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Bodega: Your corner store for Mac apps. ScreenFlow: Screencast for the Mac with style. Although there are a lot of different screencasting options out there for the Mac, in our opinion, none has had the power and features of Camtasia Studio (a Windows only app); until now.

ScreenFlow: Screencast for the Mac with style

ScreenFlow from Vara Software is, quite frankly, the best screencasting application for the Mac that we have seen to date -- and trust us, we've tried them all. Taking advantage of Core Animation (making this a Leopard only application), Quartz Composer and a custom 64-bit enabled compression system, ScreenFlow can capture DVD playback (see our screencast below for a demo), 3-D game playback and can also simultaneously capture from your screen and your iSight or DV camera -- meaning you can create a screencast that can show you as you speak. ScreenFlow's recording algorithms are great, truly, but what really made us excited were all the built-in post capture editing tools. [via TUAW] social pencasting community connecting pencasts producers, pencasts users, pencast and smartpen advertisers and community members.

Web Tools

ConceptDraw Mindmap. All-in Pedometer: calories burned running, step, walking for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. 2Do: Tasks Done in Style for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. A to-do list to organize your tasks. Livescribe Digital Pen. Kindle for iPhone: Read Kindle books on your iPhone or iPod touch. Remember Everything.

Blogo: The blog editor for your Mac. Intuitive interface Blogo’s interface is designed to let you take your mind off the details and just write. Post images effortlessly Lay out your photos in less time than it takes to open your image editor. Just drag, crop, choose the size of the thumb and go on writing. No-hassle preview Blogo creates a template for your blog based on a real post so you can be 100% sure you’re ready to publish, even when you’re not online. Post videos, widgets and more Use snippets from the web the same way you work with images: just paste or use our bookmarklet in your web browser. Powerful editor Format your text using bold, italics, citations and more, without touching your blog’s code.

Intelligent microblogging Follow your friends, search all of Twitter or spread the word with Ping news sites Enable the default sites, or add your own. Update all of your blogs Multiple accounts with support for WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Typo, Drupal, Expression Engine, Twitter, and more. Offline mode. Grocery Gadget - Shopping List App for iPhone, iTouch, Smart Phone. Livescribe's smartpens get smarter. Coming soon is the ability to recreate this 'pencast' as a pdf file - version 9.3 of Acrobat Reader, which has Flash, is required - and to send that to any email address or upload to a web site all from the pen.

Livescribe's smartpens get smarter

The transfer takes place when the pen is next connected to a PC running the Livescribe desktop software. This feature will be available later this year. Another offering is software for the iPhone and iPad that will enable users to access their pencasts from these devices. Pencast Player will be available free from the iTunes store in August. Also coming later this year is Paper Tablet, billed as "powerful new collaboration software that lets consumers communicate in real-time, directly from a Livescribe notebook to a Mac or PC using an Echo smartpen and a standard micro-USB cable. " Livescribe says this enables its paper to be "used as an interactive, high-precision graphics tablet, with the smartpen being used as a real-time graphics stylus. " Start your free trial today!