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A wireframe kit for Google Drawings and 5 reasons it beats Omnigraffle and Visio - Morten Just. I’ve been playing around with the newest addition to Google Docs, Google Drawings, and I’m quite liking it. I tried drawing a few diagrams and even a wireframe, and it turns out the basic drawing interactions are just as good – in some cases even better – than what I’m used to in Omnigraffle and Fireworks. 5 reasons Google Drawings beats Viso and Omnigraffle We know the cloud computing arguments, and they certainly apply to wireframes It’s live.

The entire team can work on the same document and see each other’s work instantlyThe wireframes live in the cloud, no sending files around, no outdated documentsThe risk of losing data is zero. We need stencils One thing was missing though: Stencils. Leaving the stencils in the gutter An interesting limitation is the fact that there’s no stencil library function andyou can’t easily copy and paste from one document to another. One solution, it seems, is to clone one of the wireframe kits and thereby also cloning the stencils into each document. iOS Design Stencils for OmniGraffle. Free Sketching & Wireframing Kit. Sketching & Wireframing kit is a free set of elements for sketching and wireframing.

Free Sketching & Wireframing Kit

It consist of form elements, icons, indicators, feedback messages, tooltips, navigation elements, image placeholders, embedded videos, sliders and common ad banners. The Kit comes in two vector formats, one for Adobe Illustrator and the other in SVG vector format that can be easily modified. It can also be downloaded in PDF and EPS formats. The kit is completely free, which means that you are allowed to use it for personal and commercial projects. Pete LePage on the Web » The Anatomy of a Great Chrome Web Store Listing. Your first chance to make a great impression with a new user is often on your application listing page in the Chrome Web Store.

Pete LePage on the Web » The Anatomy of a Great Chrome Web Store Listing

People will make a split second decision whether to install your application based on what you put on there, so it’s important to make a great first impression. Let’s take a look at what makes a great Chrome Web Store application listing. This guide highlights a couple key components of a great Chrome Web Store listing. I tried not to repeat content from the documentation, but instead tease out the important parts or best practices. Be sure to follow the links for additional resources or details. Pete LePage on the Web » What Makes For A Great Web App? What makes a web application great?

Pete LePage on the Web » What Makes For A Great Web App?

I recently sat down with Christos, one of the guys on my team to look at a number of the top web applications in the Chrome Web Store to try to identify which ones were really great, versus good, and what advice we could give to the good apps to become “great”. Futurico UI Pro - Advanced User Interface Elements Pack. Magazine : Le Guide des Métiers du Design Interactif et du Web 2011-2012 - ressources-web. Notre partenaire Designers Interactifs vient de publier il y a quelques jours, la nouvelle édition du guide des métiers du design interactif.

Magazine : Le Guide des Métiers du Design Interactif et du Web 2011-2012 - ressources-web


Mockups. Take a second.


Let it sink in. The first impression might be disorienting. There are very few interface elements on the screen. Start exploring however, and you'll find out that Mockups is filled with powerful yet only-visible-when-you-need-them features. Getting your ideas out should be effortless. We've been in business long enough that we think we have learned enough about ourselves, our product, our customers and our competitive space to be able to put a stake in the ground and tell the world what we're about. Our sweet spot: the ideation phase Mockups really shines during the early stages of designing a new interface. The difference between a UX Designer and UI Developer « Melbourne, as in the city. I’ve recently found myself trying to explain the difference between the skills I bring to a project as a UX Designer and why I’m not able to cover the role of a dedicated UI Developer.

The difference between a UX Designer and UI Developer « Melbourne, as in the city.

There is of course a necessary overlap between the skills-sets in these roles, which is a good thing. And some individuals have a broader coverage of skills than others. Are your users S.T.U.P.I.D? It is an honest question: how smart are your users?

Are your users S.T.U.P.I.D?

The answer may surprise you: it doesn’t matter. They can be geniuses or morons, but if you don’t engage their intelligence, you can’t depend on their brain power. Far more important than their IQ (which is a questionable measure in any case) is their Effective Intelligence: the fraction of their intelligence they can (or are motivated to) apply to a task. Take, for example, a good driver. Graffletopia.


50 Useful and Free Web UI, Mobile UI and Wireframe Kits. A Look Inside Mobile Design Patterns. Patterns for mobile application design Design patterns for mobile are emerging as the platform matures.

A Look Inside Mobile Design Patterns

Touch Gesture Reference Guide. The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based user interfaces including iPhone, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Android, and more.

Touch Gesture Reference Guide

The guide contains an overview of the core gestures used for most touch commands. It tells how to use these gestures to support major user actions; provides visual representations of each gesture to use in design documentation and deliverables; and additionally provides an outline of how popular software platforms support core touch gestures. All in seven pretty PDF pages. It was conceived, researched, illustrated, and designed by Craig Villamor, Dan Willis, Luke Wroblewski, and Jennifer Rhim (document design). Platform support information comes from the following sources: Mobile to the Future.

Designing Apps for Kids. With the experience of having built ABCKit and many hours of testing different apps for kids behind us, we have noticed some recurring app design problems.

Designing Apps for Kids

For those working in this field, we would like to share some suggestions for designing and devising apps for children to help ensure the apps are correctly used by preventing some common design issues. If you’ve interacted with preschoolers (ages two to five), you’re aware that they do not quite grasp the concept of patience, especially when it comes to digital devices. A splash screen that takes more than ten seconds to load will give rise to comments from kids such as, "Mommy, it doesn’t work. " They will get frustrated and lose their patience the first time they use the app. The Splash Screen for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Even though The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr.

A splash screen is certainly necessary, as the app content needs to load before it can launch. The Settings Settings of the Wheels on the Bus. Magazine : Le Guide des Métiers du Design Interactif et du Web 2011-2012 - ressources-web. Home. Site institutionnel & plateforme de contenu éditorial - Vin & Société - Agence web paris, design et developpement application web. Le relais de tout ce qui se dit sur le vin en France Vin & Société, représente la filière viti-vinicole française et se positionne comme l’interlocuteur privilégié du public sur les sujets de société liés au vin pour la santé, la prévention, le social, l’économie, l’art de vivre... Pour mener à bien cette mission d’interlocuteur privilégié, Vin & Société avait besoin d’un site corporate proposant d’ouvrir une fenêtre sur le monde, un magazine web qui permet de croiser les points de vue, de s’aérer l’esprit, et de partager une même passion : le vin.

Tout le monde doit pouvoir venir se documenter et trouver les informations qu’il recherche sur le vin. Une plateforme d’agrégation de contenus et de débats sur la place du vin dans la société française. Une plateforme d'agrégation de contenus et de débats Octave & Octave a pris en charge la réalisation de cette plateforme corporate de contenus éditoriale. La plateforme de contenus Vin & Société est composée de différents axes: Unit9. Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized!