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Create a Wedding Emergency Kit. Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but even with months of planning and the best intentions something may go wrong.

Create a Wedding Emergency Kit

(In fact, something probably will go wrong.) If you’re prepared for it, a small incident can be averted from being a huge disaster. Enlist the help of your bridesmaids and family members and pack a day of emergency kit to solve any pesky problems that could arise. A wedding day kit may sound corny but even if you don’t use any item in it, you’ll feel comfortable knowing it’s there if you need it—and if you do need it, the kit could just become your best accessory.

Be a Good Girl Scout One of the most important tips to remember is not to leave making the kit to the last minute. Before you start gathering supplies, think about what type of wedding your having: is it indoors or outdoors, large or small, formal or casual? Think of the Dress For most brides, the most expensive (and beautiful) aspect of your big day is probably your wedding dress. Wedding Planning Ideas and Inspiration, Dresses & Jewelry – Martha Stewart Weddings. Fantastic Philatelic Wedding Invitations. These invitations were designed by the bride Nichole Tremblay.

Fantastic Philatelic Wedding Invitations

You can visit her at Coral Pheasant. We worked with her on the letterpress printing of her custom wedding stationery cards. Then we were completely amazed when she sent us finished samples showing how she put them together. What a labor of love. She tied the various sized cards together in a stacked bundle using a textural gauze ribbon with golden string to wrap the pile. The invitations are printed in gray and pink inks on thick 220lb cover Pearl White Crane Lettra paper. A Subtle Revelry.


Sitios. Inspiracional. Candy Buffet Table 101. Photos by This Love of Yours...

Candy Buffet Table 101

Photography Use a color scheme that matches your wedding palette: wedding colors aren’t just for the flowers and bridesmaids dresses! Taking advantage of the colors you’ve already established can enhance your candy table’s presence, and bring cohesion to your entire reception. Create depth and height in your display: with simple boxes or even phone books, you can sculpt a beautiful landscape on your table. You can wrap the boxes in decorative paper, or even leave them bare and covered with matching linens for a refined, free-flowing cascade. Color is key: as mentioned before, having a specific color scheme can really make your table pop. More than jars: apothecary jars and similar containers tend to be the standard, but don’t miss out on other shapes and sizes you can find elsewhere! Wedding Under $4,000! The facts: 1) We have $4,000 to spend on our August 2010 wedding. 2) We have 245 guests invited, including kids. 3) We want an AWESOME wedding!

Wedding Under $4,000!

The plans: To stay organized, this will be divided up into 7 areas: the venue, the food, the décor, the attire, the vendors, DIY (do-it-yourself), and the gifts (including favors). Location, Location, Location This is one of the biggest money savers, people! Like this wedding: The beauty about many of these locations is that they are FREE or only require a small donation. My fiance and I chose a friends backyard. These aren’t the greatest pictures, (taken from my cell phone) but they do the job. Anyways, there are 3 or 4 bathrooms in the lake house, 10 empty beds for OOT guests to stay in all week if need be, a huge bathroom and dressing room for all us girls to get ready in, and an outdoor kitchen for all the food to be handled. Calligraphy for Beginners. When it comes to addressing wedding invitations, our first choice is to hire a skilled calligrapher for the task.

Calligraphy for Beginners

Unfortunately, that isn't always in the budget. But learning some basics about calligraphy tools can help give your invitations a unique look. By using a pen with a calligraphers pointed tip, you can get the thick and thin flow that is impossible to get from just a regular pen, so even "regular" handwriting has a special look. The best part is the tools are very cheap! So round up all your friends with nice handwriting and give them a basic lesson in writing with a calligrapher's pointed nib. Supplies needed: -Speedball Oblique Copperplate Pen Holder $1.89 each-Pointed Nib like Gillott 404 $.76 each -Envelopes-Calligraphy Ink or Goache-watered down $8 First, insert the nib into the pen attachment so it is facing down at a 45 degree angle. How to Make a Wedding Cake" Why pay big money for an expensive, bakery-made wedding cake when you can easily build your own romantic creation at home?

How to Make a Wedding Cake"

Though the prospect of creating a tiered cake may seem daunting, it is based on some pretty simple elements of architectural support. Like all sound construction, a tiered cake begins with a good foundation. Foundation For bottom cake tier, fill and frost the two largest cake layers in the center of a covered cake board that is about 4 inches larger than the cake, being sure to smooth frosting on top and sides. Use a sturdy cake board, such as 1/2-inch-thick plywood. Support Trim two circles of corrugated cardboard sized to fit under the cake layers for each additional tier (total of 4 cardboard circles).

Cover the double-thick cardboard circles with foil that has been cut into a circle 1 to 2 inches larger than the cardboard. Structure. Twist wrap bridesmaid dress. How-to make the Infinity Convertible or Wrap/Twist Dress. **disclaimer: I am not a professional designer or tailor by any means.

How-to make the Infinity Convertible or Wrap/Twist Dress

I love to sew and craft so this has become a beloved past time for me. I have adapted these instructions for my own use from the and Rostitchery websites. This is not my design.** If you have any questions please private message me :) Supplies.