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Mediso USA

Mediso has a long history in the design, and manufacturing of high-end clinical and life science multi-modality in vivo molecular imaging systems.

Mediso USA's Preclinical Imaging. Having a model to work with is very helpful in applying theoretical knowledge in the medical field.

Mediso USA's Preclinical Imaging

Preclinical imaging helps you provide with the visualization of a living animal for research purposes. Preclinical Imaging helps a lot in drug development for medical purposes. The concept of Preclinical Imaging also plays a very important role in observing any changes happening in the living animal- be it on a cellular level or tissue level. It even helps in noticing minute changes in the molecular level of the animal. Preclinical Imaging also allows us to study the function as well as the anatomy of the living animal in a very refined manner. Offering the best and satisfactory results for Preclinical Imaging is Mediso USA which set its course to address a need of more powerful technologically enhanced imaging solutions after providing transformative clinical systems for over a span of 15 long years. Mediso USA Preclinical Imaging. Preclinical Imaging Modalities.

Mediso USA distributes the preclinical imaging portfolio of Mediso in the U.S. and Canada and provides the application development and technical support for life science research, molecular imaging, clinical and molecular diagnostics research fields.

Preclinical Imaging Modalities

We also conduct marketing and sales activities for the region. Our office is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Mediso's technology platform includes positron emission technologies, nuclear medicine technologies, X-ray computer tomographic and magnetic resonance technologies. In Vivo Imaging. MRI Molecular Imaging. Preclinical Imaging Products. Nanoscan PET/SPECT/CT. Here you find an Integrated whole-body prec… Mediso USA. MRI Molecular Imaging. Integrated whole-body preclinical PET/MRI(3T) system with cryogen-free MRI, translational 3T MR field strength and 8cm transaxial FOV State-of-the-art PET molecular imaging and translational 3T cryogen-free MRI are fully integrated into the new standard for preclinical imaging.

MRI Molecular Imaging

The compact nanoScan PET/MRI(3T) combines best-in-class small animal PET performance with the superior soft tissue contrast of a 3T MRI without the infrastructure and operational costs of a traditional high field strength MRI system. The unique design of the patented superconducting “dry magnet” technology is inherently compact, low weight, with a negligible magnetic fringe field, and does not require liquid helium. Integrated preclinical SPECT/MRI. Mediso has pioneered the first integrated SPECT/MRI imaging technology for preclinical animal studies.

Integrated preclinical SPECT/MRI

The nanoScan SPECT/MRI continues to be the only hybrid preclinical imaging system to offer the flexibility of SPECT imaging coregistered with the precision aligned soft tissue resolution of MRI. The nanoScan SPECT subsystem offers an industry-best balance of high sensitivity, high resolution and fully integrated animal support for imaging a wide range of animal species. The broad selection of patented M3 collimators (multi-focus, multi-size, multi-pinhole) empower users with vast capabilities for both focused organ and whole-body applications with the best quantitative accuracy (>97%). The preclinical SPECT/MR system supports quantitative dynamic imaging with full list mode acquisition. In Vivo Preclinical Imaging Products and Services. Preclinical Imaging Platform. Preclinical MR. Mediso offers flexible solutions.

Preclinical MR

Basic systems can be seamlessly upgraded on-site; either by installing a complete subsystem (CT, PET, SPECT, or even MRI) or by adding additional detectors or new functionality to the system. For people who strive to be on the cutting edge, several possibilities are offered for keeping pace with the latest developments to maximize performance and output. We offer continuous upgrade paths for user of the existing NanoSPECT/CT® and NanoPET™/CT. The details about the unique opportunities can be found below.

VivoQuant Post-processing Software Suite for Preclinical Image Data. Mediso USA distributes inviCRO’s VivoQuant™ software suite for PET, SPECT, CT, MRI and optical image analysis and quantification with Mediso’s preclinical nanoScan platform sites and NanoSPECT/CT and NanoPET/CT sites serviced by Mediso USA.

VivoQuant Post-processing Software Suite for Preclinical Image Data

This analysis and viewing software is installed at 125+ imaging labs worldwide (October 2013). VivoQuant is third-party software component and trademark owned by Invicro. Complete Post-processing Software Suite VivoQuant™ is a complete post-processing suite for image data combining fundamental viewing functionality with powerful analysis capabilities. Preclinical Imaging Systems: nanoScan PET, SPECT, CT, MRI 3T and 1T.

The nanoScan Family combines the industry’s highest performing PET and SPECT technology with robust and cutting-edge CT and MR.

Preclinical Imaging Systems: nanoScan PET, SPECT, CT, MRI 3T and 1T

These nine combinations include standalone, bi-mode, and tri-mode systems to address the unique imaging needs and requirements of your institute. Easy upgradeability and a continuous pipeline of nanoScan innovations keeps your system at the forefront of preclinical imaging. The high-end subsystem combinations are integrated through a precision-aligned gantry, universal software interface, and common animal handling solutions. Expending your capabilities for life science research and drug development Key research areas: Cancer Biology, Inflammatory Disease/Autoimmune, Neurobiology/CNS/Neurodegeneration, Cardiology or Vascular Biology, Diabetes, Liver Disease, Lung Disease, Urology, and many more...

Mediso maximizes common elements on the nanoScan platform to enhance the user experience and reduce the learning curve to full system utilization. Link.shutterfly. In Vivo Imaging Systems. Preclinical In Vivo Imaging Products, Upgrades from Mediso USA. Preclinical imaging2 is the most powerful and clinically translational method for monitoring disease progression.

Preclinical In Vivo Imaging Products, Upgrades from Mediso USA

In vivo imaging of animal models has been a benefit in the fields of molecular imaging1 and drug development3. This methodology has had a dramatic impact in assessing anatomical, functional, and molecular biomarkers in disease. The ultimate in preclinical versatility and robust high-end imaging subsystems, the nanoScan family is a valuable tool accelerating discoveries in a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines: Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, and Oncology. Since 1990, Mediso has been fully engaged in the development and manufacturing of nuclear imaging systems. This experience along with the spirit of innovation has resulted in the industry’s highest preforming and most successful line of PET/SPECT/CT/MR preclinical scanners. Upgrades The investment into the nanoScan preclinical imaging systems is secure with a comprehensive array of upgrades. Nanoscan MRI 7T. Preclinical Imaging Systems.

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nanoScan MRI 7T

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