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We are a healthcare digital marketing agency that provides branding and end to end services which allows you to plan your online presence, execute, implement, and brand and promote.

Why Should Medical Businesses Focus on Social Media ROI. Articles.

Why Should Medical Businesses Focus on Social Media ROI

How Google AdWords Helps in Driving Offline Sales. Present-day digital marketing efforts in all fields, including healthcare digital marketing, focus on location-based search which is on the rise and there has been a lot of progress regarding measuring online to offline behaviour.

How Google AdWords Helps in Driving Offline Sales

Online ads drive offline activity of customers, which can be measured. This data is to be turned into action if you are looking to win omnichannel shoppers. Google AdWords can be used for reporting store visits from online ads and this information can be used for improving store visit conversions. Google helps in tracking store visits from the Google Display Network. How Google's Smart Home Concept Could Make Search Conversational. Healthcare SEO, like any other SEO sub-branch, depends a lot on the technological revolutions that are occurring in our day-to-day lives.

How Google's Smart Home Concept Could Make Search Conversational

It may sound odd, but the reason the above statement is true is because many of these digital revolutions are powered by tech giants, among which is Google. The Smart Home Powered by Google The smart home is here and now. What that means is, homes are being stacked with smart devices. Smart refrigerators, smart ovens, smart air conditioners, smart thermostats, and the list goes on. Why SEO and Facebook Involvement is Important For Medical Industry. Promotion on social media is an essential element for the success of any marketing campaign but it is often overlooked when it comes to healthcare marketing.

Why SEO and Facebook Involvement is Important For Medical Industry

Social media is an ideal platform for medical marketing with millions of users flocking to these sites. It helps in targeting prospective customers or patients. It is now important for medical professionals and physicians to improve their online marketing efforts and have a strong media presence. Medical SEO services include digital marketing for healthcare that can improve the bottom-line for healthcare businesses.

According to a recent PwC Health Research Institute survey, approximately 90 percent of respondents between 18 and 24 trust medical information found on social media networks. Difference between Optimizing Website vs. Optimizing Traffic. Healthcare businesses have largely relied on word-of-mouth to bring new consumers.

Difference between Optimizing Website vs. Optimizing Traffic

Though traditional advertising has been instrumental in building brand awareness, people rely a lot on referrals before making a decision to entrust their health to you, or buy a medical product. With the arrival of the internet and its tremendous popularity, now people make their way to online destinations to learn more about medical services and products. When optimizing for revenue and conversion in the health market, marketers need to focus also on the visitors’ belief and trust apart from the standard conversion rate optimization techniques.

Healthcare services and products are under constant scrutiny with consumers frequently hearing about bans, class action lawsuits, recalls and negative research studies. Significance of Mobile App Development in the Healthcare Industry. Today people greatly rely on mobile devices and mobile apps have started to penetrate into most of the industries.

Significance of Mobile App Development in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is also encouraging mobile app development in keeping with the latest trends and preferences of consumers. Increase in Smartphone users and the rising health consciousness has led to the increase in mobile app usage in the healthcare industry. The way people adapt to mobile technology and look for a convenient healthcare approach has also increased the demand for health apps. Role and Scope of Mobile Apps Doctor-patient interaction is vital in the healthcare industry which is a challenging prospect while monitoring patients remotely. Choose Android Application Development Rather Than iOS. The Necessary Art of Rewriting Old Blog Posts to Make Them New. Blogs are an important aspect of healthcare digital marketing and healthcare SEO.

The Necessary Art of Rewriting Old Blog Posts to Make Them New

Though it may seem a fairly straightforward thing to do, running your blog as part of building up your practice has its challenges. It must perform well in the search rankings, so its SEO needs to be sharp. You need to sort out your monetization strategy and ensure it keeps getting better. Above all this, there is an integral challenge in blogs – content. Selecting Winning Topics and Updating Blog Content Choosing the right content and making it exciting is important to build a following and also gain advantage in the search engine rankings.

Essential Tips to Deal with Broken Links by Monica Barber. By Monica Barber Medical Digital Marketing Medical organizations and businesses have to regularly track, analyze, and adjust their medical SEO efforts to keep up with the changing market landscape.

