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Zero News Datapool, HAKIM BEY

"Beneath the Underground", Feral House 1994, ISBN: 0-922915-21-0 "Guy Debord once put out a book with sandpaper covers. The idea was to make it impossible to shelve the book with the rest without lacerating them. A good idea but Hakim Bey has gone Debord one better. He put the sandpaper inside. Hakim Bey, the goofy Sufi, is the Marco Polo of the marginals milieu. "...Chaos is not a rehash of Sturm und Drang or Surrealism or anything like that, although it comes close in spots to the fantastic Orientalia of, say, the Fu Manchu pulps were they written by Nerval. Related Material: Peter Lamborn Wilson The Information War The Author of "Scandal" and co-editor of Semiotext(e) and Autonomedia in Vienna Globalism, Tribalism and Autonomy Peter Lamborn Wilson and Konrad Becker are having coffee on the occasion of Alpbach Technology Forum 95 on Networks in Tyrol, Austria, August 1995 Query: Irish Soma?

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