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The Difference Between Blogging and Content Marketing. Content Marketing has been the buzz word on everyone’s lips for a while now, but a lot of people still don’t understand how it really differs from brand blogging. They’re both just creating content for your site right? Content continues to be the backbone of an integrated digital approach to marketing. That means it also needs strategy behind it so that it reaps the rewards you’re looking for. The truth is that blogging and Content Marketing each offer audiences something completely different. In short, blogging helps tell a story about your company and lets customers know that you care; while Content Marketing provides useful content that speaks to those customers at different buying stages and helps to drive traffic to your site. Still confused? Why Should Your Brand be Blogging?

For years, brands have been hiring writers to create editorial style content for their blogs. Looking at it from an SEO standing, Google loves fresh content. 27 Best Copywriting Formulas: How to Tell a Captivating Story Online. You’ve heard it said that storytelling is an essential element to drawing the reader into your content and driving more engagement. So how can you add this element to the blogposts you write? Can you fit a captivating story into a social media update, even one that’s 140 characters long?

Here’s the great news: There’s a formula for that. Many storytellers and copywriters have tested out the best intros and segues to draw readers to a piece of content. Their copywriting formulas just plain work—in blogpost intros, in social updates, in emails, and anywhere else you might happen to write online. Here are 27 of the best ones I’ve heard.

Give them a try and see how they might make storytelling a breeze for you. 27 Copywriting Formulas That Grab Readers’ Attention Why might you trot out a copywriting formula each time you need compelling copy? I think one of my favorite perspectives on it, from someone who knows copywriting better than anyone, comes from Copyblogger’s Demian Farnworth. 1. Example: 36 Visual Content Creation Tools the Pros Can't Live Without. 3 Ways To Scale Your Content Marketing. Content Marketing is all the rage, and deservedly so, as it can help you build your reputation and visibility online. For many publishers, though, the benefits do not come quickly enough. They try a few things, don’t see the immediate benefits, and then they stop. The problem is often that they don’t scale their efforts properly.

Having a strategy for achieving scale is essential to success. In today’s post, I will show three ways to do that. Whatever it is that you do, there are going to be some people who know you. If you have started the process of building your reputation in your industry, some of these people are going to think highly of you. All of this is good, but ultimately, we want that group of people who know us and think highly of us to grow, and we want more and more different people citing our work. There are some very interesting social dynamics involved; so, let’s start by exploring what they are with three example scenarios:. Scenario 1: High Article Posting Frequency. 10 Content Rules we Learnt and Lived by in 2014. Brands have been using great content to tell stories, start conversations and win over their audiences since the beginning of time, but with the introduction of new channels over the last decade, the task has become more complex than ever before.

With new platforms, tools, promotional tactics and a wide variety of channels that allow messages to reach more people more often, the job of creating useful and beautiful content has never been more vital to a brand’s success. With that in mind, check out the 10 rules our Assistant Head of Content made us learn and live by in 2014. Next year we’ll discover even more as search engines evolve and content marketing becomes even more competitive and specialised! 10 Things I Learnt about Content in 2014 from MediaVision. The A-Z Guide for Copywriters. What Defines Quality of Content Marketing? | Copywriting, Digital Strategy, Featured. Content Marketing is nothing new and has been around since the very first advertising and marketing agencies started promoting their clients.

Utilising content as part of your overall marketing strategy is essential, but where the difficulty arises is how to do this effectively using digital media available to us in the modern age. There are a number of misconceptions around using content in your marketing strategy and campaigns, let’s discuss a few of these and debunk the myths and get to the truth of the matter. Content Marketing… That’s Easy! How hard can it be, all you need to do is write a few blog posts and send out a newsletter every month, and those who are interested will find it and love it, right? Wrong. Content Marketing Sells Well yes, it does, but not like you might think.

Research – What For? I know who my clients are and what they want from me, I don’t need to do research, silly. Strategy – Nah I’ll Just Wing It. Content Briefing, What’s That? Content Creation – That’ll Do. Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Business. Content Marketing Trends Your Business Should Implement. JT Ripton is a business consultant and freelance writer.