Essential Tips to Deal with Broken Links by Monica Barber

SEO strategies should be used to optimize your content and your website. Optimizing the content with relevant keywords enables consumers to find your websites easily. Content with relevant keywords increases your online visibility and helps search engines to find your website easily and thereby increase traffic to your website. But sometimes in the digital marketing world a broken link can be dangerous. Broken links can have a negative impact on user experience and your site could end up being penalized by Google. Importance of Using Social Media for Content Marketing – MedResponsive. Social media is where the entire world comes together in search of topics and discussions that are of interest.

Importance of Using Social Media for Content Marketing – MedResponsive

These platforms are also immensely beneficial for various businesses including healthcare. Using social media as a tool for healthcare digital marketing helps to promote great content, generate new leads, improve customer satisfaction and thereby improve doctor– patient relationship. Healthcare consumers toady are likely to search on Google for any medical information or to check on a physician’s reputation. Therefore it is important for healthcare professionals to have a strong content marketing strategy. Using social media for content marketing is an effective way to draw healthcare consumers. Social media marketers usually do not post — they listen, otherwise known as social monitoring. Creating Quality Content Sharing Content through Social Media Is More Eye-catchy Once the content is ready, finding the right influencers is also important.

Like this: Like Loading... Which Is Better for Your Business: Responsive Web Design or a Mobile App? When you are planning to establish a mobile presence for your healthcare business, an important consideration is whether to design a responsive website or create a mobile app that users can download, or perhaps both.

Which Is Better for Your Business: Responsive Web Design or a Mobile App?

An SEO company can help in this regard with medical website development and medical app development. They can help you determine which is most apt for your requirements by considering many important factors such as available budget, target audiences, objectives and the features required. Before going on to whether a responsive web design or a mobile healthcare app is more suitable for you, let us consider what these terms mean. Responsive Web Design A responsive website improves the user experience by automatically adapting to any device that you are using.

Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques. Technology is rapidly changing and healthcare businesses are greatly relying on healthcare digital marketing to improve their reach and make services/products available to a large number of consumers. Healthcare SEO techniques help to bring more visitors to a website by making it rank high in search engines. The goal of SEO techniques is to improve traffic volume and quality of the site, and there are two major types of SEO tactics – Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. White hat techniques are a good means of improving the search engine ranking of a website since these tactics follow Google’s rules. Black hat techniques are deceptive and not approved by search engines; these are largely against the rules set down. Five Versatile Mobile App Development Frameworks. Mobile app development is one of the much sought after mobile SEO services because these provide an effective way of reaching out to targeted consumers.

Healthcare digital marketing focuses on developing the best mobile healthcare apps and software. With increasing use of Smartphones and tablets to access healthcare information and services, physicians, hospitals and medical business owners are realizing that a mobile presence is a necessity. Developing a mobile app is important, similarly using the right mobile app development framework is also essential for optimum results. These frameworks give developers a standard foundation of functionality, which can be modified according to the mobile app specific software. They may be mobile web app frameworks, native frameworks for platform-specific development and hybrid apps that combine the features of native and mobile app frameworks. So here are five popular frameworks for developing mobile apps. 8 Medical SEO Practices That You Should Discard. Today, a steadily increasing number of people are turning to the internet for advice on medical problems, specific medical treatments and procedures.

Hence medical SEO that specifically targets potential patients can help medical websites to rank well in search engine results pages. With growing popularity of medical searches, SEO is becoming a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital world. Why Your Practice Needs Video Marketing Services – MedResponsive. Video marketing services are just so important for successful SEO.

Videos attract more than plain text. If your web page were to carry only text content, there’s every possibility that the reader would just go through a few lines at the top unless you’ve arranged the content under subheadings to break it up. But if you’ve got a video in your page that describes what your content talks about, it gets viewed for sure and helps you convey your point better. It could help lead to calls to action faster. Why Video Marketing Is So Effective When you post videos on your social networking pages and YouTube, they get seen by a number of people if they are informative and interesting at the same time. How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Medical Website. How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate - Learn Few Tips. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) involves optimizing your landing pages, sponsored search ads, and overall website design to increase your conversion rate. This is something a digital marketing company can help you achieve.

