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TICAL - Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership.

Digital Media Literacy

1:1 Resources/Ideas. Common Core. iPads in Education. Engaging with iPads. Web 2.0 Tools #2. Twitter. Adora Svitak on TED. Playlist 8 talks to inspire TED Prize wishes TED Prize winners turn ideas into world-changing projects, with $1 million in seed money and the TED community’s support.

Adora Svitak on TED

Beyond having a solid track record of making high-impact change in their communities and beyond, all prize winners must be capable of one thing: dreaming big. Does this sound like you or someone you know? This […] 9 talks for Father’s Day He is a part of you. Untitled. Internship. 21st C Learning. Blackboard. Teachers Transform Commercial Video Game for Class Use. Digital Tools Teaching Strategies MinecraftEDU By Katrina Schwartz Educators have been tapping into the wildly popular online game Minecraft for its potential as a learning tool for a while now — to teach physics, math, and computer science.

Teachers Transform Commercial Video Game for Class Use

But until recently, the game was mostly the territory of computer science teachers, and even they were forced to use the commercial version of the online game. So a few months ago, two teachers, Santeri Koivisto and Joel Levin, decided to make the software more accessible and relevant to teachers. Teachers like to use Minecraft because it’s a “sandbox” game — it provides players nearly limitless freedom to build within it. “Many educational games start with the question, ‘What should we teach with the game?’ Koivisto and Levin decided to pursue a classroom application after observing students solve complicated problems with their collaboration in the game. “Many educational games start with the question ‘What should we teach with the game?’

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Poverty and Education. Bethke_Tech_Permit.png (PNG Image, 862 × 535 pixels) Technology Integration. Infographics. Physics. School Budget Hold'em. Interesting Articles. Rewards of Role Reversal: Teachers Learn, Students Teach. Teaching Strategies Lenny Gonzales All too often, schools find that they’ve invested heavily in education technology only to see these tools unused or classroom instruction unchanged.

Rewards of Role Reversal: Teachers Learn, Students Teach

That was one of the realizations of the Oak Hills Local School District (OHLSD), a tech-friendly district in Cincinnati, Ohio. Even though the district had adopted an “anywhere, anytime, any device” policy, school officials found that technology simply wasn’t being used all that frequently in the classroom. It was clear that a different level of support was necessary, beyond typical professional development.

So the district devised a program to help teachers and students take full advantage of the tech resources by turning to an under-utilized but incredibly valuable resource: its students. “The kids push the envelope.” Now, these consultant/students are equipped with computers and software that they use both at school and at home. The students who participate in the eKIDS program are self-selected. Related. Virtual School Symposium 2011 Wiki - home. Mobile Devices in the Classroom.

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Blended Learning in Practice. Web 2.0 Tools. Apps for Education. Hybrid Resources. Interactive Floor, Wall & Advertising Projection : Free Interactive Projection Software : Digital Curricular Resources. Digital Learning. Blended Learning Comp. EduGames.