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The Meadows Wickenburg

For more than 35 years The Meadows has helped over 45,000 people find healing and recovery from a range of addictions and disorders. Meadow is the most trustable Residential treatment Center. The Meadows treatment center in Wickenburg, Arizona is the nation’s premier program for treating trauma, alcohol, sex and drug addiction, panic and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, codependency, depression, bipolar disorder and eating disorders.

Sex Addiction Treatment. What is sexual addiction?

Sex Addiction Treatment

The term “sexual addiction” describes an individual having an unusual fascination with or fixation on sex. Constant daydreaming about sex takes over and controls an addict’s thinking, making it challenging to work or manage healthy personal relationships. Despite the possibility that their actions may eventually carry serious and/or harmful consequences, sex addicts often indulge in a variety of high-risk, acting-out behaviors. What are the effects of sexual addiction? Admitting A Patient. You can direct your patient to fill out a screening form online or contact one of our Intake Coordinators at 800-244-4949.

Admitting A Patient

In some cases your patient might have unique needs that require special attention. Call ahead and speak with an admissions coordinator to determine if The Meadows can accommodate your patient’s specific situation. Understanding the Screening Process All patients admitted to The Meadows must undergo a routine screening process designed to locate key factors that can determine a patient’s viability, including: Co-occurring disordersRecent hospitalizationsPreexisting medical conditionsSuicide attempts We understand our role as stewards in the care of your patient and we take every precaution to ensure your patient receives the level of care needed to either continue or begin the road to healing.

Small Group Sessions In Therapy. Holistic Therapy. Throughout the past few decades, the concept of “wellness” has been emphasized as a foundational principle in the treatment of trauma and addiction.

Holistic Therapy

Wellness refers to a balanced, moderate lifestyle that incorporates spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. People who suffer from addiction and trauma often make unhealthy lifestyle choices that harm themselves and bring imbalance to their lives. The Meadows’ wellness program and holistic methodologies help patients create a healthy, satisfying lifestyle. Through the groundbreaking efforts of Pia Mellody, The Meadows has distinguished itself as a wellness pioneer in the holistic treatment of different issues.

Yoga and Tai Chi Therapy. The Meadows’ dedication to using holistic methods is often a selling point for patients.

Yoga and Tai Chi Therapy

We are proud of our reputation as experts in using breakthrough techniques to help patients find peace. We are also proud of our incorporation of ancient healing methods from around the world. Many alternative or progressive exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga reduce stress by focusing on healing the mind, body and spirit. We also incorporate Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicinal technique that eases pain, alleviates stress and promotes wellness.

Mindfulness Meditation is an ancient practice that involves attending to the present moment with non-judgemental acceptance. Somatic Equine Therapy Workshop. Combining The Meadows Model, Somatic Experiencing® (SE), mindfulness, and natural horsemanship this unique, cutting edge workshop allows for a distinct healing experience.

Somatic Equine Therapy Workshop

"The Spirit Equine program of Colleen DeRango and Buddy Uldrickson is at the forefront of therapies for trauma and the healing of emotional wounds. Buddy’s calm, centered, presence, his immense horsemanship, and Colleen’s organic mastery of Somatic Experiencing™ have partnered to create a magical and transformative experience. I recommend this powerful program without reservation. " ~ Peter A Levine, PhD, Developer of Somatic Experiencing , Senior Fellow and clinical consultant for the Meadows and author of Waking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice The Meadows’ equine workshop team combines the wisdom of our skillful therapist trained in Somatic Experiencing® (SE), with an uncommon horseman and highly skilled trainer.

This unique equine experience is held on a scenic, rustic ranch a short distance from Wickenburg, AZ. Addiction, Depression & Trauma Treatment Center - Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab. Life After Eating Disorders. Recovery requires correcting and recalibrating your perception of the world, especially your body, your food and your emotions.

Life After Eating Disorders

Only so much can be accomplished in the initial treatment period. Maintaining recovery in an ever-changing world requires a lifelong ongoing process of adaptation and growth. If you are stable in recovery and are ready for the next stage, this workshop is for you. Addiction and Trauma Workshops. The Meadows' one-of-a-kind workshops offer healing and empowerment to individuals in various stages of their recovery.

Addiction and Trauma Workshops

Love Avoidance Treatment. What is Love Avoidance?

Love Avoidance Treatment

Love avoidance is the refusal to show love for someone out of fear of being hurt. Individuals who turned to love avoidance carefully guard themselves when in relationships. These individuals avoid intimacy in order to protect themselves from rejection, loss and the types of pain that accompany an intimate relationship. What are the effects of love avoidance? People who suffer from love avoidance do everything they can to conceal their vulnerability from others, especially loved ones. Love avoidants act in extremes, such as taking steps to avoid meeting sexual and emotional needs, which can lead to self-destruction. Work Addiction Treatment. What is work addiction?

