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Mediaura Gives A Little TLC to Our Furry Friends In The Community. We didn’t let a little rain stop us for an early morning walk on May 16th at the 21st annual Waggin’ Trail Walk at Waterfront Park in support of our client, the Kentucky Humane Society.

Mediaura Gives A Little TLC to Our Furry Friends In The Community

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) advocates the humane treatment of companion animals through leadership and proactive solutions to pet overpopulation, including adoptions, education and spay/neuter efforts. Founded in 1884, KHS is the oldest and largest animal welfare agency in the state thanks to private supporters. As the area’s number one resource for pets and pet services, KHS is dedicated to improving the welfare of companion animals.

Through adoptions, education programs and spay/neuter efforts, KHS offers proactive solutions to the pet overpopulation crisis in our area. As their proud digital partner, we formed a team and set a goal of $500 to help our furry friends get the care they need as they wait for their forever families. Facebook Targeted Advertising for Your Business. It’s not news to anyone that advertisements are running the show on Facebook these days.

Facebook Targeted Advertising for Your Business

If you check Facebook on a fairly regular basis, you’ve surely come across ads that seem suspiciously directed at you. You might have an inclination about how these ads ended up on your news feed, but have you realized that businesses use Facebook targeted advertising to reach the people who are the most likely to give them their business? And if you do, do you know how it works? Facebook gives you the power to target specific groups of people who are highly engaged with what your business offers through a series of questions. Compared to the average online reach of 38% for narrowly targeted campaigns, Facebook is 89% accurate. The Facebook targeted advertising techniques to help your business grow: Location You can reach customers in key locations by country, state/province, city and zip code.

Creating your Facebook targeted ads is only the first step. Micro Mobile Moments and Your Brand. Mobile success is a matter of capturing mobile moments.

Micro Mobile Moments and Your Brand

Whether it’s the moment when you set out on a run and want to know if it’s going to rain or the moment you see the news that hints it’s time to sell your stock, the key is to design applications and sites that deliver the exact, relevant interaction in a mobile moment. But, these mobile moments – the moments in which a person pulls out their mobile device to get what he or she wants, quickly and in context – are shrinking. Pretty soon, even apps will be overkill. Nowadays people not only want, but they expect instant mobile gratification. They want their information in a micro moment – a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and deliver information they can consume or act on immediately. Already, the tiniest moments are speedy calls to action.

Louisville SEO Company, Search Engine Optimization Louisville. What's In A Logo? Today, there are more products and services out on the market than there have ever been before.

What's In A Logo?

Almost every company is competing with other businesses that sell the same or similar things. Therefore, it is vital that a company distinguishes itself from its competitors with a strong company image that is immediately recognizable. Logos are a major part of this image because they establish a visual identity for your company. Here at Mediaura, our design team works closely with our clients to take their ideas and visions to the next level where we bring your logo to life. What makes a great logo? As a client, it isn’t your job to know what it takes to implement the perfect logo.

When it comes to your logo, whether you already have one or not, you should think about these top five elements to determine the strength of your branding. Simplicity. Unique. Consumer Engagement on Social Media. Social media platforms have continued to emerge and evolve over time, which causes changes in the way consumers engage with brands.

Consumer Engagement on Social Media

Keeping up with the latest social media trends can be daunting, and in today’s world, the use of pictures to create more meaningful connections with customers has taken precedence over the use of text. Consumers are generating 2.5 billion images every week with Facebook and Instagram alone. Combine these numbers with Pinterest and Tumblr and it’s already clear that people prefer the use of imagery in advertising to words.

Pinterest is driving substantial results for brands and is the Web’s third-largest traffic referral source with 70% of users on Pinterest looking for shopping inspiration. Similarly, there are 45 million photos shared on Instagram daily. So how can a digital marketer find success in a world of marketing without words? 5 Big Reasons Why Images are Important 1. 2. 5. . • Brand images without faces in pictures receive 23% more repins.