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Google Now Includes Twitter Feeds in Search Results - What You Need To Know. Now, more than ever, real-time marketing takes the lead.

Google Now Includes Twitter Feeds in Search Results - What You Need To Know

On 21st August, Google officially announced on Twitter, and Google blog, that the engine will be including Twitter feeds in Google desktop search results. During May, Google already started showing Tweets in mobile search results. However, now the big news is that Tweets will increasingly begin to show up in all English language search results on desktop. How Will the Tweets Appear?

Since the announcement, Google has been experimenting with how content is pulled from Twitter in desktop results. The Twitter account comes up with its description. Google Mobile-Friendly Test. In early March, Google announced the roll out of one of the most important algorithm updates since Penguin.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

The user has always been at the centre of Google updates, and through this most recent update, Google aims to better the user experience for the search engine’s mobile browsers. Google will give a boost to mobile-friendly sites and apps in order to help users “get the most relevant and timely results”. This can be seen as a response to the growth of access via mobile, as well as the larger trend towards more personalised search results. How to Check & Fix Your Website The Google mobile update is expect to roll-out from today, 21 April 2015.

The Power of Digital PR for SEO & Search Visibility (Infographic) All too often it seems that Digital PR is pegged against Traditional PR as an either-or approach, and clients believe they need to employ only one at the expense of the other.

The Power of Digital PR for SEO & Search Visibility (Infographic)

There is often a feeling that one needs to go either “all traditional” or “all digital”. This is then further perpetuated by agencies fighting for their specific cause. Eventually, this results in clients falling short of the potential PR success they may have experienced had they opted to integrate the two approaches, and enjoyed the unique benefits of each.

11 Things We Should Never Ever Do In Link Building Again. Oh, the Horror! What You Can Learn From Truly Scary Websites. When leaves start to fall, the wind causes chills, and frost forms on grass, you know one thing is near: Halloween.

Oh, the Horror! What You Can Learn From Truly Scary Websites

Witches, goblins, and spiders decorate doors, and horror movie marathons abound. This spooky season is fun, but one place you don’t want to encounter ghastly and grim design is your website. Learn from the mistakes others have made to take your website from ghoulish to stylish. Information Now: The Evolution of Search and SEO. 10 Things Learnt About SEO in 2014. Looking Back, Moving Forward – Google’s Evolution. Click to enlarge As we celebrate our 10th birthday and a decade of success as a digital agency, we‘re looking back at how Google evolved from a garage start-up to one of the most powerful enterprises in the industry today.

Looking Back, Moving Forward – Google’s Evolution

The Google Evolution It doesn’t take a Google search to discover the profound impact this search engine has had on the world. Just ask someone a difficult question and wait for their response… ‘Google it’. Farewell Google Authorship - But Here's What To Do Now. Towards the end of June, Google had bloggers and content marketers up in arms when they completely removed Google authorship photos from search results.

Farewell Google Authorship - But Here's What To Do Now

These changes normally come as no surprise, as anyone who works in digital knows that Google giveth and Google taketh away. However, this development left more than the usual sting, seeing that Google spent considerable time and energy encouraging webmasters and content developers to make use of Google authorship, for the benefit of increased click throughs, personal branding and credibility. There was a flurry of controversy surrounding the removal of these authorship photos, the most accusatory argument being that the visual element distracted users from clicking on Google ads –the search engine’s cash cow.

SEO Myths. The Origins and The Facts. There’s a lot of guessing and speculating that goes on when we talk about SEO and search rankings. 10 different SEO experts might tell you 10 different things.

SEO Myths. The Origins and The Facts

The Importance of Setting GOALS! (and lots of them) By goals, I don’t mean kicking a ball between two posts (as we already know this is extremely difficult for England).

The Importance of Setting GOALS! (and lots of them)

In this case I am referring to Goals set within Analytics and Adwords (as well as other 3rd party programmes), which are triggered when someone carries out a specific action within a website. This can be a visit to a key page, a newsletter sign-up, account registration, completing a transaction or even visiting a specific product/service page. Each and every one of these actions (or Goals) has a specific set of statistics, conversion rates, click through rates, bounce rates and ultimately monetary value to the advertiser.

It is essential that we identify these goals and structure our advertising campaigns around these goals accordingly. For example, a website that sells electrical appliances may have the following main Goals within its website: Each of the above goals will generate a different number of enquiries, sales and ultimately revenue. A Simplified Blogger's Guide To SEO. We understand that not everyone who blogs can easily wrap their head around SEO.

A Simplified Blogger's Guide To SEO

Attention Local Businesses - Drive Foot Traffic with Web Assets. In addition to the competition on the field, the FIFA World Cup is hotly contested by big brands, all vying to catch the fleeting attention of fans as Brazil takes centre stage.

Attention Local Businesses - Drive Foot Traffic with Web Assets

Is eBay A Big Loser In Google's Panda 4.0 Update? Yesterday, Google began rolling out their Panda 4.0 update designed to punch low-quality content. That’s generated both “winners” who have moved up in rankings as “losers” have dropped down — and eBay might be one of the big losers. Searchmetrics gave us their initial winners and loser charts, based on rankings they continually monitor. These show that one of the biggest losers was eBay. According to the data, eBay lost a tremendous amount of traffic from Google, much of it from the area of its site. Another huge loser was, yes, the search engine, that lost a tremendous amount of traffic in their Questions section at