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16 Superb Inventions For the Home Which Everyone Should Have. Every year, designers and inventors come up with hundreds of useful tools and gadgets that make our lives easier.

16 Superb Inventions For the Home Which Everyone Should Have

We picked out some of the most interesting devices that have recently appeared. We’re sure they will come in handy in your everyday life — you just need to get your hands on them! The easy-to-use plug This plug not only looks beautiful and elegant, but it’s also very easy to use. The hole in the middle of the plug allows you to easily pull it out of the power outlet, and the light on the inside of the hole reminds you if you’ve left a device plugged in. The washing machine with space for an extra load This device will be appreciated by anyone who’s ever loaded their laundry into the washer and switched it on, only to find later that they had still had a mountain of clothes they forgot to put in.

The ’light bulb’ business card This handy little thing might be of use for all those who always lose something in their bag. The onion holder A sign projector for bikers. How Elon Musk Started - His Life Visualized. Elon Musk is now Earth’s most future-oriented person.

How Elon Musk Started - His Life Visualized

How did such a person come to be? In a hundred years, when most people reading this and the person writing this are long gone, Musk’s cars and rockets will still be circling the Earth and the skies. How can such a person get started against all odds is the question I ask here. And, more importantly, what can we learn from him? Learning From The Outlier Learning from Musk might seem naive. Thinking From First Principles (And Not Just By Analogy) You might be skeptical about how studying another person’s life can help. It’s Easy to Explain Greatness in Hindsight – The Narrative Fallacy One psychological barrier to learning from other people’s lives is the narrative fallacy – making a neat story out of facts that at the time of their happening made little sense.

StumbleUpon. This Is The First Carbon-Positive Home To Produce More Energy Than It Uses. Modular buildings specialist ArchiBlox has unveiled its prototype for a compact carbon-positive house, featuring “edible garden walls”, a sunroom and an insulating grass roof.

This Is The First Carbon-Positive Home To Produce More Energy Than It Uses

Described by ArchiBlox as the world’s first carbon-positive prefabricated house, the Archi+ Carbon Positive House is designed to produce more energy than its uses – over its lifespan it is expected to offer the same environmental benefits as 6,095 native Australian trees. “Archi+ Carbon Positive Houses will make significant contributions within society by addressing the increasing levels of carbon emissions and the high levels of embodied energy that come with the construction of a standard home,” said the company. Www.diygenius. Jaderbomb. I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string.


I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is. FINALLY! You will be able to learn how to cut glass. What These 10 Shipping Container Home Owners Wish They’d Known Before Building Their Home. Shipping container homes are gaining momentum for offering home builders flexibility, efficiency, and affordability in the design of innovative housing. While some may consider these freight homes a sublet of the “tiny house” movement, many of them are far from tiny. In fact, some home builders have used up to as many as 14 shipping containers in the design of these unique freight container homes. But why all the hype? These Innovative Ideas Are Beyond Awesome. Check out these clever innovations that everyone should know about.

These Innovative Ideas Are Beyond Awesome

Some of them already exist in certain parts of the world whereas others are concept ideas hoping to go into production. A few of them are even available right here on Awesome Inventions. Our favorite has got to be the giant slide! Fun caution signs shaped like slippery bananas. Trash cans where you can slam dunk your trash. Machines where you can pick your own 6-pack. Batteries you can charge via USB. Find them here: USB rechargeable batteries OMG. Car parks that show if a space is free or taken by using red and green lights. A coaster that uses hot or cold drinks to charge your device. Headphones that will never tangle! Find them here: Anti-tangle zip up earphones A vending machine that bakes fresh pizza. Benches that you can rotate using the handle so you can sit on a dry area if it has rained. A folding bike helmet. An outlet that is also an extension cable. An outlet that has USB sockets.

Find it here: Wall plug and USB outlet.