Through proper content marketing, businesses can build their brand, raise awareness, and engender trust. This type of marketing positions businesses as credible and reliable information sources. Sharing and promoting content related to your particular industry attracts people to your social media and digital platforms as well as your product lines. With so many potential benefits from content marketing, here’s a look at the trends that your business should consider implementing: “Director of Content” is the new highly recruited marketing title The person in this critical role helps coordinate sales and marketing activities to ensure both departments are working toward the same goals. By shaping strategies and overseeing execution, the content director ensures messaging remains focused and on brand.

Mobile optimization is crucial Videos need to play properly on smartphones and tablets. The evolution of the guest video post. Marketing Tricks of Terror | Advertising. Frighten Your Fans with 13 Creepy Content Marketing Tactics Digital marketing requires marketers to be savvy and will keep customers riding on the edge of their seats ready to pounce on the latest opportunities that surface. The phrases ‘news-jacking’ and ‘trend-jacking’ may seem familiar, but let’s consider holiday jacking. Many holidays may be completely unrelated to a brand’s core business, but yet these special days pose as an excellent opportunity for promoting the brand’s offering. Holiday-jacking has been a key aspect of commerce from as early as the Industrial Revolution! Establishing the correct context for your content isn’t a walk in the park, but by targeting popular holidays you may earn an automatic “in” with a larger audience.

The bigger the holiday, the larger the interest among consumers and naturally, the associated search volumes on Google. 1. Focus your efforts on creating a scary story about what your buyer personas can expect if they don’t buy your product. 2. 3. A Step by Step Guide to Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy | Digital Campaigns, Featured. There’s been a lot of discussion about who’s doing it, how they’re doing it, and who they’re doing it with – we’re talking about content marketing, of course.

This channel is one of the fastest-growing in the digital sphere, and a recent study by Econsultancy has reaffirmed the significance of content marketing: 80% of global companies agree that ‘the role of content will continue to grow as push marketing becomes less effective.’91% of marketers, publishers and agencies are using content to market products and services and most believe it will become more important over the next 12 months91% of UK companies will produce more content in 2014 than last year and 88% of companies plan to produce even more in 2015 We’ve heard all about the benefits of this strategy – increased ROI, improved brand awareness, greater traffic, inbound links and lead generation – and seen some great examples of content marketing from brands such as Red Bull and Coke.

Create an Editorial Calendar Brainstorming. 3 Tools to Better Manage Your Blogging Editorial Calendar. Have you tried using a blog editorial calendar? Do you have a central place to track blog topic ideas, manage writers and schedule publish dates? Blogging is much easier when you have your content planned out. Knowing what you’ll write about and when you’ll publish it helps you stay on track. In this article I’ll share three editorial calendar tools that help you deliver better content in less time. What Is a Blog Editorial Calendar? A blog editorial calendar shows you all of your blog posts and where they are in the production process.

Use an editorial calendar tool to organize, track and plan your blog content. Blog editorial calendars are especially useful if you’re working with a team of writers. There are a variety of editorial calendar tools at your disposal. . #1: Customize Editorial Management Edit Flow is a free plugin that allows you to create and manage your editorial calendar within WordPress. You don’t have to be working on a post to preview or edit it. #2: Include Social Sharing. Backed by Science: the 25-Headline Upworthy Challenge  — Think Different. How we tested Headline testing at Upworthy involves a dubious fairytale contraption to which they refer as the Magical Unicorn Box. If you’re not outfitted with one of these jobbies, that’s okay, because to test your headlines, all you really need is traffic, time, and Twitter. We followed Buffer’s protocol, which you can read more about here. With Twitter as our lab, we sent out 4 title variations for each of the 4 articles we tested, then tracked which was the star performer.

The system’s far from perfect, but the results were pretty clear. Below is an example of one of our tests. Sadly, it was not my beloved punnery that drummed up the most interest in the Twittersphere. What we know now Truth #1: Descriptive headlines are the new black. The “4 Ways” headline isn’t clever, it isn’t shocking, and there’s little curiosity gappage. Truth #2: We like being talked to like humans. The above winning title talks to people like I’d talk to people if we were having a conversation. They love them.

