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Physicians Email List, Mailing Addresses and Database Directory from Healthcare Marketers. In 2009, in a research conducted by Statista on the U.S. physician market, it was seen that the physician density in the country is much sparse when compared to certain other countries. With only about 28.3 active physicians per 10,000 civilian population, it's not surprising that there's intense demand for physicians across the country. At Healthcare Marketers we therefore believe that as medical marketers, CME providers, healthcare publishers, hospital recruiters and others, having a physician mailing list handy for all your marketing and communication needs will be effective.

So let us make things easier by offering the email list of physicians for targeted marketing campaigns across geo-targeted markets in order to achieve targeted business goals and revenue. A database developed for the smart global marketer, we believe in making the process of business communications simple and effective. It is predicted that the job outlook for physicians will rise by 14% by 2014 (BLS). Plastic Surgery Specialists Email List, Mailing Addresses and Database from Healthcare Marketers.

As per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Report 2014, procedures for men went up by 43% over the last five years! So stop being naive about your market's potential and get for your campaigns a customized plastic surgery specialist database to leverage from data-driven multichannel campaigns. Considering that conventional methods are no longer substantial, we at Healthcare Marketers recommend our clients to make direct contact with over 5, 299 plastic surgeons through contemporary channels of online and offline communications. Stop being content with your present campaign sales and revenue when our email list of plastic surgeons will help you in achieving so much more!

Invest in the plastic surgery specialist mailing address database today! With years of experience in the field of global data compilation, we understand market challenges and the difficulties medical marketers face while promoting their brand and products. Information Available: Type of Practice: Usage: Otolaryngologist Email List, Mailing Addresses and Database from Healthcare Marketers. With approximately 35 million people suffering with sinus related problems every year, the need for otolaryngologists is no longer restricted to urban hospitals and clinics, but also in medical institutions across rural and semi-rural setups.

The need for a relevant otolaryngologists mailing list is therefore mandatory for marketers to be able to reach out to their targeted specialists for bring their brand and medical products to prominence, and engaging with their audiences to develop long-term business relationship. At Healthcare Marketers, we understand the dynamics of the competitive healthcare sector and hence develop the otolaryngologist directory with utmost precision and accuracy. Our teams are competent, capable and experienced, and can proactively compile data from relevant sources to guarantee data-quality and deliverables with the otolaryngology physician email database. So continue to be excellent! Information Available: Type of Practice: Geographic Selections: Usage: Radiation Oncology Physician Email List, Mailing Addresses and Database from Healthcare Marketers. With the incidence of cancer patients increasing with time, the need for radiation therapy for removing tumors in the breast, bone marrow, lung, skin, endocrine, gynecological areas etc. has also increased.

With the expected rise of patients requiring the services of radiation oncologists to rise by 22% by 2020, it's predicted that there will be a shortage in the number of licensed radiation oncology physicians. But don't let market conditions affect your business growth and prosperity. Trust us at Healthcare Marketers and buy email list of Radiation Oncologists to be prepared before the competition in the market rises. It's understandable that with time competition will rise. Our focus therefore while developing the mailing list of Radiation Oncology Physician has been to ensure to help clients with datasets to take appropriate steps for reducing competition. Be closer to your business goals with the Radiation Oncologist Database Information Available: Type of Practice: Usage:

Massage Therapists Email List, Mailing Addresses and Database from Healthcare Marketers. In 2003, 35% of the population in Ontario, Canada had used massage therapy; in the United States it is estimated that by 2024, the job outlook for massage therapists will grow by 22%! If numbers impress you, then these numbers are vital signs that the need for massage therapists is being felt across nations – a fact that we at Healthcare Marketers have not ignored and have designed the email list of Massage Therapists to help our clients leverage from it. With over 51,662 verified records our Registered Massage Therapist mailing list is contemporary and well-researched, making it a suitable and robust companion for medical marketers rolling global campaigns.

Testing your marketing strategies to the fullest with the Massage Therapy Database At Healthcare Marketers we believe that data forms the crux of every contemporary campaign. Information Available: Type of Practice: Our mailing addresses of Massage Therapists will support your geo-targeted campaigns with data from: Usage: Physicians Email List | Mailing Addresses | Physician Database. “My job as a physician is to make sure I have provided my patients with the best options to make the decisions that affect their lives.” – Ami Bera At Lake B2B, we live by those words!

As a leading healthcare marketing database provider, our work is to provide our clients with marketing solutions and databases that will help them in their business pursuits and pave the future of their business. With the physician email database we seek to introduce our clients to a world of contemporary b2b marketing with healthcare databases that are designed for the modern marketer.

Physician Mailing Addresses Database Features Exhaustive geo physicians email lists with contact details of targeted medical specialists from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, EMEA, Australia, APAC and other countries 1.2 million phone calls per month as a part of data verification100% telephone and email verified physician mailing listsQuarterly SMTP and NCOA verified to keep data fresh and active Who is a Physician?

Case Manager/Care Coordinator Email List, Mailing Addresses and Database from Healthcare Marketers. The healthcare sector has witnessed significant changes in the last couple of years – the nursing sector being no different. With over 200 nursing sub-specialties, there is now a visible division of the care delivery method – that of the pivotal and conventional nurses and that of case managers. At Healthcare Marketers we understand the challenges that medical marketers face with the changes in the healthcare sector requiring them to be all the more sorted and targeted.

Our Case Manager mailing list was designed with the intention of helping with that! With our email list of Case Mangers we give to our clients the opportunity to leverage from opportunities that come their way even in a competitive and extensive market. With over 27,153 verified records, our mailing list of Care Coordinators is niche, well researched, comprehensive and brings simplicity and excellence to your b2b campaigns.

Give momentum to campaigns with our up-to-date Care Coordinators Database Information Available: