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Med1Care is a five-star healthcare service provider offering a wide range of services, including in-home healthcare, medical staffing, and STNA training in over 26 counties in Northwest Ohio. We have earned the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission and have also been rated as a Top Agency by Ability Homecare Elite in 2017. Besides STNA classes, Med1Care also offers CPR and first aid classes in Northwest Ohio. This is a one-day certification that’s accredited by the American Heart Association and perfect for childcare providers and lifeguards. If you’re looking for an in-home healthcare professional to help a senior stay independent—or if you want to help the senior while they’re transitioning into home-care—we can help. Med1Care also provides staffing support in medical facilities. Our nurses are trained to administer flu vaccinations, manage educational seminars, and more. Med1Care also accepts Medicare, Medicaid, Paramount, Passport, Workers Compensation, Private Insurance, Private Pay, and even MyCare Ohio. For more information about our in-home healthcare services, visit,

How Can an STNA Help a Patient with Diabetes? Diabetes is one of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States.

How Can an STNA Help a Patient with Diabetes?

A recent report found that nearly half of Americans either have this disease or are at the risk of developing it. Without proper care and medication, diabetes can lead to several long-term complications, including blindness, stroke, kidney failure, and nerve damage. How can a nursing assistant play an active role in managing diabetes and prevent further complications? Read more to find out: Nutritional Counseling The best way to manage diabetes and prevent complications is to become an educated consumer. Medication Reminders Diabetes medications regulate blood sugar levels. Look Out for Diabetic Emergencies People with diabetes are also prone to hypoglycemia, a condition where the sugar levels are dangerously low. General Healthcare Maintaining oral hygiene and general cleanliness is important another important step to avoid complications.

Sources: Why Do You Need In-Home Nursing Care? While medical emergencies like strokes or heart attacks may not last more than a few seconds, the road to recovery can be long and overwhelming.

Why Do You Need In-Home Nursing Care?

Unfortunately, a hectic work schedule and a busy lifestyle leave many of us with little time and energy to care for our aging or ailing loved ones. Med1Care’s in-home nursing care services are perfect for people who cannot get the help they need because their children live far away or their partners are also aging or recovering. Here are some reasons in-home nursing care can be the solution: 1. Special Care It has been proven that recuperating at home with help from skilled medical professionals can speed up recovery. 2. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or other degenerative diseases, executive functioning can become more difficult. 3. STNA Classes in Toledo, Ohio. Med1Care offers the opportunity to become a STNA/State Tested Nursing Assistant in just as little as 2 weeks!

STNA Classes in Toledo, Ohio

Med1Care is proud to be the number 1 training provider of STNA classes in Ohio for nearly two decades. All classes are taught by licensed, accredited nursing instructors dedicated to providing the rich educational experience you deserve. Med1Care is proud of our record of success and we invite you to find out what us #1! We offer a variety of class schedules to meet the demanding lives of our students. Med1Care offers Day, Evening, or Weekend only classes designed to give our students flexibility and the opportunity to graduate in as little as 2 weeks!!

Why In-Home Physical Therapy is Important. Did you know October is National Physical Therapy month!

Why In-Home Physical Therapy is Important

This is celebrated to recognize the contribution of physical therapists and assistants and create awareness about the importance of physical therapy in helping people live a healthier life. At Med1Care, we have seen firsthand how patients benefit from quality in–home physical therapy. Here’s why we think a customized therapy program can not only prevent further injury but also contribute positively to overall health: 1. 3 Qualities that Make a Good Nursing Assistant. A Certified Nursing Assistant or STNA helps patients with daily activities like eating, bathing, dressing, etc. in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

3 Qualities that Make a Good Nursing Assistant

They play a very important role in the healthcare system, especially regarding caring for the elderly. If you are planning to sign up for STNA classes and do not know if you are suited for the job, here are the top three qualities that make a good nursing assistant: 1. Being Observant Some call it a sixth sense, some call it intuition, and some prefer calling it having good observation skills. 2.

This is one of the most important skills needed to be an STNA. 3. Personalized Exercise Program. Ways to Take Care of Your Aging Parents in Today’s Busy Society. Aging has its own set of challenges.

Ways to Take Care of Your Aging Parents in Today’s Busy Society

You may notice that your loved one’s health has declined or they seem more fragile than ever. Senior care is a stressful and tough job, and it requires patience, time, and commitment. Simple Things that Help Seniors Stay Healthy. Staying fit and healthy is an important priority for people in their twilight years.

Simple Things that Help Seniors Stay Healthy

Fortunately, this often isn’t expensive or complicated. If you are a senior citizen or the primary caregiver of an older person, here are a few simple steps: 1. Keep Nails Trimmed Trimming toenails and fingernails are a very important part of personal hygiene. Cutting toenails is sometimes not an easy task for older adults. 2. Important Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help at Home. With improvements in geriatric health care, seniors today can live for several decades after retirement.

Important Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help at Home

But sometimes despite their insistence that they can take of themselves, elderly individuals may find it difficult to carry out daily activities inside and outside of the house. Here are a few signs your elderly parent might need extra home health care for support: 1. Four Tips to Improve the Quality of Life for Homebound Older Adults. The quality of life is important for seniors dealing with health conditions that keep them homebound.

Four Tips to Improve the Quality of Life for Homebound Older Adults

Their need to feel wanted and fulfilled is as important for their physical health. To reduce stress and depression, encourage seniors to practice these simple steps to enjoy the golden years of their life. Light Exercise The importance of light exercise cannot be stressed enough as it enhances energy and mood. If your loved ones have recently had surgery or an illness, ask the doctor about physical activities that can be done without overexerting the body. Healthy Diet. Simple Daily Habits That May Delay the Onset of Dementia. Dementia often seems to strike arbitrarily and without reason.

