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Beijing smog offers silver lining for some. Two-in-court-for-belfast-couple-s-murder-1.1453153#.UREN5OYc4b8. Independent Newspapers Belfast, Mpumalanga - Two men allegedly involved in the murder of an elderly couple appeared in the Belfast Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, Mpumalanga police said.


“(The case) is back on January 30. Currently we are in the beginning stages of our investigation,” Colonel Leonard Hlathi said. The men would remain in custody. They are charged with murder, theft, housebreaking, armed robbery, and possession of an unlicensed firearm. The first of the two men, aged 21, was arrested in a house in Mamelodi, north of Pretoria, on Saturday. A firearm believed to have been stolen from the couple, and a Nissan double-cab bakkie stolen from another elderly couple in Carolina were recovered, Hlathi said. Price-of-food-set-to-soar-1. FILE PHOTO: Farmworkers protest for a wage increase of R150.


Related Stories Durban - Prepare for the price of food to rocket following the 52-percent minimum-wage increase for farmworkers announced on Monday. After negotiations with farmers, the Department of Labour and workers, Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant almost doubled the minimum wage from R69 to R105 a day, promulgated for a three-year period. During years two and three, wages would be increased by the consumer price index plus 1.5 percent. However, she said, the wage did not amount to a “balanced daily food plate” for workers but her department and the Employment Conditions Commission were mindful of the findings of the Bureau for Food and Agriculture Policy report, which stated that the increase meant farmers “were unable to cover their operating costs or pay back borrowing”.

BG Group shares fall on lower production target. Shares in the company fell 2pc in early trading after Chris Finlayson, the new chief executive, said BG would not reach its goal of producing more than 1 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) by 2015.

BG Group shares fall on lower production target

He also said production in 2013 would be in the range of 630,000 boed to 660,000 boed this year, raising the possibility it could be lower than 2012’s 658,000 boed level. TwitBlock; Ridding the Twitterverse of spam. Two-guilty-of-chief-whip-s-murder-1.1450373#.URENcKEy9Gw. Independent Newspapers Nelspruit - Two men were found guilty of the murder of Ehlanzeni ANC Chief Whip Johan Holme Ndlovu by the Circuit of the Pretoria High Court in Nelspruit on Friday, Mpumalanga police said.


Bongani Mkansi, 29, and Moddy Khoza, 24, were convicted of murder, armed robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, Colonel Leonard Hlathi said. Ndlovu was shot near his home in Thulamahashe in the Mhala district on January 5, 2011. When Ndlovu's wife tried to phone him an unknown man answered, Hlathi said. “The man indicated that he had shot Ndlovu and dumped him at Luphungu in Thulamahashe. Two Makers Come Together To Make A Robotic Hand For A Boy In South Africa.

Two makers on opposite ends of the globe, Ivan Owen in Bellingham, Washington and Richard Van As in South Africa, teamed up to build a custom robotic hand and publish it on Thingiverse.

Two Makers Come Together To Make A Robotic Hand For A Boy In South Africa

The best part? They built it for Liam, a five-year-old South African boy who was born without fingers on his right hand, by collaborating online between continents. The pair met when Van As discovered Owen’s hand-made prosthetic prop hand he built for a convention. Van As lost four fingers in an accident and asked Owen for advice and help to build his own prosthesis. The pair began working remotely, with Van As sending casts of his hand to Owen who built models at home. Folks at Makerbot heard about the project and donated two Replicator 2 3D printers to the pair who were then able to create parts by sending CAD files back and forth.

Eiu. While there is still disagreement among economists over the causes of financial crisis, especially the relative importance of each factor, global imbalances that had built up prior to 2007/2008 figure prominently in any discussion.


They are by no means the whole story of the financial crash that led to the Great Recession. Other, related, factors include the increasingly lax underwriting standards on mortgages, ineffective financial regulation and supervision and the possibility that the US Federal Reserve held rates too low for too long after the dot-com crash of 2000. There is some validity to all of these claims, but they cannot tell the whole story without recognition of global imbalances. For example, if it was only the excessively lax monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve that encouraged the housing boom, then longer term rates would have risen too when short term rates were eventually raised. China smartphone market set to be nearly twice as large as US market. January 17, 2013, 4:56 AM — China's smartphone market is growing so fast that it is expected to be nearly twice as large as the U.S. market this year, according to research firm Canalys.

China smartphone market set to be nearly twice as large as US market

Smartphone shipments to the Chinese market will reach 239.8 million units in 2013, the research firm said in a report on Thursday. In contrast, shipments to the U.S. market will only amount to 125 million. The gap between the two countries is striking, considering that it was only as recently as in the first quarter of 2012 that smartphone shipments to China began surpassing those of the U.S., said Canalys analyst Nicole Peng. 2012, however, was a landmark year for the devices as the country saw more consumers wanting to buy affordable smartphones.

Local handset makers, already aware of the trend, began switching from selling feature phones to releasing low-priced Android devices. As a result, China's smartphone shipments for 2012 are expected to have reached 186 million units, Peng said. Man-held-after-couple-s-bodies-are-found-in-freezer-1.1451169#.URENq4yx5iE. GhostShell doesn't quite hack South Africa. South Africa needs to be saved and freed from corruption, says Team GhostShell, and luckily it has assembled a "strong force" of hacktivists equal to the task.

