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MDS CS, a part of Midis Group is a global leader in IT solutions. It specializes in multiple technology disciplines - with the highest level of partnerships with top technology vendors.

Security operation center by MDS CS. Security operation center. Cisco Partner. Cisco Riyadh. Capacity Management vs Capacity Planning. Not absolutely sure about what capacity management really involves.

Capacity Management vs Capacity Planning

Generally, the process of capacity management within a business enterprise is about managing infrastructural capacity requirements so that the performance always remains at its peak. That too, using the minimal of resources as efficiently as possible. Having said that, capacity management solutions need to be robust. The objective is to tackle multiple facets of planning, managing and optimizing the business infrastructure, the framework of the business needs to have internal resources in time, put in extra time, effort and dedication to the allocated tasks. So, how can you handle capacity management effectively? Oracle Partner by MDS CS. Oracle partner. Data Center Networking. Network Solutions. Mobile Device Security -Best Practices You Should Know in 2021. Best Practices You Should Know in 2021 Threat to your mobile phones is a reality that everyone must come to terms with.

Mobile Device Security -Best Practices You Should Know in 2021

With individual and business reliance on mobile devices increasing every day, it is absolutely essential that you are supported by a range of best practices and network security solutions that will provide 360 degree protection to your smartphones 24×7. Here’s what you need to do. 1. Turn on your User Authentication Though it may seem like an additional security measure, it is vital that you configure a screen lock on your mobile device. 2. Outdated operating security systems are a nightmare when it comes to enabling data security solutions on your mobile device. 3. While it sounds tempting, it is best to stay away from free public wi-fi networks. 4.

Using a password manager as part of the overall device security solutions ensures that the most vital information is locked away in a vault to which only you have the key. 5. 6. Final Thoughts. Capacity Planning. Capacity Management. Capacity Management. Capacity Planning. Next-generation Security Operations Center. A security operation center or SOC is a facility that houses a security team accountable for continuously monitoring and examining an organization’s security position.

Next-generation Security Operations Center

The goal is to detect, investigate, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a mixture of technology solutions and robust processes. Security operations centers usually employ security analysts and engineers, along with managers who supervise security operations. How Does a Security Operation Center Work? Rather than generating a security strategy, creating a security framework, or executing protective measures, SOC services are responsible for the ongoing operational components of enterprise information security. The security operations center involves security analysts who work together to identify, analyze, respond, record, and deter cybersecurity incidents.

Security operation center services usually include advanced forensic incident analysis, script analysis, and malware reverse to analyze incidents. Data Center Networking. Data Center Networking. Capacity Management. Cisco Collaboration Services. Cisco Collaboration Services. Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure – Key Characteristics & Benefits. You have big ideas to modernize your business and drive sales through the roof.

Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure – Key Characteristics & Benefits

Having said that the idea is dependent on your need for business applications. However, deploying business apps can be an expensive proposition, specifically in present times. In the backdrop of every business app is a world of complexity that involves using a data center. This leads to a plethora of complicated hardware and software installations, development, and up-gradation. But, if there is a problem, good luck with technical support! Now, all of this is for one app. Key Characteristics of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is an integral part of IT infrastructure consulting for any business; therefore, we must understand its fundamental characteristics.

On-Demand Self Service: Customers can select the resources needed and access them anytime and from anywhere. Rapid Elasticity: As the word itself states, it is elastic in nature. Oracle Partner. Data Protection. Data Protection. Security Operation Center. How to Modernize your Data Center Security?

The digital economy is no longer a trend, it’s the new reality.

How to Modernize your Data Center Security?

With digital transformation leading to swift essential changes across the business landscape, businesses must innovate and modernize to meet the growing demands of a software driven and application centric world. Cloud Solutions Saudi Arabia. Security Operations Center. Security Operations Center. Data Center Networking Solutions. Cloud Solutions Saudi Arabia. Cloud Solutions Saudi Arabia. HPE Riyadh. Managed Services in KSA. Managed Services in KSA.

Unified IT Solutions KSA. Top Innovative Datacenter Solutions from a leading IT Company in KSA. In this hyper-connected computing environment, digital management is imperative for every organization to improve business agility with the latest information available anywhere, anytime to the employees who need it most.

Top Innovative Datacenter Solutions from a leading IT Company in KSA

Many small and medium-sized enterprises are embracing innovative data center solutions after realizing the dynamism of what can happen to their critical applications and data. What is a data center? A modern data center solution is a physical facility that offers a secure and flexible work environment that helps to host important business data, apps, processes, and confidential documents & files. Reasons to Choose Modern Data Centers. Today’s digital technology is already far more advanced than it was ever before and companies in different sectors are under pressure for active customer engagement and personalization.