8 Key Elements Of A Perfect Blog Post That Gets Results | SEOISTA - SEO, PPC, SOCIAL MEDIA & DIGITAL. I always say to my clients that Content is not enough! Why? Because it’s true - You can have a good piece of content but that isn’t enough. You need also dress it nicely; the presentation, the look or the packaging is crucial for success. If you think you have a good blog post/article but you don’t get views, well this is a common scenario. The reason why you don’t get results is simple – your blog post is boring! Here are my top elements that every blog post needs to have; HeadlineIntroductionThe main bodyHeading & Sub-headingsVisualsLinks to other sourcesSocial Media Share ButtonsFinal Paragraphs I’ve explored these elements in more detail on my latest blog post where you can check the full The Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post That Gets Results that gets readers and these important social signals.

Remember, it’s all about the packaging, not only written words! Like this: Like Loading... Hijack the Bandwagon in 6 Steps | Social Media. Topical information is the key to driving social media content. Even for audience members who initially miss the real time incident that launches a social media frenzy, soon enough it will become a trending topic and will educate others online as to what scandalous event has occurred. This week’s scandal was delivered by Luis Suarez, who was caught biting his third opponent in his football career. So what does that have to do with brands? Everything. Trending topics are likely to hit your timelines whether you love football or not. And because it’s causing such a stir, social media readers are likely to look into the incident to educate themselves about what they’ve “missed”. If your brand has joined that trend, then it could equal huge exposure for you. Here’s our list of 5 steps to rapidly creating content for a trending topic: 1.

When it comes to joining a trend, timing is crucial. 2. The image that your designer creates must include your company’s brand identity. 3. 4. 5. 6. Don't be content with the old ways. Marketers are spotting a correlation between ‘owned media’ and traditional paid-for formats and consumers are viewing content positively. Many marketers believe that people want to ‘have a discussion’ with their brands, but consumers disagree. In a report exclusively seen by Marketing Week, 43 per cent of senior marketers ‘definitely agree’ that the public wants to be talked to rather than simply listening to what a brand has to say. However, only 15 per cent of consumers concur. This might suggest that they prefer advertising to content marketing, but more than half (57 per cent) of consumers definitely or tend to agree that they feel more positive towards brands that produce content for them. Added to this, 60 per cent of senior marketers in Britain believe that in the future, brands will be built by aligning themselves with engaging content, as well as the more traditional advertising-led approach, according to the research by content marketing agency Seven.

Methodology. Our Favourite Spam-tertainment | Just for Fun. Blogs are undeniably an important part of a client’s online presence. However, along with the good exposure and brand growth that a blog brings, it also welcomes another guest: Spam. Indeed, that little comment button is a glowing invitation for any and all to share whatever is on their heart or mind. Source: This very MediaVision blog has evoked some very curious responses; we’d love to share some of the highlights: 1. Nellie with the mean sister told us her tragic story: “Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. Thanks for sharing, Nellie. 2. “There are a host of predators out there just waiting to catch a fresh meal, and many of them love fresh chicken or eggs.

Great advice Chicken House Plants! 3. “Everybody loves to eat out and in some cases; eating out cannot be avoided like official dinners. 4. 5. We could hardly say it better. 6. 7. Mythbusters: Common Content Misconceptions from MV’s Content Queen | Copywriting. In recent months, I’ve noticed a lot of articles punting no-fail, miraculous onsite content solutions – and while some of them do contain valuable insights, it’s important to take these with a pinch of salt. #1 Newsjacking Newsjacking is the process of piggybacking off topical matters and breaking news content in order to draw attention to your own brand.

For example, if a specific topic is trending on social media or Google, and you create a piece of content related to this topic, users are more likely to find it, visit your site and/or interact with it. However, the trend of newsjacking has unfortunately led to a plethora of content created simply to try capitalise on a trend, without offering readers anything new or insightful. Don’t just summarise the situation – if you have no relevant soundbites to add, rather avoid this tactic. More importantly, don’t make the faux pas of newsjacking on a tragedy or disaster to push your brand. . #2 The Long and Short of It So what is the ideal length?