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How Teachers (Especially Men) Can Fight Misogyny. Dalhousie University is in the news again, to the dismay of its administrators. Following the scandal earlier this year in which male dentistry students made comments on social media that joked about rape and generally debased women, a more recent report told of how male students in a university residence shared explicit images of female students without their consent. A few days later, the Chronicle-Herald reported on threatening misogynist graffiti near the student union building, apparently targeting two women who have fought actively against sexism on campus. The university has rightly faced intense scrutiny regarding its reaction to these incidents. In the dentistry case many raised questions about the restorative justice process that was used, and in the photo-sharing case, the parent of the student who reported the incident said Dalhousie was “more concerned with their reputation than with the welfare of those who have been victimized.” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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