Work Addiction Treatment

Work addiction is a condition in which individuals are unable to set healthy boundaries around their job schedules. Work addicts use work as their source of satisfaction in life. Drug Addiction Treatment. What is drug addiction?

Drug Addiction Treatment

While drug use may start as a seemingly harmless and voluntary act, in time it can develop into a compulsive and unstoppable habit. In the beginning, drug use minimizes emotional and physical pain. Codependency Treatment. What is codependency? Codependency is an emotional disorder that causes sufferers to ignore their own needs while constantly fulfilling the needs of others. A sufferer may forfeit his or her own well-being and values in the pursuit of assisting someone else.

After experiencing relationship trauma, codependents often form unhealthy relationships due to feelings of low self-worth. Codependents often enter relationships with individuals who are irresponsible, emotionally detached or excessively needy. Gambling Addiction: Treatment, Recovery, Rehab Center. What is gambling addiction? Gambling addiction, sometimes called "problem gambling," is an impulse-control disorder.

Compulsive gamblers can’t control the urge to gamble, even when they know it has negative consequences that will hurt themselves and their families through strained relationships and financial problems. Unpleasant feelings — such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear and anxiety — can trigger or worsen the disorder. Compulsive gamblers continue to gamble though they know the odds are against them, and they can’t afford to lose. Career Opportunities. Career Opportunities November 12, 2015 Dawn Geary Do you like the idea of working for a company that helps change lives? If you have experience in business development, sales, or behavioral healthcare, along with great time management and organizational skills, great people skills, and the ability to contribute to a dynamic and driven team, we may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Disorder. Kyle Wescoat Joins Meadows Behavioral Healthcare as CFO. Kyle Wescoat Joins Meadows Behavioral Healthcare as CFO October 30, 2015 Dawn Geary We are pleased to announce that Kyle Wescoat has joined our team as Chief Financial Officer. He replaces Rick Flaherty, who is retiring. Binge Eating Disorder. Binge Eating Disorder has received more attention since becoming an “official” diagnosis in 2014. However, if you have been struggling with binge eating you know that the disorder itself is not new. You may not know that it is also extremely common. It turns out that more individuals suffer with Binge Eating Disorder than with Anorexia and Bulimia combined. It the Same Old Story nd It Has to Change. It’s the Same Old Story…And It Has to Change October 29, 2015. Thanks & Giving: We l Pay for Your Flight. Thanks & Giving: We’ll Pay for Your Flight October 29, 2015. The Meadows Opens New Workshop Retreat Center. Pia Mellody to Speak at Beacon House Benefit.

Pia Mellody to Speak at Beacon House Benefit September 9, 2015. Mike Gurr Named Remuda Ranch Director of Family Services. The Meadows Sponsors Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders. The Meadows Sponsors Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders September 2, 2015. Dan Griffin Joins The Meadows as Senior Fellow. Dan Griffin Joins The Meadows as Senior Fellow September 1, 2015 Kellie Oates The Meadows recently announced that Dan Griffin, M.A., will join The Meadows as a Senior Fellow. Meadows recovery center. Sex Addiction Treatment. New at The Meadows Outpatient Center. The Horse Knows The Way. The Horse Knows The Way August 5, 2015. A Woman Return to Her Heart: Recovery from Sexual Disorders. A Woman’s Return to Her Heart: Recovery from Sexual Disorders. Don Miss John Bradshaw and Patrick Carnes Unfiltered. Inpatient Depression Treatment. Wings of Hope. Themeadows garden. Themeadows. Pain is at the Heart of Heroin Addiction - The Meadows.

A Pain That Drives 18 Veterans to Suicide Every Day - a Total of 6,552 Veterans Each Year. The Meadows - The Right Choice. Gambling Addiction: Treatment, Recovery, Rehab Center - The Meadows. Military PTSD: Finding Hope in the Nightmares - The Meadows. Why Sex Addiction Isn't About Sex - The Meadows. 10 Ways to Have Fun and Stay Sober This Summer - The Meadows. Themeadows art therapy. Themeadows garden. Train your mind. Two Meadows Leaders Will Present at Northwest Conference - The Meadows. Tammy's Story - The Meadows Wickenburg. Meadows Senior Fellow Wins AASECT Book of the Year Award. War "Exists in an Outside Moral Universe": An Iraq Veteran Explains Moral Injury - The Meadows.

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