GhostShell doesn't quite hack South Africa

That force will now break into government information vaults and bring to light the evidence that will reveal corruption and nefarious doings. But initial leaks of information related to the campaign have done little more than embarrass a handful of companies – and inconvenience innocent bystanders. CIA operating secret drone base in Saudi Arabia. Please support our site by enabling javascript to view ads.

CIA operating secret drone base in Saudi Arabia

The CIA has been running a secret airbase in Saudi Arabia to launch deadly drone attacks against Al Qaeda in Yemen, various media outlets reported today. The base was used to launch the drone that killed Anwar Awlaki, a US citizen who reportedly acted as Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula's external operations chief. Malema-left-homeless-1.1463151#.UREL8FLiKkg. Reuters Former African National Congress (ANC) Youth League leader Julius Malema.


Related Stories Johannesburg - Julius Malema is homeless, penniless and a pedestrian after all his cars, properties and valuables were taken this week to repay his tax debt. Obama-s-popularity-highest-in-4-years-1. President Barack Obama waves to reporters as he walks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. Washington - US President Barack Obama's popularity has hit 60 percent, the highest level since he first took office four years ago, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

The survey by ABC television and The Washington Post was made public just a little more than a week after the president's formal swearing-in was witnessed by an estimated one million people in Washington and millions more across the nation. The pollsters credited public approval of the president's inauguration address for his soaring poll numbers. In that address, Obama embraced a liberal agenda that vowed action during his second term on gun reform, gay rights and the environment, among other issues.

Moscow courts will continue to stream high-profile trials online. Moscow courts will continue to stream high-profile trials online by RAPSI at 30/01/2013 10:49 Moscow courts will continue to stream high-profile trials online, chair of the Moscow City Court Olga Yegorova said at a meeting on the judges' performance last year. She noted that the media published objective reports about the cases which were streamed online. “We will continue to stream the trials of high-profile cases online,” the judge said on Tuesday. Yegorova pointed out that the new building of the Moscow City Court where appeals are heard has modern equipment, while the block where criminal trials are held is lagging behind in this respect.

In 2012, the Moscow courts and RAPSI streamed the trials of mixed martial arts champion Rasul Mirzayev and punk rock group Pussy Riot, as well as the meeting of the court presidium that heard appeals from former Yukos head Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his partner Platon Lebedev. Add to blog. Smartphone and Tablet Owners to Spend Even More Time With Their Devices This Year. Your information radio. Bodies-of-couple-found-in-freezer-1.1449395#.URENIn3GE-8. Ludwig von Mises Daily Email. February 5, 2013 Mises Daily. Swartz Review. Israeli warplanes strike Syrian-Lebanese border: Reports. Please support our site by enabling javascript to view ads. JERUSALEM — Israeli military jets hit a target on the Syria-Lebanon border, Lebanese and Western officials said today, according to Reuters and The Associated Press.

The Israeli government refused to comment on the reports. The Syrian state news agency claimed Israeli warplanes had struck a military base outside Damascus, according to the AP. The alleged move comes amid concerns over Syria's chemical weapons, which some fear may be in use as violence deepens there. However, reports do not indicate Israel's military was targeting chemical weapons, but rather a missile convoy in a known outpost of political militia group Hezbollah, said GlobalPost's senior correspondent in Jerusalem, Noga Tarnopolsky. £1m virtual combat training for Royal Welsh soldiers. South Africa's only black billionaire donates half his fortune to charity. When South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe announced that he would be making an important announcement, the speculation was that he would be buying himself some newspapers. He was in Davos, and at the same time, Independent News and Media's biggest shareholder Denis O'Brien met President Jacob Zuma.

The Irish group owns several papers, including The Star, Cape Times and Pretoria News, and has been seeking to unbundle its South African assets. Severe pollution shrouds Chinese capital. 29 January 2013Last updated at 04:22 ET. Faisal Paruk [faisalparuk] on Plurk. Surface Pro Reviews. A blanket ban on Arctic drilling.

A 100-Foot Wave? Article | posted on January 29, 2013. Kazakhstan may ban Russian oil products. Kazakhstan may ban Russian oil products Kazakhstan may ban or cut imports of Russian high octane gasoline and diesel fuel worth 40 billion rubles a year and increase supplies from China, Kommersant business daily reported on Wednesday. The daily said it had obtained copies of two drafts from Kazakh government orders, one of which banned imports for six months and the other introduced a restricting quota for the same period.

Acapulco: Tourists Gang Raped Tied Up With Bikinis By Masked Robbers. India to Use Russian Avionics For Future Fighter - UAC Boss. Regulatory overkill threatens academic autonomy in South Africa. ARE ALL South African universities in systemic crisis? One would imagine so, given the recent legislative and policy actions of Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande. Gauteng and Western Cape auctions - Auctions, News. 05 Feb 2013. Russia 'Concerned' Over Israeli Air Strike in Syria. MOSCOW, January 31 (RIA Novosti) – Moscow is “deeply concerned” over reports of Israeli air strikes on Syrian territory on Wednesday and is seeking confirmation of what could be a serious violation of the UN charter, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Moscow said it is looking into reports that Israeli fighter jets carried out an air strike on a military research center near Damascus on Wednesday.


Furniture-for-mpumalanga-schools-1.1454547#.UREODWxzOog. Independent Newspapers. Fibre firm connects Joburg businesses for free. Boeing asks FAA for 787 Dreamliner test flights - Feb. 5, 2013. Moscow leases historical mansion to heir for $30.