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$1.9 Billion 'Data Farm' Planned for Scotland - Data Center Knowledge. {*style:<i>By: Rich Miller July 8th, 2008 </i>*} in Share Plans are moving forward for an ambitious “data center village” in Scotland that eventually could span 3 million square feet of space and cost 1 billion pounds ($1.9 billion) to complete.

$1.9 Billion 'Data Farm' Planned for Scotland - Data Center Knowledge

Internet Villages International is the brainchild of Peter Hewkin, who says the project has initial funding of 26 million pounds ($50 million). The project was originally targeted for Lockerbie, Scotland upon its announcement in December , but Hewkin and IVI are now focusing their efforts on a 300-acre plot of farmland in Annandale. The change in site has apparently not dimmed the interest of potential tenants. One of the major marketing points for IVI and Scotland locations is the ability to design a data center around renewable energy sources. Scotland’s suitability for data center development was highlighted last fall by Gordon Thomson, Cisco’s director for Ireland and Scotland. How to Make Accurate Time Estimates. Many people are really bad at estimating how much time a task will take.

How to Make Accurate Time Estimates

Perhaps you estimate you’ll need about an hour, and it really takes you 3-4 hours to finish. Or maybe you allocate 30 minutes for a task, and you’re done in 5 minutes. What can you do to get better at making accurate estimates? Here are several techniques you can use to make better time estimates: Calculate Your Fudge Ratio The best place to start is to measure your current estimation accuracy. Make a to-do list of upcoming tasks to complete, and jot down an off-the-cuff estimate for how long you expect each task to take.

For example, if you estimate that a certain list of tasks will take 12 hours to complete, but they really take 15 hours, then your fudge ratio is 15/12 = 1.25. Bikes and things. In Futurologist's Musings. A Futurist's Musings Facebook seems to be eclipsing even Google as the 'go-to' internet site, but have you noticed that Google is now getting smarter by the day?

In Futurologist's Musings

Read The Awakening Global Brain to see what's going on. And, on the subject of emergent global intelligence, read a scene from 'Emergence', written in 1999, on the subject of smart companions. On the way to global network consciousness, there are going to be many new forms of wealth generated in business. Read my essay on 'Intellectual Capital'. Back to the topic of machine intelligence; in The Cloud I imagined how some parts of society might react to intelligent humanoid 'baby dolls' being marketed and sold.

And, A Poem On Futurology BBC Radio 4's "Saturday Live" commissioned poet Matt Harvey to write the following poem when Ray appeared on the programme: futurology if the future was a creature what would be the creature’s features? How do we make that closed world less opaque? Let’s ask a futurologist… © Matt Harvey 2009 Newsletter 3). Ian Pearson, Futurologist. Futurology - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks. If you could see your future, would you try to make it better?

Futurology - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

If you were a Soviet in 1980 and you knew that spiraling debt would destroy your country, would you do something to stop it? If you were a German in 1933 and knew that the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State would lead to a world war, tens of millions of deaths, and the leveling of your nation, would you oppose it? Its safe to assume that we would all say yes to these questions. Our only excuse in letting these patterns reoccur is a claim that we can't see the future with any degree of certainty, but is this claim true?

Couldn't the Soviets have deduced their overwhelmingly probable financial failure based on a combination of proven economic and socio-political models? Futurology also uses aspects of multiple disciplines to anticipate forces of nature and predict how we will react to those forces. Table of contents[edit] Part I[edit] Part II[edit] Additional reading[edit]

Microsoft amends Rights Management Server. 'You must able to hink freely' Independent, The (London) - Find Articles. In Search of..... - Narrarated by Leonard Nimoy, In search of was a 30 minute syndicated show that covered a wide range of paranormal topics.

'You must able to hink freely' Independent, The (London) - Find Articles

It pioneered a lot of the methodology that ... Search Engine - search engine free download - GSA Search Engine Ranker, Nomao - The personalized search engine, Zoom Search Engine, and many more programs Google Search - google search free download - Google Search, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Google Search, and many more programs. Product Inspection - STR UK. Teaching - find jobs, careers & courses to become a Teacher - TDA. Public Sector Careers - Jobs, Vacancies & Employment. JobStats - the current state of the UK computing job market.