suicide Myth. By revealing he contemplated taking his own life in the wake of his devastating accident, the comedian is helping silence a damaging myth in the African-American community.

Sixteen months after the horrific, near-fatal accident that claimed the life of of one of his closest friends, funnyman Tracy Morgan made a triumphant return to Studio 8F in Rockefeller Plaza. Fellow comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair died in the multi-car pileup on a rain-soaked highway in New Jersey, and Morgan was lucky to be alive, he told the Saturday Night Live audience. “I’m back. It feels so good to be here,” Morgan exclaimed from center stage. What he did not say as he opened the show that night—and what the audience could not have possibly known—is that after eight days in a coma and amid months in a hospital bed, Morgan suffered a debilitating mental collapse and contemplated taking his own life. “I was in a very dark place,” Morgan told Rolling Stone.

Morgan battled what is known as “survivor’s guilt.” Forbes Welcome.

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