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Crochet Baby:)

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Talking crochet ... Garden Baby HeadbandsDesign by Lori Zeller A dainty butterfly and delicate flower adorn these fashionable little headbands that make cute accessories for Baby's wardrobe.

Talking crochet ...

The pattern for these easy-to-stitch thread bands can be easily adjusted to fit any length of elastic for a perfect, comfortable fit! Skill LevelBeginner Finished SizeHead circumference 13-15 inches Materials Crochet cotton size 10: 50 yds each white and pink, 5 yds pastels, 2 yds mint Size 5 steel crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge26 inches 1/4-inch-wide elastic4mm white pearl beadSewing needle and threadTapestry needle Gauge 4 sts = 1/2 inch;3 pattern rows = 1/2 inchCheck gauge to save time. Pattern NotesWeave in loose ends as work progresses.Join rnds with a sl st unless otherwise stated.Inc or dec number of rows of headband to fit infant head comfortably and adjust elastic as needed. Elastic PreparationCut a 13-inch length of elastic, overlapping ends 1/4 inch; sew ends tog to form a circle. Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern. Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern What is more rewarding in the world than having your baby dressed in an outfit that has been specially crocheted by yourself like booties or cute sweaters.

Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern

The Art of Crochet you will find is the easiest of all crafts to learn, even for total beginners of using yarn. It takes just an evening to crochet booties and a matching sweater for baby will take a weekend.

Crochet Baby Caps:)

Tribal Bellydance with Shay Moore in Seattle, WA - Deep Roots Dance - Tribal and Fusion Bellydance with Shay Moore: Quick and Easy Baby Hat (Now in the Round!) Here is a simple baby hat pattern I adapted from Emma Waller's Quick & Easy Baby Hat. Hers is done flat and then seamed up the side, and I wanted to do mine in the round. So I adapted her pattern for circular knitting. I love the spiral decreases at the top, and think it comes out a bit more polished done in the round than with a stitched seam up one side.

For my knitting friends, enjoy! I hope to adapt this pattern for an adult this winter! Quick & Easy Baby Hat NOW IN THE ROUND!! NEEDLES:Size 4 DPN's YARN: I used Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash, a washable wool blend that is very soft and comes in a bazillion colors. When pattern says to "slip one stitch knitwise (rows 4, 9, & 13), it is to create a more jogless connection for the textured rows, so they create a more continuous stripe FINISHING: Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches. Thread a ribbon through the eyelets if desired (note that both ribbon ends should come out of the same eyelet to make a bow) Raspberry or strawberry free crochet pattern {and a crochet hat head size chart}

How adorable is this little raspberry?

raspberry or strawberry free crochet pattern {and a crochet hat head size chart}

My friend Melynie told me she heard that over and over when she was out shopping, but I didn't quite believe it until we went to the grocery store together. Ruffle Brimmed Granny Style Skull Cap. Author by Chelle Grissam Introduction This super fun hat will lend flair to anyone's wardrobe -- young or old. This simple pattern can be sized from infant to adult, just by changing the size of the hook you use to make it. Can't get any simpler than that! Materials List Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, 3 oz (MC)Bernat Boa or Bernat Eyelash Yarn, small amount (CC)Size G Hook for Infants CapSize H Hook for Toddlers CapSize I Hook for Childs CapSize J Hook for Teen/Small Adult CapSize K Hook for Adult Cap Notes US Pattern Notations Usedtr = treble crochetdc = double crochethdc = half double crochetsc = single crochetch = chainsl st = slip stitchsp = space st = stitch. Puff Stitch Baby Hat Crochet Pattern. How to Crochet Sesame Street Hats.

Newborn-Adult Sesame Street Hats!

How to Crochet Sesame Street Hats

I have a pattern to share! I am going to attempt to share with you how to make these OH! So CUTE! Sesame Street Hats. I had a brain storm one day watching my son play with his favorite Elmo doll. I know these hats 'look' hard but trust me YOU can make these. In this tutorial I'm gonna share with you the patterns I found and TRY to explain how to do the other stuff I kinda just made up:0 You might have a better way but this is how and what I used to make these. I used Sugar'n Cream 100% cotton yarn. You'll need 1 skein of each color and a H/8-5.00mm hook. This pattern is for an average baby's head 6-12 months. Oscar in his trash can Big Bird catch in the children's net Elmo riding an Elephant at the Zoo Grover Cookie Monster Use the color yarn of your favorite character:1.

Granny Stripe Headband/Earwarmer. I had to stop in the middle of working my Granny Stripe Boutique Bag the other day and when I set it down realized it would make a perfect headband/earwarmer.

Granny Stripe Headband/Earwarmer

I used a smaller hook size so the shells would be closer together. I think it turned out perfectly! I love how these look all stacked together. This pattern is written for children 6-12. You can increase or decrease the size of this by adding or subtracting by 3's to the initial chain. This is my beautiful daughter Isabel modeling. MATERIALS LIST: Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Impeccable found at Michaels.) STITCH COMBINATIONS: Shell is "work 3 dc in same st or sp. " TIPS: Join all rounds. Starting out: Ch 67. Finish off. You can attach any flower you like. Quick Little Hat. I made this hat last night for Callie, it took me about 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.

Quick Little Hat

Pretty great considering I ended up making two hats with the yarn which I got for 40% off! Two cute hats for $3.81 and 30 minutes of my time = success in my book! I've made this hat several times in the past and last night when I made this one, I finally wrote down how I did it. Here it is: For a 9-12 months size: *Ch2 *DC 8 st. into first st. to make a circle. . *2 DC in each st., repeat around. . *1 DC in first st. 2 DC in second st., repeat around.