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| Medical Device Depot began with the simple idea of revolutionizing the way that physicians.

Stopping “Sneak Thief” Glaucoma in Its Tracks. Glaucoma is often referred to as the “sneak thief of vision” because the disease progresses at an almost imperceptible rate until it suddenly causes a severe loss of vision.

Stopping “Sneak Thief” Glaucoma in Its Tracks

The disease affects nearly 3 million people in the U.S. and 60 million worldwide, but only about half the people with the disease know they have it, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. One of the most famous examples of glaucoma’s subtle progress is professional baseball player Kirby Puckett, whose career was ended abruptly in 1996 when he woke one morning to find he had no vision in his left eye. Understanding The Body’s OS: The Autonomic Nervous System.

Understanding The Body’s OS: The Autonomic Nervous System If your body were a computer, the autonomic nervous system would be its operating system.

Understanding The Body’s OS: The Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system regulates a variety of organs and bodily functions, ensuring that they work properly. Thanks to the autonomic nervous system, your heart beats, your lungs breathe, and various other body processes occur without your conscious effort. The Importance of Accurate Medical Coding for Proper Reimbursement.

The Importance of Accurate Medical Coding for Proper Reimbursement While the owners of private medical practices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can generally claim the cost of medical equipment, surgical equipment,and office supplies as tax write offs,1 getting properly reimbursed by insurance companies, and other payers for patient services and procedures, requires a different system altogether: medical coding.

The Importance of Accurate Medical Coding for Proper Reimbursement

The Importance of Diabetic Retinopathy Screening. A Leading Cause of Blindness Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness.

The Importance of Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Each and every year, approximately 8,000 Americans of all ages lose their vision as a result of the disease. Diabetes leads to blindness through a complication known as diabetic retinopathy. Thankfully, physicians can treat the condition as long as they catch it early enough. Allergy Tests Change Lives, Save Lives. Allergies affect more than 50 million people in the U.S., causing mild annoyances for some, chronic illnesses for others, and life-threatening health complications for a disturbingly large number.

Allergy Tests Change Lives, Save Lives

Many people are unaware that they have allergies, only discovering the problem when they have a reaction to something. For some, this can have dire consequences if their allergic reaction is severe. Allergy testing by healthcare professionals using specialized medical equipment can help patients learn of potential health hazards and also isolate allergens that may be causing them distress. Maintenance Extends Ultrasound Life, Representing Big Savings. Ultrasound machines provide an invaluable service to the health care industry by offering an accurate and non-invasive imaging tool that can help in monitoring patient health and diagnosing conditions.

Maintenance Extends Ultrasound Life, Representing Big Savings

Like any other medical device, ultrasound machines require regular inspection and maintenance to extend their longevity and ensure their ability to function properly. Ultrasound devices use ultrasound waves to develop images of the body’s internal organs and processes. Ultrasound machines use a device called a transducer to generate high frequency soundwaves which they focus on specific areas of the body. Efficient Surgical Light Cuts Costs, Improves Patient Care. Health care is often a game of numbers, with small, incremental improvements moving the needle forward in improving care for all.

Efficient Surgical Light Cuts Costs, Improves Patient Care

Small improvements in efficiency here and there can have a big impact on patient outcomes and costs to health care facilities. Surgical lighting systems represent one aspect of health care where efficiency efforts can have a big impact on patient health, facility expenses, and the environmental impact of the health care industry. Great advances have been made in recent years to surgical lighting systems, making them easier for doctors and nurses to manipulate, reducing their power consumption and also reducing their heat output.

Health care facilities searching for ways to improve patient outcomes and also to control costs should consider the advantages of upgrading their surgical lights. The Rhythm of the Heart Holter Monitor. The heart is the strongest muscle in the human body, and it’s also astonishingly active.

The Rhythm of the Heart Holter Monitor

Whether we’re running, lying on the couch, or sleeping, the heart unceasingly continues its mission to pump blood through our bodies. On average, the human heart beats over 115 thousand times a day. Therefore it is literally vital to keep our hearts in prime condition—but lifestyle choices, illness, and the aging process all combine to make this task increasingly difficult as time goes by.

Luckily, medical technology has produced a variety of effective devices and treatments to aid us in remaining heart-healthy. Fetal Dopplers Vital to Managing High Risk Pregnancies. For high-risk pregnancies, doctors need every bit of information they can gather to help ensure the safety of mother and child.

