Pagan Calendar - September 2008 This Pagan calendar shows Pagan, Witch, Druid and Heathen festivals, dates and events. Important neo-pagan festivals and religious holidays are included even if research into the origins are sketchy, as they are important in modern paganism. Understanding festivals roots is a good idea, for the fire festivals, research the Coligny calendar and Margaret Murray. Pagan Calendar - September 2008
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Saturnalia - A Winter Solstice Ritual Saturnalia - A Winter Solstice Ritual Apollonius Sophistes© 1996 Preface This ritual compresses the Consualia (for Consus, God of the Storage Bin), the Saturnalia (for Saturn, God of Sowing), and the Opalia (for Ops, Goddess of Plenty) into a single festival, a Brumalia, or Winter Solstice (Bruma) ritual. The Saturnalia Chants are available on a separate page, which may be printed for use in the ritual. The primary sources for this ritual are Macrobius' Saturnalia (Bk.
Christmas on the Net Christmas on the Net Welcome to Christmas Information the Net A celebration of the "most wonderful time of the year" Christmas is a time for Families, Fun, and Festivities! A time of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time for Santa, stars, and singing carolers.
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