CRO is considered a good strategy because it helps increase profits from sales without raising your investment in advertising. The conversion rates are industry- and business model-dependent. Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency — 5 Tips to Capture the Millennial Generation. Responsive Web Design or Mobile App: Which One to Choose – MedResponsive. A responsive website design helps in improving the user experience. What Is Conversion Rate Optimization or Conversion Optimization? The world is shifting from analogue to digital and this has led to a drastic increase in digital marketing for businesses. It helps in getting a custom strategy that will work to improve traffic and page ranking. But now it is no longer just about driving more traffic to your website. Major App Trends of 2017 for Healthcare Marketers to Focus On.

Tips to Consider when Choosing Website Design Services – MedResponsive. Blisk: A Web Browser Built Specifically for Web Developers. Web development is essential for any online business and now there is a browser built specifically focused on website development. Based on Google’s Chromium open source browser project, Blisk has introduced a toolbox for developing, debugging and testing most modern websites.

It is available through subscription service. Long Island Social Media Marketing. SEO Services Long Island. Getting to the Root of the Intrusive Interstitial Penalty. Medical SEO needs to keep itself abreast of Google’s algorithmic changes. One of the most recent changes deals with mobile websites and Google’s penalty on mobile web pages incorporating interstitials. Relevance of Live Videos in Healthcare Digital Marketing. Along with a perfect mobile optimized website and informative content sharing, live videos play a crucial role in digital marketing.

A Cisco Study predicted earlier that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video and online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global internet traffic. 6 Common Mistakes Made During Website Development. Avoiding Disappointment with Your Medical SEO Campaign. Tips to Improve Your Medical SEO Programs to Attract New Consumers. How to Perform an Effective SEO Competitor Analysis. Key Things to Consider in Healthcare Digital Marketing. Take a Look at How Medical SEO Has Changed in the Year 2016. Why Doctors Need to Market Themselves in This Digital Era. SEO for Physicians, Clinics and the Medical Community for 2017. Best Practices to Prevent Medical Website Data Breaches – MedResponsive. Medical Website Development. Increase Referral Traffic with Optimized Websites and Localized Content. Significance of Social Media Marketing in Healthcare Industry. Mobile SEO for Healthcare Practices. 7 SEO Strategies that are Ideal for Healthcare Businesses.

Designing a Medical Practice Website - 5 Top Considerations. Email or Social Media Marketing - Choose Your Marketing Channel. Tips To Consider when Rebranding on Social Media. Must Have Chrome Extensions for Social Media Optimization. Consider These 3 Tips for Healthcare Marketing In 2017. Get to Know the 7 Tips to Improve Your Online Visibility. Social Media Marketing – a Vital Element of Healthcare Marketing Services – MedResponsive. How to Utilize Social Media for Healthcare Marketing. 6 Local SEO Tactics to Attract Patients to Your Medical Practice. What Role does Social Media Tools Play in Medical SEO? Know 4 Ways to Win Patients Using Search Marketing. Professional Responsive Website - What Does It Mean for Your Healthcare Practice? [Infographic] How Does Industry-specific Digital Marketing Draw More ROI? Healthcare Database Application Development. Revamping Social Media Marketing Tactics for Your Medical Website.

Important Tips for B2C Content Marketing in Healthcare. Medical SEO - Healthcare SEO - Medical SEO Companies. Improving your Medical Website: Marketing Tips to Improve Your Visibility. 8 Medical SEO Myths Healthcare Providers Should Know About. SEO for DME Companies. Healthcare Brand Identity Services. Pokémon Go May Drive More Business for Medical Businesses. 10 Great Ways to Repurpose Your Healthcare Video Content. Medical Website Design Company. 5 Tools to Enhance Your Practice’s Social Media Marketing Campaign.

How Is Local SEO Beneficial For Healthcare Practices. Know These Strategies to Never Say No to Healthcare Marketing. Mobile SEO: Tips to Improve Your Presence On Mobile Phones. Medical SEO and Latest Google Penguin 4.0 Updates. Important Tips for B2C Content Marketing in Healthcare by MedResponsive. 5 Tactics to Improve the Ranking of Your Healthcare Website. World Heart Day - Make Your Cardiology Services Visible. Plastic Surgeon SEO. How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Content Marketing. Managed Outsource Solutions Launches MedResponsive Website.