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55 Unbelievable Examples of Graffiti Artworks Around the World. You would surely have heard about Graffiti artwork that refers to images or lettering scratched, scribbled, painted or marked in any style.

55 Unbelievable Examples of Graffiti Artworks Around the World

This is perhaps one of most ancient form of artwork dating back to Ancient Greece and Roman Empire where it was used to mark belongings. At that time, it was used for public marking in the shape of simple written words that go into wall painting detail. Here, we have assembled a collection of more than 55 Incredible Examples of Graffiti Art that will inspire you and let you understand how this art form can be used to communicate social as well as political messages. Dossier : L’histoire des arts en classe » A la Une, Arts, Collège, Enseignants, Histoire-Géo, Lycée, Parents, Primaire » LeWebPédagogique, Créez un blog gratuit et sans pub pour votre classe.

Histoire des arts. Arts appliqués. Arts plastiques. : la psychologie des couleurs pour les Web Designers. Entretien avec Nicolas Bourriaud - une vidéo Art et Création.