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Is there one small corner in your home that needs decorating? Take an old door… How To Turn An Old Dresser Into A Kitchen Island… Please Follow: +Beautiful Amazing World  Clocks are stopped at time of birth! Please Follow: +DIY Ideas Please Follow: +Interesting Things Surraya iftikhar. Mini garden... Please Follow: +Amazing Things Please Follow: +Stylish Eve Great DIY for your Home Please Follow: +DIY Ideas Google king. Please Follow: +Interesting Things Have you ever made your own lamp? It’s a lot easier than it sounds! Take a look… Chin wen. There is a Festival in Nepal... Follow: +Interesting Things Crispy bacon grilled cheese roll ups Please Follow: +Creative Ideas Easy Fruit Pizza Please Follow: +DIY Ideas Please Follow: +Interesting Things This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork #health #healthyeating… We Consume It Daily, But Don’t Know That It Causes Breast Cancer #health…

Rachel Estella Nunez–Google+ 15+ Ways To Get Rid Of Black / Dark Knees & Elbows CAT EYE TUTORIAL VÍDEO YOUTUBE: FitnAss – Google+ MakeupByMarie Appelt – Google+ Amazing Hairstyle With Ribbon. Health Benefits of 12 MUSHROOMS What are 12 Mushrooms Benefits in C24/7… Health Benefits of 12 MUSHROOMS What are 12 Mushrooms Benefits in C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals and COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer?

Health Benefits of 12 MUSHROOMS What are 12 Mushrooms Benefits in C24/7…

C247_Mushrooms Mushrooms have been a source of nutrition throughout history, but they have been linked to immune function only in the past few decades. The 20th century opened doors to scientific research that has supported many of the age-old health claims of several species of mushroom used in folk medicine. Since most mushrooms are historically known for their restorative properties, it is not surprising that recent studies have often associated them with the immune system. Research on medicinal mushrooms has attracted much attention lately, spurring an ever growing mushroom niche in the nutraceutical industry. Medicinal mushrooms are making their way to the forefront of nutrition with their potent health benefits that modulate immune system and increase energy levels. This is a long read and it took me days to read  too but worth while to PONDER:… This is a long read and it took me days to read too but worth while to PONDER: *Judaism in its Own Words "Who is Human?

This is a long read and it took me days to read  too but worth while to PONDER:…

Who is Not? "*-------------------------------------------- - "You are Adam ["man"], but goyim [gentiles] are not called Adam ["man"]. " Kerithoth 6b- "The seed of the goyim is like an animal. " Sanhedrin 74b- "All Gentile children are animals. " Yebamoth 98a - "The best of the gentiles: kill him; the best of snakes: smash its skull; the best of women: is filled with witchcraft. " The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews (Ma'ariv 09.11.09 (p. 2) by Roi Sharon) Here is a full translation of the article in the Maariv newspaper of Israel Rabbi Eliyahu exhorts the killing of women and children: Rabbis Yitzhak Ginzburg and Yaakov Yosef endorse Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro's 2009 book endorsing the killing of babies and children, adding "It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for [threatening Israel].

". . . Mel Neilsen – Google+ +Michael Commini​ you have just lost all value, and credibility in this debate by not being willing to do some critical thinking of your own; nor any research...... guess that life drawing doesn't require one to learn critical thinking, or research.

Mel Neilsen – Google+

Just flapping your lips, being a complete fake hyped up bollix person, and trying to make yourself feel better in doing so. While proving my point for me by continuing to post without knowing what you're even talking about, nor who you're talking with. I looked at your profile to see if there were any intellectual posts too, (doing minimal research); and saw a bunch of shallow, body image based posts. The fact you give no validation to the fact that people actually do study marijuana in places like science labs, and colleges; doesn't change it's reality.

Just proves your lack of critical thinking, and inability to accept anyone's point of view; but you're own, and possibly not even then.


Ancient Knowledge, Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Pt.1.flv. Diy and Crafts. Plastic Cup Lamp. Now that my university is closed for winter holidays, I finally have more free time to do all the crafty things I’ve been wanting to.

Plastic Cup Lamp

One of these is a lamp made from plastic cups I’ve seen at taf, the art foundation, in the Monastiraki region in the center of Athens. When I first saw it at taf, I was amazed; I looked closely and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The object itself is so peculiar, modern and alien-like it could be in any design exhibition. With my best friend’s birthday coming up, I decided to make it myself and give it to her as a gift. One Pretty Thing - DIY craft tutorials. DiY crafts, free sewing patterns & sewing tutorials –

History of FreeMasonry. Freemasonry Watch. Amphetamine. Owned & Operated. SixthSense technology. The Time For Change Is Now. Illusion and Reality part 1 of 3. Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control - Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera #157. We Have Created This - Let's Change It. New World Order. Learn Numerology : Numerology Lesson: The Meaning of Colors in Numerology.

Numbers In Torah. Colors and their symbolism - effect of sunlight and all colors on humanbeings, color calculator. Sun is the source of light and heat to sustain life on our planet ‘earth’.

Colors and their symbolism - effect of sunlight and all colors on humanbeings, color calculator

This is the reason Sun is treated as ‘God’ in ancient Greek and Hindu scriptures. Sunlight appears to be in gold color but it contains 7 different colors visible to us. They are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These colors exist at different wavelengths starting from 380 nm to 740 nm. Saptaswaradhamaarudham prachandam kasyapaatmjam | Swethapadma dharam devam tham suryam pranamamyaham || -I bow before Sun God, who rides on a chariot of 7 horses (7 colors of Sunlight) and who appears in brightest light sitting in a white lotus (white light).

Astrology is called ‘Jyothisha’ (related to light) and it studies the effects of celestial light on the human beings. According to Einstein’s formula E = mc2, energy can be converted into mass. If we take different colors, they will have different wavelengths associated with them. Serotonin and Melatonin control the functioning of our body. Welcome to Quirkology. Ever wondered how your surname has influenced your life?

Welcome to Quirkology

Or wished that you could tell if someone is lying? Or wanted to understand more about seduction? Professor Richard Wiseman has spent twenty years exploring the backwaters of the human mind and going to places where mainstream scientists fear to tread. The result is Quirkology – a book that will change the way you look at life. How To Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips. By Celes on Nov 19, 2010 | ShareThis Email This Post Hi Celes, I am an enthusiastic starter and do all things necessary that would be required to make any endeavor successful such as efficient planning, detailing and execution focus.However, [after getting started,] I find my interest waning and the journey getting stretched to no end.

How To Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips

This eventually affects the overall outcome. How to Finish What You Start. Perhaps it’s that fitness routine which you swiftly abandoned (along with all the accompanying equipment).

How to Finish What You Start

Maybe it’s a craft project which has been taken up space for months. You might have musical instruments which you never learned to play, college courses left unfinished, websites half-created, a novel that you started writing and never finished. I used to be great at starting things, and really bad at following through. How to Create Daily Habits. Think of any positive daily habit you would like to acquire.

How to Create Daily Habits

Daily exercise. Daily meditation. Spending more time with your kids. Now imagine two potential versions of yourself- one has acquired that daily habit for the long-term, the other has not. How to Create Daily Habits. Practical Self-Improvement.