Simple Daily Habits That May Delay the Onset of Dementia

It not only affects the person diagnosed but everyone close to them, including their loved ones and caregivers. This is probably why researchers in the United States classify dementia as a silent epidemic. Nearly 50 million people across the world are likely to be afflicted with some form of dementia. By 2030, these numbers could be up to 75 million or greater. 3 Tips for Helping a Loved One Deal with Dementia. An estimated 5 million people have been diagnosed with dementia. While there’s plenty of dementia-related information available online, assisting dementia patients can be quite lonely and overwhelming for caregivers. Despite their best efforts, caregivers are likely to feel frustrated and sometimes even hopeless—and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s not easy to see a friend or loved one who is physically fine when they’re mentally, psychologically, and emotionally absent. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with dementia, here’s how you can help them: 1. Benefits of Hiring an In-Home Healthcare Professional. Juggling the daily demands of work and caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. After hospitalization, many older individuals prefer healing at home.

This is where home healthcare services like ours help. How Can You Help a Loved One with Dementia. Wellness Tips for Older Adults. It’s a known fact that a well-balanced diet and regular exercise are both cornerstones of healthy living, especially for seniors. Adults over 60 can live a relatively trouble-free life if they consume high-nutrient foods and follow a regular exercise routine. Keeping up with the healthcare needs of your parent or partner can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if your loved one is suffering from a chronic illness or other serious health issues. Healthy-Living Tips for Homebound Loved Ones. Favorite Subscribe Subscribe to robertjohnson's Blogs RSS Feed Print 3 hours ago • Comments: 0 Faves: 0.

Quality Medical Care. 4 Tips for Handling Caregiver Stress and Burnout. How to Handle Caregiver Stress Caring for an ill or injured person can be emotionally and physically daunting. It’s no wonder that caregivers experience such high levels of stress. This stress can be burdensome on the caregiver’s health and make them less effective, so it’s important to learn how to handle and minimize the stress. Some of the signs of caregivers stress include feeling tired or overwhelmed, losing weight, and experiencing frequent headaches. How Can In-Home Healthcare Services Improve Senior Living at Your Home. Home Health Care for Senior Adults. Helping a Loved One Cope with a Diagnosis. How To Help Your Loved One Eat Healthy After A Stroke. Why Hearing Loss Happens in Seniors and How to Prevent It. Balance Exercises for Older Adults That Improve Mobility and Strength. It’s natural for one’s health to deteriorate as they get older. Medical conditions like heart disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis can reduce one’s ability to move freely and stay balanced.

Older people are also prone to falls when their eyesight is impaired, and eyesight deterioration is a natural part of getting old. Many individuals, when they get older, become less active and therefore take longer to heal. All That You Wanted To Know About In Home Health Care. 4 Tips for Positive Aging. 4 Tips for Positive Aging: As we age, several issues plague us. It could be an inability to stay as active, health problems, or sometimes a lack of financial resources that can lead to feelings of frustration and inadequateness. CPR Classes – Med1Care. How to Help a Senior Recover from Surgery at Home. Surgery can be a stressful time for everyone, especially the elderly. Whether it be a simple hip replacement or a more complex operation, everyone goes through a surgery at some point.

After an individual has surgery performed on them, it’s important they’re provided proper post-surgery care so they can recover quickly and avoid complications. After surgery, limited mobility can be a problem for an elderly patient. Once your loved one has been discharged, several problems could occur: they could fall, pick up an infection, fail to meet dietary needs, or mismanage medications, among other things. How to Help with Vision Problems in Senior Citizens. One of the common problems of aging is gradual vision loss which affects mobility even in familiar surroundings. Besides age-related macular degeneration, elderly citizens are likely to suffer from vision issues like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts. 4 Reasons You Should Consider STNA as a Career.

Home Health Care vs. Home Care – Which Is Better? Guaranteed Job Opportunities. Three In-Home Healthcare Services Med1Care Provides. Home healthcare means offering medical care in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Home-healthcare plans are designed to make your loved one feel dignified without sacrificing convenience or comfort. In-home healthcare services are ideal for aging people, people managing chronic health issues, people recovering from a major illness, and those who need assistance to live independently. Professional care is given by skilled medical professionals, such as aides, nurses, and therapists. Some of the services these professionals offer include personal care, skilled nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and even companionship.

If your loved one has serious medical issues, whether temporary or lifelong, consider a registered nurse from Med1Care. Benefits of Hiring a Skilled Nurse for In-Home Healthcare. In-Home Healthcare. Activities of Daily Living We Can Help You Manage. 3 Tips Caregivers Can Use to Avoid Stress. Home Healthcare, Personal Care and Medical Social Services. Understanding the Challenges of Caregivers and Helping Them Cope. 3 Reasons Your Loved One May Need In-Home Healthcare. How to Care for Bedridden Elderly Adults at Home. In-Home Physical Therapy Services from Med1care. In-Home Services from Med1care. In-Home Healthcare Services from Med1Care. How to Stay Fit and Healthy in Your Sixties and Beyond. 5 Things That Define a Good Nurse’s Aide. How to Become a Patient Care or State-Tested Nursing Assistant.

In-Home Healthcare With Med1Care. 3 Things You Should Know Before Signing up for STNA Classes. How to Become a Patient Care or State-Tested Nursing Assistant. 3 Common Questions About In-Home Healthcare. 3 Ways That In-Home Healthcare Can Help. In-home Healthcare Service and CPR Classes. 3 Things You Should Know Before Signing up for STNA Classes. Why Do People Need Transitional In-Home Healthcare. First Aid & CPR Classes.