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La « stratégie » Twitter du président élu Trump. Depuis sa victoire, lors de l’élection présidentielle du 8 novembre, le républicain n’a pas renoncé à son canal d’expression favori.

La « stratégie » Twitter du président élu Trump

LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Gilles Paris (Washington, correspondant)

Trump and realTV

Trump transition website lifts passages from nonpartisan nonprofit. President-elect Donald Trump's official government website,, lifts the work of a nonprofit organization that provides research on presidential transitions, with some passages being duplicated whole-cloth.

Trump transition website lifts passages from nonpartisan nonprofit

The copying, pointed out to POLITICO on Friday, comes four months after incoming first lady Melania Trump gave a speech to the Republican National Convention that borrowed multiple lines from Michelle Obama. Story Continued Below The Trump website was launched late Wednesday and replicates material on the copyrighted site of the Center for Presidential Transition, which is a project of the Washington-based nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service.

Trump's site contains a small note at the bottom: "First Posted on Center for Presidential Transition. " Much of the transition site's news feed matches information from the nonprofit's site word-for-word and was clearly written before Election Day. "Copyright gives authors exclusive rights to the things they write. Their Lives, Up Close: What We’ve Learned About Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Photo For more than a year, journalists covering the presidential campaign for The New York Times have been delving into the lives of and .

Their Lives, Up Close: What We’ve Learned About Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Here’s what we’ve learned about the candidates’ pasts and what drives them, going back to long before they ran for president. Donald-trump-presidential-race. Photo has conducted a presidential campaign arguably unlike any other in modern American history.


Here’s a look at notable moments and missteps of his campaign. When Hillary and Donald Were Friends. The New York society scene was set by the Rockefellers and the Astors with a tradition of civility, philanthropy and the arts at its heart.

When Hillary and Donald Were Friends

Even those who make money the rough way — especially them — adopt this genteel facade. Michael Bloomberg is the quintessential emblem of this model and Donald Trump is the quintessential raspberry to it. One top New York foundation official who requested anonymity — many people will only speak anonymously about the Trumps and the Clintons, because both clans are known to be vindictive — notes that “in the community of plutocrats and superachievers who come to New York, Donald Trump is seen as persona non grata. List of people insulted by Trump. The Windbag in Winter.

Trump and the media

Donald Trump the Showman, Now Caught in the Klieg Lights. Mr.

Donald Trump the Showman, Now Caught in the Klieg Lights

Bush — the former governor, that is — approached his campaign as if it would be operating in a normal political news environment, where at least some of the focus would be on economic and educational proposals, foreign policy plans and those words that were once so revered in Republican politics, “values” and “character.” But Mr. Trump came at it with a new philosophy: Give them a big, messy show with a regular stream of action, and they will come with their cameras and won’t turn them off.

Jeb Bush and his college affordability plan never stood a chance. By then it was a proven formula for Mr. He reached the highest level of electoral politics not through legislative or executive accomplishment but through a series of video moments that showcased a can’t-look-away personality as much as anything he achieved in business. Those moments span more than three decades, and the trail they leave on YouTube follows the media’s evolution to its current discombobulated state. We first see Mr. Donald Trump the Showman, Now Caught in the Klieg Lights.

Donald Trump: Presidential Candidates on the Issues. Parsing What Makes a Trump Supporter Tick. Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President. Donald Trump (plate-forme électorale) Le document de huit pages menace le gouvernement mexicain, la communauté des affaires et des millions de familles vivant aux États-Unis avec un statut incertain.

Donald Trump (plate-forme électorale)

C'est en plein le genre de choses qui a fait de lui un favori chez les républicains, comme le démontrait à nouveau dimanche un sondage qui lui donne plus de 10 points de pourcentage sur son plus proche rival. Dans une section, M. Donald Trump (courte biographie) New York Times - Les supporteurs de Trump. Trump - Le bébé qui pleure. Le schisme républicain. De mémoire d’historien, on n’avait jamais vu ça : un parti politique américain se lancer dans la course à la présidentielle dans un état de désunion semblable à celui qui déchire les républicains sous la gouverne de Donald Trump.

Le schisme républicain

Il y a bien eu les élections de 1884, alors que des accusations de corruption pesant contre le candidat républicain James Blaine avaient poussé une aile de son parti à rejoindre les rangs des démocrates, rappelle Gil Troy, spécialiste de l’histoire politique des États-Unis à l’Université McGill. C’est ce qu’on avait appelé le mouvement des « Mugwumps. » Plus près de nous, il y a eu une faction de « démocrates pour Nixon » en 1972, et un groupe de « républicains pour Kennedy » en 1960. Trump et la Russie. Dans un de ces élans de puérilité narcissique dont il a le secret, Donald Trump s’était un jour demandé, sur son compte Twitter, si Vladimir Poutine lui rendrait visite lors du concours Miss Univers qu’il organisait à Moscou, en novembre 2013. « Si c’est le cas, gazouillait-il, deviendra-t-il mon nouveau meilleur ami ?

Trump et la Russie

» Trump vs Trump (vidéo) The Daily Show - Les supporteurs de Trump. Le « cinglé » et l’élite médiatique. Donald Trump’s Anything-Goes Campaign Sets an Alarming Political Precedent. Beyond his handling of personal information, he also casually accused the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve of corruption, claimed that the bipartisan national debate commission was rigged against him, and stated that Mrs.

Donald Trump’s Anything-Goes Campaign Sets an Alarming Political Precedent

Clinton had not proposed a child care plan. (She has, and did so a year before he did.) He also mocked an African-American pastor who had just welcomed him to her church, and again referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who once said she had Native American roots, as “Pocahontas.” OPEN Graphic Graphic: For Every 10 U.S. Le monde fou de Donald Trump. Quels candidats seront encore en lice demain ? Donald Trump dans sa radicalité. Editorial du « Monde ». Isolationniste, il remet en cause l’OTAN et les alliances stratégiques des Etats-Unis. Protectionniste, il ne veut plus du « libre-échange », « un système truqué qui ne profite qu’aux élites ». Anti-immigration, il entend ériger un mur sur toute la frontière sud du pays. Where Trump Breaks With the Republican Party. Where Trump Is to the Left of Party Leaders He departs from theparty on trade policies. Though Mr. Trump previously stated his support for free trade, he has called for punishing companies that move jobs abroad with tax hikes, and he has promised to renegotiate trade deals that do not favor American workers.

Inside Trump Tower, Home To 2016's Troubling, Unprecedented Campaign. Menteur, narcissique, sociopathe : Donald Trump vu par sa plume cachée. Republican Party Unravels Over Donald Trump’s Takeover. Photo By seizing the Republican presidential nomination for on Tuesday night, he and his millions of supporters completed what had seemed unimaginable: a hostile takeover of one of America’s two major political parties.

Just as stunning was how quickly the host tried to reject them. The party’s two living presidents spurned Mr. Trump, a number of sitting governors and senators expressed opposition or ambivalence toward him, and he drew a forceful rebuke from the single most powerful and popular rival left on the Republican landscape: the House speaker, . Inside the Failing Mission to Save Donald Trump From Himself.