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Forums - Spell Check Within Openoffice.Org. Posted September 22, 2007 at 10:39PM Hi Guys Thanks for all the tips and advice, I have followed each of your individual instructions, I have even resorted to uninstalling and reinstalling OO, no matter what I do, when I click out of OO and re click back into it, the “Default for Language Documents” keeps reverting back to “English USA”

Forums - Spell Check Within Openoffice.Org

Kubuntu - OpenOffice - Spellcheck - How do I change default language? Hi it seems like this should be really simple and yet it is still bugging me.

Kubuntu - OpenOffice - Spellcheck - How do I change default language?

All I want is that UK English should be the default language for spellcheck in Open Office Writer, I've set the defaults in Kubuntus system settings so it is EngGB with no others and have set all the options in OO's language settings to EngGB also, however, I can't seem to get rid of the little 'spellcheck' logo next to EngUSA in the 'default languages for documents field' it's really annoying me because it keeps trying to put z's in words that don't have them (here in the UK). How do I get rid of the americana from my system so that I don't have to worry about dodgy American spellings getting in to my Dissertation?

Many thanks Child. Whatis. Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms.