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The Inspiring Story of Simon Arias Entrepreneur

22 november 2017

The Inspiring Story of Simon Arias Entrepreneur

There can’t be many more inspiring stories that Simon Arias’s. For those of you who have been hiding away or just returned from space exploration, let me explain. Simon is State General Agent, head of Arias Agencies, multi-millionaire, philanthropist, mentor and motivational leader. His success has not come easily and he has never forgotten his origins or the opportunities and challenges that have made him the man he is today.

Born in Youngstown Ohio, Simon grew up in a single parent family environment. As a youngster he succumbed to a gangland lifestyle, becoming involved with drugs and guns. After a spell in a juvenile detention centre, he got back on track, largely due to an interest in football. Not just an outlet for legitimately channelled aggression, football appealed to his hard work ethic and leadership qualities. Simon become captain of the football team both at high school and later at Mercyhurst University. He enjoyed being a leader and quickly realised he was good at it.

A call from Marcus Smith from American Income life, kick started Simon Arias’s journey into the world of work. He began to absorb the knowledge and advice of his mentors and quickly rose to become one of their top sales people. At just 24 years old he was the youngest ever State General Agent.  He is the only person to date, to have won the honour in consecutive years. Now others are benefiting from his inspirational leadership style. He has his own growing international business operation, Arias Agencies. With twelve offices in five states.

But what of Simon Arias’s strengths and qualities? What makes him that special guy he undoubtedly is? He has always had a relentless work ethic. Prepared to put in more than the required hours. He quickly realised that the foundations to any success story have to be built deep and strong. If the base is unstable, the whole thing comes crashing down. Make sacrifices in the short-term and this will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long-term. He has always been a focused individual, driven by goals, motivated by a competitive spirit. He is magnanimous towards his mentors, claiming that he had ‘stood on the shoulders of giants’. Being a good listener and team player, he later incorporated some of this wisdom into his own business philosophy.

As an employer, Simon Arias brings these qualities and so much more. He believes in investing in his workforce. Not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually too. Financial bonuses, prizes and extra vacations are all part of the incentive to build and maintain that competitive ethos. As much as Simon believes in the ‘work hard’ maxim, he also believes in the playing hard too. He likes to think he has helped to create a family cultural atmosphere for his employees. There are many social and charitable events away from the working environment. But the genesis for all his success comes from his unshakeable belief. What God has given him he uses to the best of his ability. He is known for his philanthropy, contributing to many charities including Inspiring Minds and The Red Zone.

Simon’s life story affords a rare perspective. He has known welfare poverty and crime. But now he has risen to success. Only by giving do you receive, and Simon Arias has given plenty.