Reasons to Choose Modern Data Centers

As a result, the demand for real-time data transmission is higher than ever. This has also made data center modernization critical for businesses - not only to benefit from the latest technology but to perform well despite the growing competition. Though some of the organizations may be hesitant to embrace this change, modern data center networking solutions will help them become innovative. What Are Modern Data Centers? Security Solutions in Saudi Arabia. Security Solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Networking Solutions in Riyadh. Capacity Management and Planning Solutions in Saudi Arabia. The Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia has been the hotbed of infrastructural and economic explosion.

Capacity Management and Planning Solutions in Saudi Arabia

This has led to a number of global enterprises setting up shop in the country. With the country on an upward trajectory, companies need to embed reliable capacity management solutions that help them to peak their performance whilst efficiently optimizing all available resources. It has been a key prerogative to have a process of capacity management in Saudi Arabia that is robust. The core areas of focus are on planning, managing and optimisation of the IT infrastructure that constitutes the framework for any business enterprise in the region. Let’s deep dive into the concept of Capacity Management. Networking Solutions in KSA. Networking Solutions in KSA. Data Management and Data Protection Solutions in KSA. Data is the new currency in this age of digitisation. Indeed, experts expect that all future service offerings and the growth of effective business models will rely on data collection and subsequent analysis by 2030. Capacity Planning Solutions in KSA.

Networking Solutions. Capacity Management Solutions. Capacity Management Solutions. Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Services in Saudi Arabia. A term coined by entrepreneur Kevin Ashton, Internet of Things, or more popularly known an IoT basically refers to a great number of ‘things’ that are connected to the internet.

Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Services in Saudi Arabia

The function is to share data with “other things”, meaning IoT applications, connected devices, industrial machines and so on. IoT Smart Devices Adoption in Saudi Arabia The Middle East has always been a focal point in terms of expanding the reach of IoT. In recent times, current trends highlight that the market for Internet of Things Services in Saudi Arabia has been quietly making its presence felt. Due to the high adoption of internet of things devices has helped develop a strong foundation to build this market. Key developments that have led to this stage of growth are: Data Protection Solutions.

IT Technology Partners in KSA. Partnering with industry-recognized suppliers enables us to deliver new and creative technology software solutions, keeping our customers in sync with the company requirements and at pace with competitive market situations.

IT Technology Partners in KSA

The Technology Alliance Partners further extend the solutions with value-added capabilities that help customers meet specific business challenges. MDS CS Technology Partners Hewlett Packard Enterprise is global edge-to-cloud Platform-as-a-Service company that helps companies drive performance by unlocking value from all their data. Services offered. Storage Solutions. Internet of Things Services in Saudi Arabia. Internet of Things Services in Saudi Arabia. Servers and Systems. Best End-to-End Managed IT Services in KSA. What Are Managed Services? Managed service in an IT industry is when an organisation outsources its IT operations to a third party service provider referred to as Managed Service Provider or MSP.

A top-level managed service provider (MSP) performs several functions for your business, such as: Network AdministrationBacking up of dataNetwork SecurityCommunicationsIT Support Benefits of Managed IT Services Managed IT and technology offer specialized support for any network, which helps an organization concentrate on the core functionalities. Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider Outsourcing management works if the correct partner is chosen. Established Service Level AgreementsExperience in the fieldCommitment to development and growthExemplary Customer Service. IT Infrastructure Consulting Services. IT Infrastructure Consulting Services. Managed Services in KSA. Data Management. Unified IT Solutions in KSA. Information technology is becoming increasingly complex. It is essential that all standards of IT resources are completely integrated to ensure the smooth running of the organization.

The Information Technology Management Division of MDSCS offers Unified IT solutions for all departments to support public sector organisations. These solutions assist you manage all IT operations, including networks, servers, applications, service desks, security, capacity management, AI, IOT, big data management and more. Unified IT Solutions from MDS CS encourages its customers to control, operate and constantly optimize the technology infrastructure required to deliver digital performance. Benefits of IT Infrastructure Consulting Services. As business keep growing every year, the needs of the employees and clients multiply too. Being at the helm of the organisation, the growing IT infrastructure needs of the business should not be neglected as the impact can be severely crippling for the company in the long run. Undoubtedly, security concerns top the list along with connectivity issues, and overall productivity for all businesses. Undertaking planned IT infrastructure expansion with the assistance of credible Infrastructure Consulting Services can ensure that there is intelligent purchasing when it comes to hardware, software, network services.

This can be the single point of differentiation between a successful company and a failing one. Managed IT Services. IT Infrastructure Consulting Services. Unified IT Solutions. Unified IT Solutions. Identity And Access Management.