Fetal Dopplers Vital to Managing High Risk Pregnancies

Fetal Dopplers provide an invaluable service to doctors and their patients, allowing physicians to carefully monitor a key indicator of the well-being of the fetus Even in routine pregnancies, fetal heartbeat monitoring is used to check on the progression of fetal development. In addition to the practical benefits of using fetal Dopplers, the devices can also facilitate an important milestone for couples and their child. Hearing a growing baby’s heartbeat for the first time via a baby Doppler device can be a key moment for parents in bonding with their unborn child. Understanding Pulse Oximetry. Pulse oximeters provide physicians with a simple, but highly effective tool for monitoring oxygen levels in the blood, allowing them to screen for several serious conditions and to monitor patients during surgery.

Understanding Pulse Oximetry

Non-invasive and reliable, pulse oximetry devices are widely used in medical facilities around the world, and the yearly market for these devices is around $1 billion. Medical facilities considering ordering pulse oximetry devices should research the equipment they are considering purchasing to ensure they get the best quality devices. Physicians aren’t the only ones buying these devices. Pulse oximeters are also sold to patients who are monitoring certain conditions at home.

These consumers should also learn more about how these devices operate to make a better informed decision. Shedding Light on Surgical Lighting. Despite all the advances in imaging systems and other medical technology, something as simple as the lighting in the operating room can still have a major impact on patient health and safety. Monitoring Vital Signs: A Basic, but Important Component of Health Care.

When patients visit their doctor’s office, one of the first things the physician or nurse will do is check the patient’s vital signs. These indicators can reveal much about a patient’s health and serve as an important starting point for evaluating the patient’s overall wellbeing, and diagnosing any illnesses or conditions. Health care professionals must have the proper training and reliable medical equipment to measure blood pressure, respiration rate, body temperature, and pulse rate.

Vital sign monitoring provides three important pieces of information to health care professionals: A quick method of detecting a serious medical problem. Monitoring Blood Pressure is Key to Maintaining Adult Health. Monitoring Blood Pressure Key to Maintaining Adult Health As adults get older, regular blood pressure monitoring becomes increasingly important as blood pressure acts as a key warning sign of heart disease, a leading cause of death and serious illness. Blood pressure is the force of blood flowing through the arteries, and it reflects how hard the heart is working to deliver adequate blood flow.

Blood pressure is expressed in terms of systolic pressure, that is, the pressure exerted when the heart pumps blood into the arteries, and diastolic pressure, the pressure between heart beats. Medical professionals typically measure blood pressure with sphygmomanometers, and the measurement is expressed in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Why High Blood Pressure Is a Problem The evidence linking high blood pressure to several very serious illnesses is very clear, making identifying and treating high blood pressure a critical health priority. How Doctors Monitor High Blood Pressure. Sterilization of Medical Equipment: Preventing Infections and Saving Lives.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of sterilizing equipment and disinfecting surfaces in health care facilities. Sterilization techniques have saved countless lives and spared untold numbers of people the pain and suffering of post-surgical and other microbial infections. Healthcare-associated infections (HIAs) are extremely common—the World Health Organization reports that hundreds of millions of patients are affected by HIAs each year worldwide.1 While the number of people affected is greater in developing countries, infection rates in developed countries do not trail far behind.

It is clear that diligent sterilization and disinfection are absolutely essential in any healthcare environment. Healthcare facilities use a variety of disinfectant solutions to sterilize equipment, as well as autoclaves, the latter which work by exposing medical supplies and devices to high pressure steam to sterilize the equipment. Sterilization Methods Disinfectant Methods Sources: Stethoscopes: An Enduring Tool of Medicine. One of the most recognizable tools of the medical profession, the stethoscope has served doctors and patients for nearly two centuries.

Stethoscopes have become so iconic that medical students at many universities receive a stethoscope along with their white coat in their first year of training to symbolize their transition to becoming doctors. Worldwide, the stethoscope market is worth around $311 million in annual sales, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Surviving Seasonal Allergies: When to Get Tested and Available Treatments. Getting the Most out of Your Physical Exam: How to Prepare. Afrezza® Insulin Inhaler: Breakthrough Diabetes Treatment Now Widely Available. Afrezza® Insulin Inhaler: Breakthrough Diabetes Treatment Now Widely Available. MedicalDeviceDepot. Stress Test and Heart Disease. Stress Test Examines Your Heart at Work When you visit your doctor’s office, you’re usually examined under calm, clinical conditions. While this can give satisfactory test results for some conditions, others require examination under more rigorous conditions.